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Welcome to another brand new section from your favourite mobile photography website and one of the most popular in the world. Today, we’re publishing our thirteenth Mobile Photography/Art Tip Of The Day to our brand new section of the site.

Every day we will publish a short quick tip to help you with your mobile photography, this may be related to editing your image, capturing your image, printing your image, all manner of things, across the complete photographic and art mobile genre – we’ll be featuring great mobile street photography tips, great blending tips, great cloning tips, we will cover it all from some of the greatest mobile photographers and artists in the world. We’ll also have a widget in our right hand column, displaying the Tip of The Day every day, just click on that and you will be taken to our tip of  the Day archive.

We are delighted to publish our thirteenth Tip Of The Day with a great one from Ginger Lucero aka Sxethang – we have featured Ginger in many of our Flickr Group Showcases, if you’ve missed those please take a look here. We also published an Interview with Ginger from our Day In The Life series a while ago, if you missed that, please go here.

Links to apps used and mentioned

Image Blender

Over to you Ginger (foreword by Joanne Carter)…


Out with the old…Not so fast

Do you ever get a photo that you see potential in, but see that it may be blurry or out of focus? Some of these photos can make for great art/collage pieces. Some of them, not all. Don’t go hoarding photos that you don’t like, but maybe ones you see that may work for future pieces of art.

This holds true to this image.


Now the quality of this image is horrible, not something that you would normally post on it’s own or if at all. But I knew I wanted to save this image I just wasn’t quite sure what for.

Then it hit me when I stumbled upon these other 2 shots I had taken.





These shots were taken with my Native Camera and Camera+. I then Superimposed the images, and finished them off using PicFX, Camera! and Image blender, which resulted with this final image



I immediately knew that it didn’t matter if my eye itself was blurred as it was going to covered up and cracked or that the lashes were out of focus since the focus would be on the subjects I had just imposed. So if you do collage pieces, and you think that some of the photo may work, you just may be right.

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  1. Thank you so much, Robert, Kachouro,and Lilian! I’m happy you enjoyed it! 🙂 And a big thank you to Joanne! You do an amazing job and I’m happy to be part of today’s tip!! 🙂 <3

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