Streets Ahead – Challenge 6 – Frame Within A Frame


Welcome to the showcase for our sixth challenge ‘Frame Within A Frame’. The objective of these challenges is to help us collectively practice and perhaps learn some new techniques. Each challenge will be based either on a shooting technique or perhaps a theme. We announced this challenge within our Streets Ahead Facebook group and it features fabulous mobile photography taken on the street using frames such as windows and doorways to create a ‘frame within a frame’.

We would like Streets Ahead to be and interactive group, and for members to try to participate in the challenges.

If you are a woman street photographer, please join our growing community (see links below).

With many congratulations to Armineh Hovanesian, Robin Sacknoff, Dani Salvadori, Gina Costa, Giulia Baita, Heline Lam, Lee Atwell, Susanne Kajalschlampen, Robin Sacknoff, Liz Traynor, Christine Mignon.

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The showcase video has been curated and created by Cara Gallardo Weil and the commentary by Gina Costa, enjoy!

Dani Salvadori


Flickr link

The 6th Streets Ahead Challenge, ‘A Frame within a Frame’ has resulted in some wonderful images by talented mobile artists. This first image by Dani Salvatore gives us such a wonderful story. We see a couple, squeezed into in to a tiny beach cabana, oblivious to their partner as they are fully immersed in reading. What a fitting commentary on married life and contemporary society. Degas’ poignant images of couples in Parisian bars, completely disconnected and alienated from their partner, is brought to mind. Great capture Dani!

Susanne Kajalschlampen


Flickr link

This evocative image of constantly shifting reflective surfaces, as the subject nearly darts from view, creates an image of great visual complexity. The viewer has the sensation of being trapped within this composition, the eye never resting, and not permitted to escape! Only the subject succeeds in escaping from this surreal and unsettling setting.

Giulia Baita


Flickr link

What “un bel occhio” Giulia. What a great eye Giulia to see this beautiful archway as framing device. I like the rhythmic pattern created by the architectural membering of the walkway, and the way it also directs the viewer’s eye to the main action of the scene. It seems almost like a still from a 1950’s Italian film.

Streets Ahead Video Showcase

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