Bubble Wrap Your iPhone And iPad With Ozaki


You love your iPhone and/or iPad so much you want to wrap it up all safe and sound but you still need to use it. Cotton wool is no good, but bubble wrap? Well, that could work, especially if you choose Ozaki as your bubble wrap case manufacturer of choice.

We have just wrapped a couple of our office iPad’s and iPhone 4’s in Ozaki bubble wrap cases, read our thoughts below…

iCoat Bubble Circle Case from Ozaki


We are using these stock images at the moment to show you what these cases look like. Our devices are in the photographic studio as we write, so we will be able to update this post later to show you what they look like wearing them. Images have been updated, so you can now see our iPhone’s and iPad’s dressed up.

What we can tell you so far is initial impressions are very good. When you receive your Ozaki case you will not fail to be impressed with the packaging that the case is in, let alone the case itself. There has been no expense spared with the little plastic cases with foam and cardboard inserts to protect your case.

The case itself is very light and fits perfectly on the iPhone. despite the bubble appearance the case is smooth to touch on the outside. Each case also ships with an iCoat invisible screen protector, to help prevent all those fingerprints appearing whilst you’re busy playing Angry Birds. It is also very simple to remove the cover and you are not left with a sticky screen in its place thereafter, a nice touch.

They are a good price too, the iPhone case can be picked up from £19.99 incl VAT and are available in a good selection of colors. To order, go here.


iCoat iPad Bubble


As with the iPhone case the iPad bubble wrap case works well, it fits like a glove, is very lightweight and durable. It comes in a spectacular box with an Ozaki iCoat Anti-Glare screen protector which helps to protect your iPad screen from smudges and scratches. It is also possible to dock charge your iPad with the case in situ, allowing for charging and syncing, an essential facility that many manufacturers still over look.

This case is available for £34.99 incl VAT, from here. Or in the US for $39.99 + taxes. As with the iPhone case above it is available in other colors and slightly different bubble designs.

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