Wacom Bamboo Stylus Pocket Review


We were recently sent a review sample of the above and having looked at plenty of stylus’ in the past were eager to test this one too. Take a look at our mini-review below.


Wacom are perfectly poised to produce stylus’ and their brand new Bamboo Stylus pocket doesn’t disappoint. It’s a great little device if you prefer using one rather than your finger on your capacitive screen, whether that’s your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Droid or anything else with a touchscreen, you’re more than likely find this stylus a useful addition.


It comes in a great kit with two nibs to choose from, soft or hard with each measuring 6mm in diameter, most stylus’ on the market have 8 mm diameter nibs. The stylus itself lives up to its name as a pocket stylus as it compacts down into itself making it easier to store, it actually goes from 89 mm up to 118 mm fully extended.

There’s also a cap that fixes to the end of the stylus at one end and at the other it has a plastic headphone plug that fixes into the headphone port to hold you stylus in place. This is very useful but we were worried about the stylus swinging round and scratching our iPhone 5’s beautiful retina screen.



In use, the stylus is equally good for writing, taking notes as well as photo editing or art work. It depends what you’re used to or what you want to become used to. So many mobile photographers are perfectly attuned to using their fingers to edit their images now, that they may not be moved to try this and of course, they always have their fingers with them. Saying that though, this is a very competent kit and for note taking we found it to be especially useful.




The Wacom Bamboo Stylus Pocket is available for $34.95/£29.99 from Amazon and you purchase it here.

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  1. I wish they had the attachment feature when I purchase a Wacom stylus earlier this year. I’m always misplacing it! Otherwise I love mine


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