TheAppWhisperer (TAW) ProCamera Competition Winners Announced!


We’re delighted to announce the winners of our mobile photography Night Shots competition, held in association with ProCamera app and sponsored by Manfrotto, Olloclip and SnowLizard products, if you missed this originally, please see here.

Our main Judge for this competition was Miranda Gavin. Miranda a Freelance writer, blogger, photographer and educator. Additional Judges included Award Winning Mobile Photographer and App Whisperer Contributor Nettie Edwards and our incredibly talented Columnist and Mobile Photographer JQ Gaines.

We have some wonderful prizes to giveaway, each first place prize winner will receive:

A complete mobile kit from Manfrotto including a new KLYP iPhone Case with PIXI Tripod and continuous LED flashlight. One Olloclip Telephoto lens and Polarizer kit with brand new Olloclip case and one fabulous Snow Lizard SLPower 11 portable battery charger.

Each runner up will receive one Manfrotto KLYP iPhone case, PIXI tripod and continuous LED flash light, one 3-in-1 Olloclip lens system and one Snow Lizard SLPower 2.4 portable battery charger.

Many thanks to all our Judges for their excellent curation and commentary, this was no easy task not just because of the abundance of images but also because of the quality. Thank you also our sponsors for supplying these wonderful prizes and to our many entrants for their outstanding images and making our job so wonderfully hard 😉

We will be writing to each of the winners and runners up to obtain their delivery addresses and all prizes will be sent directly from the manufacturers.




First Place For CITY By Maurizio Zanetti


Image ©Maurizio Zanetti

The overall composition in this is beautiful. The wood in the window divides the space perfectly… with the graphic on one side and the man playing the piano on the other. Very nicely seen. We are clearly voyeurs, out on the street looking into a studio window. The only only distraction is the light glare i the upper right quadrant. It’s a shame that the artist didn’t remove it.

Runner Up For CITY By Joseph Cyr


Image ©Joseph Cyr

A wonderful clear ‘Night City’ image that captures the feeling of a ‘take out’ dinner after a hard day at work…

Landscape – First Place – By These Evil Things


Image ©theseevilthings

A landscape consumed with evocative lighting that provokes much intrigue and anticipation. And what’s unique about this image is that we feel as though we’re “in” the landscape… as opposed to observing and admiring from a distance. Definitely the #1 choice for this category.

Landscape – Runner Up By Erika Carrillo


Image ©Erika Carrillo

This is a beautiful evocative image that reminds us that there are places in the world where, at certain times of the year, the sun does not completely set. And the air is truly felt in this one…

People – First Place By Natali Prosvetova


Image ©Natali NaProsvet

This has a nice atmosphere to it … the fact that she’s dressed up suggests that she’s going out. The blurriness gives a sense of movement and fast pace. And her expression leads us to believe that she’s lost in thought and reflection. All of these elements lends beautifully to the theme and feel of “night.”


People – Runner Up – By Petyr Campos


Image ©Petyr C

This is a wonderful and moving capture. The only distraction that kept it from making #1 choice was the parking meter. It’s visually disruptive to the overall mood… and it takes our focus off of the man. Too bad….

4 thoughts on “TheAppWhisperer (TAW) ProCamera Competition Winners Announced!”

  1. Congratulations to all the winners and runner ups. Thank you judges for selecting my image and thank you AppWhisper for hosting this competition. I am very honored to be selected as a runner up. Big congrats to Natali Prosvetova

  2. These are amazing photographs that prove the power is in the image, not in the tool used to capture it. I disagree with a couple of comments: I did not find the parking meter distracting in Petyr Campos’ photo and in fact did not even notice it until it was pointed out…the man sitting is what I saw and focused on…it’s just another element in the picture that is incident to the scene. The second is the light over the mirror in Maurizio Zanetti’s capture…in a strange sort of way it serves as another connection point in the invisible lines connecting elements in the photograph.


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