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Mobile Photography – Tip Of The Day – Number 17

Welcome to another brand new section from your favorite mobile photography website and one of the most popular in the world. Today, we’re publishing our fifteenth Mobile Photography/Art Tip Of The Day to our brand new section of the site.

Every day we will publish a short quick tip to help you with your mobile photography, this may be related to editing your image, capturing your image, printing your image, all manner of things, across the complete photographic and art mobile genre – we’ll be featuring great mobile street photography tips, great blending tips, great cloning tips, we will cover it all from some of the greatest mobile photographers and artists in the world. We’ll also have a widget in our right hand column, displaying the Tip of The Day every day, just click on that and you will be taken to our tip of  the Day archive.

We are delighted to publish our seventeenth Tip Of The Day by Lisa Waddell. This is a wonderful tip and one that will help us all stay more organised. We’ve featured Lisa many times here, from interviews to features to showcases to tutorials, Lisa we’re proud to say has been right by our side from the very beginning. If you’d like to see Lisa’s archive with us, please go here. Over to you Lisa…(foreword by Joanne Carter).




Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t like a lot of “stuff” in my life. I am a firm believer in the axiom less is more. Case in point, here is a screen shot (above) of all the photo apps on my phone. As you can see there aren’t many! Now, that’s not to say I don’t own lots of apps. Whenever I need (or want) to add one of them back on to my phone here is a quick and easy way to reinstall from the phone:




1- Open the App Store app on your phone and tap “Updates” then “Purchased”.



2- Tap the box “Not on this iPhone” and scroll through the list until you find the app you would like to reinstall. Tap the cloud icon. As you can see, I have chosen to reinstall B&W Lab.



3- Once the app is reinstalled the cloud icon is replaced with the word “open” and the app will reappear on your phone.



I also consider this process a trip down memory lane and sometimes use it to jump start the flow of creative juices by reinstalling a long forgotten app. If you are in a really big hurry, though, there is a shortcut. Simply open the App Store app, search for the app you would like to reinstall, tap the cloud icon and the app will reappear on your phone.

I totally love iPhone photography and specialise in flower and plant images. I love to tell a story with the flowers; many times giving them human characteristics as in the photo of the sunflower entitled Remorseful, mentioned in the A Day In the Life Of interview. I also like to create abstracts. Lisa Waddell works as a Special Educational Needs Teacher in Houston, Texas. Lisa lives with her husband, father-in-law and Sam, the cutest Boston Terrier ever created! Lisa’s work is extraordinary, botanical in a sense and also so mysterious and creative in other ways too. And, it’s not just the way she creates the image, it’s in the titles too. Each title has been so carefully chosen to match the image. When you read the title you learn a little more about the image.