parallel ll perspectivies With Catherine Restivo and JQ Gaines – Sixth Edition


We are delighted to publish the sixth edition of the wonderful parallel ll perspectives column of Catherine Restivo and JQ Gaines.

This week Catherine and JQ have diversed a little from the usual remit of using one image and seeing how it can be apped in two different ways to create two completely diverse overall images. This time, they choose the same location and took different shots from there, the similarities are location and time of event, the differences in their approaches and the end results though are incredibly diverse.

We have also included still images of each shot too with apps used and links to the app store incase you feel inspired to try some yourself.

At the end of the article you will also find links to the apps used in these two videos.


Catherine’s Video


JQ’s Video


Catherine’s Still Images


JQ’s Still Images


9 thoughts on “parallel ll perspectivies With Catherine Restivo and JQ Gaines – Sixth Edition”

  1. Nice collaboration between these two great artist. Inspires me to find out local train yard for a Photowalk. Egmont van Dyck and I did a similar parallel perspectives at the Yerba buena park in SF back in Feb. Was great fun and super charge for our creative juices.
    The images a terrific…as I love all these mechanical and textures too. Thanks for sharing Cat and JQ! Hope you get better soon.

  2. I really enjoyed reading the column and the perspectives I have learn a lot with these techniques used with the series.. I want to say thank you RoseCat , JQ and Joanne for all that you that you do… Handy Photo is on my list thanks once again (Sticky)

  3. So wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing these techniques JQ and Catherine – I love the collaboration and this format for learning is so helpful!

  4. I enjoyed this IMMENSELY!!!!! And I can even say that while being uber-jealous of your girl’s photo weekend! No fairs. 😉 Love you both! xoxo

  5. Wonderful images ladies! Great choice of locales and your new approach here. I finally figured out the kitcam frame fix JQ but I’m guessing you did by now too. Love your tones here!

  6. Finally caught up and got to view this. Love the new approach – love these images. You two are awesome!

  7. Thank you very much Catherine and JQ. I look forward to your column every month and you guys never disappoint. A wonderful learning experience.

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