Nokia Launches FriendChat – A New App


FriendChat, a new, free app available on the Ovi Store launches today, allowing you to have five different instant chat conversations with your Facebook friends at the same time. It makes instant messaging quick, easy, and simple. Not only are all your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances already in your contact book, you can also swap between several active chats you are having– ideal if you are talking to different groups of friends at once.


No matter where they are in the world, FriendChat lets keeps you connected to your existing network of friends on the go, featuring:

Quick, responsive instant messaging with your Facebook friends on your Nokia

Instant log-in to see who’s online and ready to ‘FriendChat




Multiple chat option

Ability to switch between active chats

Rupert Englander, Head of Services, Nokia UK, says, “The FriendChat app is a quick and fun way to chat with your Facebook mates. With most of the people that matter most to you already on your friends list, this is the best instant messaging app for users of the worlds most popular social network.”.

Click here to download from the Ovi Store

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