Mobile Photography – New Year Resolutions 2015 From Around The World – Part 2 – TheAppWhisperer

At the beginning of the year it’s traditional to make a promise to oneself to improve in some way, this could be to improve finances, improve education, improve mental health, improve physical health and so on.

We decided to speak with mobile photographers to find out what their New Year Resolutions for 2015 are. We have communicated with over 100 people for this article, we would love to include everyone, but we simply can’t, we’d never finish. So please don’t be upset if you’re not in this article, you have not been forgotten, we’re very aware of who you are and will be making a huge effort to include you within our other articles in the near future.

We hope you enjoy this and find it inspiring, we certainly do

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Connie Rosenthal

In 2014 I realized:

How passionate I had become about taking photos with my iPhone

How intimidating, frustrating and rewarding it is to experiment with new (and old) apps

How much there is to learn by experimenting with different Hipstamatic/Oggl combos

How much I enjoy meeting other mobile photographers and being part of the mobile photography community

How much I love traveling and exploring new places to shoot in whether at home or away from home

In 2015 I hope to:

Start a 365 Photo Project

Create a blog to serve as a personal photo journal

To work on more composites

To learn new and different apps for shooting, editing and playing with my photos

To improve my photography by working on how and what I see

To become more familiar with all the Hipstamatic/Oggl combos

To gain more confidence in myself as a photographer

Image – ‘Bangles and Toes (the happy feet of a happy woman in Narlai, India)’ Connie Rosenthal


Crystal Faith Spellman

For almost four years I have been a little secretive about my mobile photography. I really try not to get carried away talking about it with my non-mobile photography friends/family. I’ve smoothed their concerned brows with comments like, “it’s just like a game, except instead of “words with people” I play “find the minimal composition,” or something. Another one I like is, “hey- it’s just a really fun hobby/stress reducer.” While these things are true, even truer is that I am deliriously and hopelessly in love with mobile photography, and no matter what is happening in my life, I can’t manage to stop.

I am going to stop apologizing for spending so much time taking and editing my photos instead of using my device as a phone. I am going to look for more ways to create physical objects from my mobile photos, because they are so much more exciting to me when I can hold them. I am going to spend more time trying to grow as a storyteller through my photos, because I might have something interesting to say. This year, I am going to unabashedly declare my love for mobile photography to everyone I meet. And then, without hesitation, I will kindly ask them to sit for a portrait or two.

Image by Crystal Faith Spellman


Egmont van Dyck

At my age, a New Year Resolutions has little meaning and really serves no purpose than an act of amusement. Resolutions tend to limit ones broader vision into a narrow one, for one sees the goal as a single path to achieving it and being blind to the road less traveled offering other possibilities that lead to the same conclusion.

Resolutions are merely sets of goals we hope to achieve before the end of a year and unfortunately most resolutions are created in haste with little regard to the success in attaining it, therefore most fail before having even reached mid-year.

As an alternative, consider living each day with open eyes and arms, embracing what life offers and to live each day to the fullest, for once the day is gone, it is gone.

If you would like me to suggest a New Years Resolution, here it is. To remain true to ones creative belief and vision.

It is imperative for creative individuals not to loose sight of ones creative direction, yet at the same time it is also very important to remain open to new ideas. For incorporating a different concept with ones’s vision does reveal artistic growth, but one must first explore the various possibilities and how they can be incorporated in ones current work before embarking on a new path and discarding one’s belief and vision.

Image by Egmont van Dyck


Jennifer Henriksen

I hope everyone has an amazing upcoming year! This year my resolutions around creativity definitely include expanding my mobile photography work. This past year I have explored mobile photography quite a bit and have really come to love it. I am so grateful to have discovered this community and all of the amazing and inspiring artists! It is truly amazing what can be accomplished now on a mobile device. So in 2015 I hope to create more art and expand my knowledge of this genre. I am looking to you all for inspiration as well and I am sure I will not be disappointed! I hope to inspire you as well!

Image- "Another World" by Jennifer Henriksen (@holgajen)


Cedric Blanchon

My resolutions for 2015 are to continue to expose my photos, discover and share my photos and create, create and create.

Image by Cedric Blanchon


Nadine Benichou

2014 was a great year of achievement since I participated in the creation of the Parisian mobile photo gallery "Mobile Camera Club", together with @nyfaste and @lenybagshop. It’s such a great adventure to curate and exhibit talented artists from around the world!

For 2015, I wish we will discover lots of new talents to exhibit both at the gallery and on our online catalog, and especially artists from countries or continents that are clearly underrepresented, like Africa.

In order to achieve this, we intend to develop more interaction with the community, through a FB group, animated together with the great Roger Guetta, that will showcase our favorite images, and also through contests allowing the winners to exhibit by us.

Another good resolution is to develop partnerships here in Paris to exhibit our artists photos to a larger public.

We will continue promoting mobile photography with all our strength and energy and try to develop more interactions with active members of the community. We have seen too many great defenders of the community "throw the sponge" because the amount of work got overwhelming after the years. We obviously have to join forces!

And as a mobile photographer, I really hope that all of the above will leave me some time to take and edit photos :))

Image by Nadine Benichou


Riel Noir

Life as a self employed artist and photographer can be a lonely affair.

Since January 25th I began to create and post iPhone images. As my confidence grew I joined mobile photography groups on facebook and flickr. Slowly through the process of posting my images and communicating with the other wonderful artists on these sites I have begun to feel as though I belong somewhere.

TheAppWhisperer has played a huge role with their inspiring and informative articles that include introducing apps available and exhibiting the work of artists, whilst iIllustrate how important this new genre is to the history of photography.

2014 – iPhone photography has offered me the opportunity to teach this wonderful, democratic subject to others, give a presentation in the Apple Store and I am looking forward to showing my work at two solo exhibitions in March and April next year.

2015 – My dreams have become bigger and more confident. Next year I would like to see some, if not all, of these dreams come to fruition. 

The resolution I will be making this coming Hogmanay will include the pursuit of an art project I first thought of some years ago. The project is far bigger than anything I have done to date and perfect for iPhone Photography to play a major role. 

In 2015 I also want to succeed in incorporating the many aspects of iPhone Image Making into my Art & Photography business, and for this aspect to succeed in becoming the larger part of my business.

In this process I hope to meet yet more interesting and inspiring people.

Image – ‘Dusting the Shadows with Light’ – Riel Noir



Elaina Wilcox

To become more consistent with engaging within the mobile art community and posting my work in the various groups including my own Facebook groups.

Image – Untitled – Elaina Wilcox


Gianluca Ricoveri

My New Year’s resolutions for 2015 have to do with getting more organised. I just started to clean up the Apps that I accumulated and clear out my photo album more often. To expand the range of my subjects, explore different styles and use more the Black & White. Happy New Year and wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015.

Image by Gianluca Ricoveri


Jennifer Bracewell

In 2015 I resolve to carve out more time to shoot. I also want to finish my studio and spend at least some portion of the day creating. I’d like to do some multimedia work this year and setup a dark room. Hopefully I can accomplish some of that. Happy New Year to all of you, my inspirational friends!

Image – Untitled – Jennifer Bracewell


Sammi Gravich

2014 was a bit of a creative dead end for me.  Months with no inspiration — which is evidenced by the hundreds of photos of my dog.  But I’m promising myself that 2015 will be different.  Along with the usual Resolutions (I prefer to call them Plans) of more exercise, drink more water, be more social, blah, blah, blah — my Plan is to take at least one app per month and, with the help of the tutorials on The AppWhisperer, learn how to be more creative with my work.  I’m pretty basic with apps and I really want to learn more about masking and layering, etc.  So my Resolution/Plan is to develop a working knowledge of more advanced techniques of some of the apps and to be more involved with my photo groups – oh yeah – and learn French.

Image – Untitled – Sammi Gravich


Andrea Biglarini

What will 2015 bring for me? The inspiration to continue to find a perfect hybridization between classic and digital images. I will focus my efforts to invent new solutions to better integrate social networks and the web inside the New Era Museum. How? I still not have a very clear idea but I know exactly that this will be based on innovative technologies. So my intentions for 2015 are aimed to spreading intelligent content created with mobile devices is not limited only to images but broadening the horizons of all that these devices are able to create: music and movies.

I want to wish a great, eclectic and a very creative 2015 to all my fellows friends of the Mobile Art community: we are a pack of fearless, artistic and unstoppable wolves.

Thank you Joanne for this opportunity.

image – Untitled – Andrea Biglarini


Isabella Matthews

My resolution for 2015 is to take more portrait shots of family and macro as it something I didn’t spent a lot of time doing in 2014 ,capturing the moment and looking back I enjoy.I plan on using my new olloclip a lot also and experimenting with all my apps I have .I wish you all a very happy,peaceful and healthy new year.

Thank you Joanne for including me .

Picture taken at point Peron in Western Australia favourite place as we had wedding photos done along this beach in 2013 apps used Snapseed and DistressedFX


Andy Royston

2014 was for me a year of recovery and re-generation, my daily beach walks the one constant in a time of change. Of course my iPhone photography played its own role too – and the ever changing light and conditions took me off on a creative wave for an hour every morning.

In 2015 I aim to re-grasp spontaneity in my work. Innovation comes from that freedom to experiment. After five years of shooting the sunrise I feel as if I know every tree, every dune, every wave…and I also have aptitude! I now need to create the unexpected, to forget objectivity for a while and lose myself into the light. I can still share the moment – the original intent of the FtLauderdaleSun project – but I want to break through into something new, colorful and elemental.

Although I don’t tend to comment much I love following the adventures of iPhone artists the world over, and the invention out there never ceases to amaze me…. I wish you all the very best in 2015! As Ansel Adams might have said if he had had an iPhone –  "Don’t take a photograph. Give it away."

Image – ‘Walk of Life’ – Andy Royston


Lars Wegas

"Wishing everyone a happy new year.

My resolutions for 2015:

– become a better photographer and trying new things, like shooting portraits . Being more selective what to shoot and share.

– finishing my book project

– being more active in the communities again

– quit smoking "

Image – ‘Portait of a Woman’ – Lars Wegas


Mimi Svanberg

Since 2014 ended with a very heart-crushing breakup for me. My resolution for 2015 is to be kind, to love and stay true to myself. To have fun, travel and experience places and people. To say YES to spontaneity and to be brave. To finally finish my website:)) To keep develop my artistry and do the thing I love, which is imagery and photo editing. To complete the book project I started together with my fantastic, old dear friend and author Paula McManus. This year I will have an exhibition:))

I wish the very best New Year for everybody, may 2015 be the year when everybody’s dreams and wishes come true.

Image – ‘Dreams and Wishes’


Wojciech Papaj

My mobile photography resolutions for 2014?

First, to get a new smartphone – with a better camera and with a newer (yes! yes! yes!) OS; but which one? I’ll prefer Windows devices (I really like the OS), so it could be the Lumia 1020 or 925 – especially because of more exposure control.

The second resolution is to widen a range of topics with a waterscapes and to shot some of the locations I’ve recorded in my notebook (e.g. an abandoned Lemkos’ cemetery covered with a blue knapweeds).

Finally, the third resolution is to write by far more articles for the website of "Grupa Mobilni", the first collective of mobile photo enthusiasts in Poland.

Happy New Year!

Image – ‘Untitled’ – Wojciech Papaj


Sean Hayes

My resolution for 2015 is rekindle, within myself, the spirit of Nathaniel “Nacho” Cordova. For those who are unfamiliar with this name, “Nacho” was an early practitioner and exponent of the iPhonic arts. He died tragically in 2011. He is fondly remembered, not only as a talented iphoneographer in his own right, but also as a generous human being who was keen to encourage nascent talent in others – myself included. I was an early member of community and “Nacho” was always on hand to offer advice and reassurance on work hesitantly posted by people who had never attempted image making of any kind before. I miss that sense of “community” from the early days.

Obviously, people like Joanne Carter and Knox Bronson have done a sterling job keeping that “spirit” alive through their dedication and advocacy of the work of the iphoneography community. My “day job” has kept me away from being as active in the community as I would have liked. I fervently hope that 2015 will allow me to emulate the generosity of “Nacho” and pay respect to his legacy through a more active participation within the iphoneography community.

Happy New Year to all.

Image – ‘Angel Wings’ – Sean Hayes


Irene Marchuk Oleksiuk

For me 2014 was not a good year.  It was a year of stress and sadness. My baby sister was diagnosed with cancer and passed away at the young age of 48.

My photography came to halt and the creative part was lost for a while.

I don’t make New Year resolutions but I do plan on renewing my passion for photography and let the creativity flow.

I miss my sister/ friend but her death has shown me that I should live my life  to the max. If I want to do something, don’t put it off. Go for it. Enjoy it.

So, in 2015 I will enjoy photography and wrap my life in creativity.

Image – " I will not die an unlived life" – Irene Marchuk Oleksiuk


Michel Pretterklieber

"New years resolutions" is kind of a very new genre for me – until you asked me to I NEVER made any resolutions. Now that I made them according to my Artist’s view they seem totally reasonable and a must. Like Hemingway said: every evening when you stop working for the day one must exactly know what he’s working on the next time.

As a "free" photographer I can work on whatever and whenever I want. This leads to some kind of a comfortable chaos. Well, I already liked the learning on the last night before a test in school. Ok, I didn’t like it BUT I needed the thrill and pressure to get into the matter. That’s why when I finally make a series I put on CameraSharp and let it make 500 pictures.

Or the book!!! I should finish it since week – still procrastinating although picture for picture is getting put in and I also write down titles. It might be ready next week or tonight. I have no idea.

Image – "Red carpet for ticks & tracts of no nerves when everything every week" – Michel Pretterklieber


Keisuke Takahashi

I’ve learned so much about Photography from my Cameras including my iPhone 5s in 2014. 

I’m aiming focus on creative photography more than ever in 2015. 

I’d like to finish my ongoing project on early next year and open a solo exhibition if I can. 

Wishing you a Happy New Year that you will have much creativity in the year to come.

Image – Untitled – Keisuke Takahashi


Jennifer A Thomas

Happy New Year to all for 2015! For this year I plan to work on several projects and collaborations with the wonderful mobile photography community in London, my adopted home. Part of this plan includes a return to photowalking which gives us a great opportunity to share new ideas and methods of editing. I cherish and friends Ive made through this our "pocket world" and hope to meet many more of you in real life as well as through the virtual community.

Image – Topsy Turvy – Jennifer Thomas


Vivi Hanson Sacerdote

"My New Year resolution is to continue to get organised, sort all my photos and apps out – delete obsolete ones that I never use!  I want to experiment more using SuperImpose and try new styles of editing.  I have a long list of things to do and places to see in London and top of my bucket list has been to go to Cuba which I am hoping to go to end of April!  And my last resolution is to keep meeting my lovely friends in our wonderful community!"

Image – ‘For Bailey’ – Vivi Hanson Sacerdote


Dilshad Corleone

2014 has been an absolute blinder! A wonderful year with some great successes! I cannot but thank all those amazing people that supported me during this past year, even though I didn’t push it as much as I am used to…

What is 2015 going to bring? well, quite simply I hope my mojo back: I took a sabbatical or a year of doing nothing with regards to photography. Quite refreshing, one could say, and yet it was more of a meditative one for me.

What I would love is to start meeting up, not just virtually, but in flesh and bones with all those friends around the world that have had a very strong influence and impact on me! Also, take up some real challenges and manage to get some serious street photography done this year!

There are some incredible ideas that I hope I will be able to put in place during this, hopefully splendid 2015! In the mean time I wish you all success, happiness and some amazing photographic hunting!

Image – ‘Welcome To The Punch’ – Dilshad Corleone


Coy Townson

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes in 2015! My resolution for this coming year is to make more prints. Posting online for everyone everywhere to see is a blessing for the photographer in this day and age, but it still doesn’t have the same satisfaction as viewing your printed image hanging on a wall. As I go back through my archives I find photos that still excite me, probably more now than when they were created. I keep telling myself, “the cobbler’s children do have shoes”, but still have not followed through. Ironically my house is full of bare walls with only one photo displayed…a wedding portrait of my wife and I. I’m lucky enough to have three beautiful children who will dress, makeup and model for me upon request. I’m also lucky to glean inspiration from this wonderful mobile art and photography community comprised of many great creators of our generation. So, whether it’s postcards, canvas, metal or paper, 2015 will be a year in print for me.

Image – Untitled – Coy Townson


Jim Perdue

2014 was an amazing year for me.  I was introduced to large and diverse collective of mobile artists and a community of creatives that I never knew existed.  Through networking and sharing I have learned so much while being incredibly inspired.  I have made new ‘online’ friends and have had the privilege of meeting and spending time with many of them in real life.

The first of my resolutions for 2015 would be, to continue to learn and grow as an artist – to be humble, open-minded, and teachable. Next, I’d like to work toward putting together a gallery show with other mobile artists in my area – we shall see.  Finally, I hope to build upon and strengthen the friendships and contacts that I have made this year.  I’m looking forward to communicating and collaborating with as many of you as possible.

I sincerely wish each and every one of you true happiness in the coming year, and the greatest of success in all of your endeavours.

Happy New Year!

Image – Untitled – Jim Perdue


Nicolas Xanthos

In 2015, I hope I have the courage, humility and patience to try new genres (without stopping the landscape, of course): more collages, maybe a little streetphotography, still life’s, portraits, and, why not, self-portraits! Well, maybe not self-portraits (it will be for 2016), but the rest, yes. To try also different apps than those I usually use.

This requires courage, humility and patience because you have to start from scratch, you must accept to make mistakes more often, you have to explore unknown paths, you have to expect that people who like what you do now could not like what you will do later.

My hope is that mobile photography will continue to remain the pleasure it is now for me: pleasure to create, pleasure to explore the themes and aesthetic that I love, pleasure of discovering incredibly talented people and inspiring works, pleasure to participate in such a vibrant community of which TheAppWhisperer (TAW) is a pillar.

To everyone a Happy 2015, creative and full of love! And thank you so much Joanne for all that you do for this community!

Image – Untitled – Nicolas Xanthos


Nico Brons

First of all I wish everyone a very peacefull 2015, with love and no violence.

My personal resolution in the photography is to go steady with making images as I did in 2014. I hope to make them even better every time. I’am working now with a agent/promotor in the Netherlands, called Draumlist, which gives a good cooperation.

For 2015 we going for more exhibitions and exposure and maybe to sell some work. Also I hope to see a lot of work from all the other great smartphone artists.

I enjoy every day of it. See you around on this globe in 2015 !

Image – Untitled – Nico Brons


Jane Schultz

I’ve always said that I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. I believe that we should all continually reexamine our lives and seek to be better, kinder more giving people throughout the year. That’s what resolutions mean to me.

With that said, as I look back on 2014, I do it with a smile. It was a year of exploring a new level of creativity for me. For 2015, I want to push that to the next level. I’d like to bring greater creativity to my captures and develop a greater consistency in my editing. I want to keep learning and further the wonderful connections we have within the mobile community. The resolution I won’t make (but should) is to thin out my mountain of apps!

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year, filled with love, music and art.

Image ‘Moving Forward’ – Jane Schultz


Cynthia Westover

2014 skirted by me with little more than a few good images created. Life happened with big changes for the best as well as the worst. I did not achieve my creative goal as a result of those changes. 2015 is my year. I need to learn to dance with my images again and trust my instincts and direction I follow. I want to create one solid image to enter in a juried competition. I want to start my own collection to be shown in a local venue. Above all the outward goals I can state, I want to simplify again. I’ll be backing off of mass posting on social media in hopes of personalizing my images again, I’m looking forward to being back in the creative saddle again!

Image – ‘Shadow Dancing’ – Cynthia Westover


Cheryl A Townsend

I would have to say that my resolution is to buy more diverse apps, use the various iPhone attachments I have and  get more detailed with images.  To stretch my creativity beyond a mere tap here or there.  I am so envious of so many iPhoneographers, it’s time to gain a little envy myself.  I need to study and apply! (And make note of what/how I did whatever it was I did.)  I also need to get back out on the streets and just capture life.  I’m never without at least 2 cameras, so it’s time I get back to using them and the iPhone attachments more.  I’m going to go all Vivian Maier / Any Warhol and drive strangers and friends crazy with my constant shooting.  (Model release form at the ready!)  Meet people.  Hear stories.  Experience humanity.  Share a smile.  

Image – ‘Little Red Dress’ – Cheryl A Townsend


Giulia Baita

I hope this 2015 will be a year of peace and brotherhood, there will respect for diversity and better integration of the peoples. I hope to achieve a better creative freedom. I would like to break away from figurative and dedicate myself to the images that best represent my emotions and my imagination. To do this I have to get rid of figurative and it will not be easy … I do not know what you’ll be great, but I hope to have fun and produce beautiful things. I want to improve my knowledge of some App and improve technique. I hope to produce images "beautiful" that give pleasure to the eyes and express my emotions better than I have done in the past.

I wish you, Joanne, a wonderful 2015 and the same to all friends!

Image – "All I want is magic" – Giulia Baita


David Scott Leibowitz

January 1st, 2015, my gallery, "Mobile Digital Art & More" opens in Boonton NJ. I resolve that this brick and mortar space, devoted to this exciting art movement, is dedicated to promoting and educating the world to Mobile Digital Art.

Image – ‘Kneecapped’ – David Scott Leibowitz


Carlos Austin

First and foremost, a big thank you to Joanne Carter, her family, and all the artists that contribute to the TheAppWhisperer (TAW). Most of you reading this know what an important contribution they make, allowing us expression of our beliefs and learning new ways to see the world around us using both mobile devices and traditional tools.

I am looking forward to renewing my creative energy in 2015 by exploring new forms of expression using my iPad and the wonderful new apps that come out. Luckily I have some extra time to devote to my passion of photography.

I post images in IG, OGGL, Flickr, Okdothis, Seene, Studio+, Twitter, EyeEm,Tadaa, Blipfoto and a few more. Each one reaches different audiences and it is interesting to get feedback.

Health is wealth. As you get older this becomes evident. Therefore…I wish all of you good health for you and your families. Here’s to a richly creative 2015 for us all.

Image ‘Puff Ball’ – Carlos Austin


Jeanette Vazquez

My mobile photography resolution for 2015 is to jump back on Flickr and EyeEm as well.  Also, would like to start some assignments that are on The Photographer’s Playbook – and not just limit myself to street photography!

Happy 2015 to all!

Image – ‘The quiet sense of something lost’ – Jeanette Vazquez


Kerryn Benbow

2015 means reconnecting to me.  Reconnecting with my creatively, my heart, my passion, technology and all of the wonderfully diverse talent in this artistic community. I have missed you all! I have so many new apps and techniques to explore as I redeveloped my skills and re-find my creative "soul". I look forward to working in a new way for me, realising that I don’t have to be perfect, not everything I create has to resonate and letting go of  the impossible idea that every piece should be a triumph!  I just need to create!  I also look forward to reconnecting with everyone else’s work in a positive way and watching their magic unfold.

Happy 2015!

Image – ‘Disconnected’ – Kerryn Benbow


Wayman Stairs

I really thought I did not have any resolutions for 2014 when it came to my mobile art. However, the more I began to think about it I already had some goals in mind for the new year.  

First, I would like to show my work on a more permanent basis in my home town..  I was blessed to be able to show my work locally (Fresno & Santa Clara) last year as well as other countries (Portugal & Italy).  This coming year I would like to finally get up the courage to talk to the local art gallery and see what I need to do to be included.  

Secondly, I would like to see my work in 2015 be more conceptual.  I did this towards the end of this year with one series of images I created in response the the water crisis in California, where I am from. and I really enjoyed the process.  Shooting with a purpose and a plan, not just random things.  I found this to be very gratifying and will continue to work on this in the New Year.  Although, I will still continue to work on a whim as well!  

Thanks so much Joanne for all that you do for the mobile art community!  I hope everyone has a great 2015!!

Image – ‘We All Have Our Crosses To Bear’ – Wayman Stairs


Christine Sirois

Since I’m most comfortable roaming around capturing street still life or close-up discarded thing, my wish this year is to be able to muster the time and courage to approach all the fascinating people who draw me in. It doesn’t matter to me if  they are broken or full of joy, there is always a story or a "moment" begging to be shared. My go to apps are Snapseed and PhotoToaster, but I’m apping very little lately. I’m thrilled to try out my new telephoto zoom lens. A Christmas gift that made me scream with joy!

Image – ‘It’s always ourselves we find at the sea’ – Christine Stina Sirois


Andrea Gessat

My resolution: keep karma clean!

I can speak millions of words but at the end:lasts three words: Live your life. Keep your soul.  I love you! Get it on…I am an artist, my world is as an artist. One: My resolution is – do not eat animals! Do not hurt anyone, be and stay human! Not that human, they will know; that human, you know! Every day you will get into aa conflict: Do the best you can because: it is your life!

Image – ‘Grounded’ – Andrea Gessat


Mandolina Moon

In the New Year, I resolve to do more app’perimenting.   Ok, I’m trying to make up my own word, like “iPhoneography,” and that is the definitive word! Creating photography and art on an iPhone, pretty amazing!  This is a wonderful time to be on this planet in a place where technology like mobile phones and tablets, with built in cameras and image applications, are a common artist’s tool.  I love being a part of the community of mobile phone artists, learning and sharing with each other.

I resolve to continue to hone my photography and apping skills.

I will make it a point to stay connected with fellow mobile appers and be aware of new apps  and techniques of use.

I plan to build a better base of images that I can use for composites and textures, and figure out the best way to organize my image base for immediate and easy access.

I’m looking forward to creating more composite images, getting to know  my new Apple iPad mini, and seeing the new creative expressions from all the talented artists in the mobile art community.

Happy Apping to All in 2015!

Image – Untitled – Mandolina Moon


Cattis Carlander

I can so easily spend time and energy on things, that I know by heart will lead me nowhere, but to end up exhausted, anxious and disappointed. Still I do not listen to myself… I keep fooling myself with, "it’s because of my goodwill I do it. To satisfy others…" and so on.

Only those ‘others’ doesn’t give a damn and I know it… So, it just has to stop!

It’s my promise to myself, that I will stay true to myself and only put my love, passion and energy on people, or projects, that really matters. No more energy-thieves allowed!

Let the mask fall and stay true to myself and others.

This kind of love, regardless and only:

"You owe me nothing for giving the love that I give

You owe me nothing for caring the way that I have

I give you thanks for receiving it’s my privilege

And you owe me nothing in return" /Alanis Morissette

Image – ‘Stay True’ – Cattis Carlander


Bob Weil

My New Year’s resolution as an artist for 2015 is to “Refine endlessly.” I believe that if you persevere as an artist, a great image lies beyond the good one. To get there, it may take one more crop, one more adjustment, one more tweak in post. Painting is in many ways an additive process because it requires that the artist add paint until he or she has the desired scene. However, photography is subtractive process  so, what’s the least amount of image material that is needed to convey the message? What can I remove from the scene, what can I de-emphasize, what can I subordinate to make everything in the frame serve the story?

Some people have asked me why two years ago when they looked at my Flickr stream, I had about 240 images, and now I still have approximately the same number. It’s not that I’m not productive (I produce an average of an image or two a week), it’s just that my standards have continued to rise. So for every image I add, it seems like I retire one from my online portfolio. An image that looked good to me last year somehow is no longer as strong as I thought it was at the time, and I take it offline.

So my goal this year is to try to become my own toughest critic, and make my portfolio still smaller. Ansel Adams used to say  “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

Image – “A Striving After the Divine” by Bob Weil


Barbara duBois

I’ve had years of experience in making and breaking resolutions and not feeling good about it.  Instead, now I prefer setting intentions, evaluating what worked, what needs refinement, what needs to go, what’s important, and what’s not.  That seems to work better for me.  When I do that work and am mindful, what comes to me or what I go to, seems quite magical at times or synchronistic.  

Image – This image doesn’t have a title per se.  The quote I used with it is, "Let us be grateful for people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." M. Proust


Jill Lian

My goal for 2015 is to set aside at least one hour a day, no matter what, to involve myself in photography.  I’m a newcomer to photography, and I want to become braver each day with the images in front of me.

I want to increase my knowledge of photography terms, become more intimate with my camera and take time to learn the applications that are already in my toolbox.  I use Hipstamatic almost exclusively, paired with an Olloclip.

I also want to become more confident in how I view my images, and also be more receptive to how my family and friends in the photography community react to them.

I am not quite sure how I’m going to do this, but I want to incorporate my career as a clay sculptor with my new love of photography.  

Finally, keeping things simple, working with light presented to me and always having fun.

Happy New Year!

Image – Awakening – Jill Lian


Anette Schmitz-Millrath

The 2015 resolution that applies to me (the most) is to stick with following my heart in whatever I do. Wandering from one impulse to the next. Playing my part in *the game*.

In 2014 I came to iphoneography and within no time it developed to be a very effective way for me to self expression and inner balance.

This is a grand opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the folks I came across in regards to mobile art: for their inspiration and esprit, the sense of humour, their support and kindness and because it showed that there are people all over the world who subsist from the same source.

Cheers, have a good one. Happy New Year.

Image – ‘Almost Connected’ – Anette Schmitz-Millrath


Jackson Mah

I am still chasing to meet the first 10,000 worst photographs. So, I will keep shooting the street and hopefully piecing the puzzle of street photography together faster.

I have to start exploring editing photographs with different techniques more often, hopefully I can co-develop an interesting app for all iphoneography enthusiasts, by the end of 2015.

Image – ‘Boxer’ – Jackson Mah


Kristie Benoit

Greetings & Happy New Year!

I focus mainly on edits in simple, black & white, but would like to expand my repertoire to the more creative side of things (and with color!), using wonderful apps like Mextures, Stackables, ArtStudio, Union App, PaintFX, and VSCO.

I am a self portraiture artist, and would like to continue working on my craft. It has always been and will continue to be a form of therapy for me.

With my new surroundings, I am also delving into more nature photography which can be seen on my Instagram account (hoodkitty) and I have also started experimenting with combining the two together, to create pieces of art.

Best wishes, peace, and love in 2015!

Image – Untitled – Kristie Benoit


Karen Divine

At this place in my life I believe it’s important to live without imposed boundaries; to not miss a minute to that which presents itself; to embrace the beauty of life and be thankful daily because I am thankful daily; to have the courage to uncover and reveal important parts of myself in my art so I can sit back and really see who I am. If my art can provoke and express emotional qualities, then I have succeeded.  I want to use the iPhone, use Photoshop, mixed media.  No boundaries.

Image – ‘Here I am’ – Karen Divine


Alan Kastner

My iPhoneography resolution for 2015? If any, it would be to achieve the right balance and level of stability to keep me active throughout the year. An extended self-imposed hiatus resulted in my not posting in 2014 until we had already reached October. As such, I missed viewing too many of the images posted by friends during that period, and also missed the pleasure of being active in the community. That is something I do not wish to repeat. So, for me 2015 is about shooting on a daily basis, continuing to edit my work critically and posting only images I believe tell good stories, all while enjoying the process of reconnecting with folks and getting to better know those who came on board during my absence.

To date, my work has involved capturing the mood of events that unfold before my eyes in real time, all while chasing good light and favourable compositions. In the context that nothing is staged or posed, the process differs little from (one form of) the popular (and broad) genre of street photography. When an image that lands in my camera roll satisfies my eye as it stands, then I post it without any real editing. However, when I see the potential to add my own interpretation and enhance the emotion expressed, I take great pleasure in apping to hopefully infuse the final image with an extra bit of my soul. Of course, every now and again, I also feel a need to go app-crazy and create some sort of abstract piece. For 2015, I am determined to continue simplifying the images themselves, while exploring new ways to lend greater depth to the elements present so they might resonate more strongly with viewers.

I wish one and all health, prosperity and loads of inspiration in 2015!

Image – ‘Beneath the Hunter’s Moon’ – Alan Kastner


Donna Donato

"Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." Hal Borland

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous and productive 2015.

Image – Donna Donato


Robin Robertis

I like to have goals rather than resolutions because i have a hard time breaking bad habits, which in my iPhone world ( i have 2 ), there is absolutely no organization!

I would like to start with a whole new work flow for 2015 which is including learning Adobe Mobile Lightroom. Wish me luck !

Image – ‘Maddy’s Dream’ – Robin Robertis


Shayna Schulman

Thank you so much Joanne for all you do for this community!

Beginning of Spring Equinox is when I do my manifesting goal setting for the year instead of the deep dark hibernating winter time so let’s see…

2014’s been an incredibly intense year with many surprises good and bad so I’m going to continue all the really good things:

-Meeting up IRL with some wonderfully inspiring iPhoneographers.

-Experimenting and learning- apps, styles, creating.

-Teaching in Kensington Palace has been a very fulfilling honour and I’m looking forward to continuing and taking it to foreign places.

To be continued…

Image – ‘Many Sunsets’ – Shayna Schulman


Juta Jazz

I want to wish for all of you in to the coming 2015 to have peacefulness and health in your lives.

When I found for me iphoneography two years ago, I met amazing people and gorgeous artists here. Here is always big opportunities to learn from you and to enjoy the huge positive energy you radiate to the world.

My resolution for next year to reach a little more elevated level for the works I’m doing – to improve the editing techniques, to purify more my own style.  Also I would like to learn how to prepare files for quality printing – it is also so important in the case the works to be printed.

Thank you for inviting me here Joanne – have a nice holidays and joyful, healthy year!

Image – ‘Passing Through the Time’ – Juta Jazz


Cathrine Halsor

“I like my images to have my signature. For me they’re an extension of who I am and what I feel. So that’s what I will explore even more over the coming year. My 2015 goal will be to work in a more intuitive way, while still keeping all the fun and freedom !

I also plan to explore the challenge and creativity of the many new apps on my iPhone6 (which I love btw), many of which are still untouched!

The ‘story-catching’ or creation of stories through imagery is something which has always fascinated me. It’s my ambition to become a better ‘teller of tales’. We can all be our own authors. We all have a good story to tell. I can’t wait to share mine with the world !

I’m so grateful for the mobile photography community. There is so much creativity and support. This year I’ve connected with some wonderful new artists, both online and through various Instawalks.

May this New Year bring many opportunities your way to explore every joy of life!

May your stories all be good ones !”

Image – ‘Earth Dreamer’ – Cathrine Halsor


Geri Centonze

Already 2015 looks quite a bit different for me as I will no longer be blogging at Art of Mob. I still want to make time to shoot and edit images with my iPhone and iPad. In 2015, I hope to expand my skills and tackle the more than 800 apps I’ve downloaded and reduce the number to a manageable amount. For those that I keep, I want to spend time learning their capabilities.

I also have five photography books that I would like to study page by page and learn from the techniques and artists featured. Some are entirely based on mobile photography like The Art of iPhone Photography and others are not: Digital Art Wonderland, Surreal Photography (Creating the Impossible) and Surreal Digital Photography. The final is a mixture of both mobile and DSLR photography, Art of Everyday Photography by Susan Tuttle. 

Finally I have made the commitment (on Mobitog) to complete a 365 Photo Challenge. I have been wanting to do one for 2 years and hopefully 2015 will be the year I can do it. I plan to use any style and any subject but will refer to Neil Chenier’s Learn Photo365 Assignment Generator for inspiration!  I can’t wait to read all of the other resolutions!

Image – ‘I am Someone’s Daughter’ – Geri Centonze


Edward Santos

My New Years resolution for 2015 will be, not to go on a diet,  as I’ve tried those in the past and they never work…but rather focus a lot more on not holding on to events I’ve viewed in the past as failed ventures….instead there will be no failures only as Thomas Edison once said "I didn’t fail a thousand times at making a light bulb, I figured out a thousand ways how not to make a light bulb". I’m applying that positive thinking to my art and my life. 2015 will see a lot more from eSantosStudios, when one door closes…No longer will that be considered a failed attempt because I’ll know that another door offering bigger and better opportunities will open. Like this free bird in my photograph doing what it pleases when it pleases, flying about free so shall my art continue to be. I’ve had a few traditional photographers tell me that my photography will never be worth anything once people find out that my photos were shot and edited on my phone. That galleries will never jury my work in as legitimate photography, telling me that I should invest in a real camera….trying hard to make me feeling like a fly by night photographer because I wasn’t formerly trained in photography. IPhoneography has become my passion and in all reality my saving grace. It took me a little while to develop a thick skin, being rejected by galleries that either didn’t like what I was presenting or didn’t view iPhoneography as a legitimate art form and I began to feel like they were right….but then things started changing my free form photography… You know the type….those turn on the hazard lights on my car and pull over on the side of the road to take a picture out my sunroof photography started to gain recognition, started to get juried into galleries and even wining photography contest…started selling at shows and social media….began to get featured regularly in Prestigious photography groups….Wow! Who would have thought

So to summarize my New Years resolution…2015 will no longer see failed attempts, only great success in doing what I know best…shoot and snap photos through the use of my iPhone as freely as a bird flys.

Image – Untitled – Edward Santos


Giancarlo Beltrame

2014 was a year until 31 December wonderful for me. In order of importance:

– My daughter gave me a granddaughter

– I was able to create the first Isma – International Salon of Mobile Art in Museum of Contemporary Art, the Mart of Rovereto

– I did my first solo exhibition

– I had been selected as a finalist of Mira Prize of Porto

– I had done a wonderful trip to Nepal

Then came December 31. My sister Mary died in the night, after a long and painful illness.

Here, for 2015 I just hope to have no more suffering like this.

Image – ‘A Heart in Winter (Un coeur en hiver)’ – Giancarlo Beltrame


Benamon Tame

2014 was a quiet year for my photography, demands from elsewhere and other projects taking me away but on reflection giving me some space and time to refresh and take things at a more creative pace. Creating out of inspiration rather than out of a need to fill the day. Work with my Lost Toy Room dominated, both in images but also with spin off projects with a return to creative writing and the Lost Toy Room books, which I hope will start to see light in the New Year.

Looking to 2015 and beyond ongoing projects I want to try and recapture some of the randomness of my earlier work, working on what I can find and being inspired by the view rather than looking for a images to fit the story.

A wish list will also be to sort out some set pieces with actual people rather than dolls, while on the Admin side it will be to make a start on sorting/culling/working on the back catalogue of shots that fill up far too many folders and review my online presence and polish it up for the new year.

I also want to go back and review a couple of older projects to see if they should be finished or abandoned.

With plenty to do and a shiny new iPhone 6 Plus to lead the way 2015 has a lot of promise

Image – ‘Slices’ – Benamon Tame


Tess Gomm

Travel more. See more. Experiment more. Take more pictures of people. Be braver. Take one image that scares me every day. Happy New Year X

Image – ‘Tangier Dream’ – Tess Gomm


Anne-Martine Parent

As I have new responsibilities at work, I haven’t been able to edit and post many pictures lately. For 2015, I want to try to find some balance and re-integrate mobile photography in my life. And I want to keep things simple in my editing process, and learn to play more with framing.

Image ‘Contemplating Loss’ – Anne-Martine Parent


Martin Duerr

My resolution for 2015? Really dig deeper into the creative abilities my mobile devices offer. There are so many projects I have in my mind (and written down) that I want to realize. From architecture to travel to portrait and still life.

I will also give several lectures about mobile photography in conjunction with portrait and fashion shooting, as you are much more creative when you shoot with your mobile cam. It seems that people get more creative with those devices (and apps), which are otherwise blocked when shooting with their "serious" dslr gear.

The image you see here has been taken and edited (except the logos) during a Burlesque workshop with my iPhone 5.

Image – Martin Duerr


Robin Sacknoff

What are my thoughts and resolutions for 2015?

First I am so thankful to be present. This is a special year and a special decade for me. I intent to treasure each and everyday and resolve to continue my street iphoneography. So happy to be part of this wonderful group giving me the opportunity to learn from each and everyone one of you. I will work on my projects and continue my passion daily. Wishing you all a creative productive year. May peace abide and heal our broken world with love and goodness for all. Special thanks to Joanne carter for making it all possible.

Image – Robin Sacknoff


Hans Borghorst

My New Years Resolution is not to avoid looking back, but in case I’m looking back to concentrate on the things I’ve learned but not to become chained to the things and people that belong to the past. I want to walk on and look forward and make use of the things I’ve learned.

Image – ‘Some look back, some don’t’ – Hans Borghorst


Louise Whiting

I believe 2015 will be an exciting year for me creatively as I finally have my own studio and more time on my hands to spend doing what I love the most.  I started off the new year in 2013 thinking of the areas I wanted to work on but as my work is so very dependant on my own mood and feelings I am just going to see where it takes me.

Image – Louise Whiting


Lorenka Campos

My New Year Resolution for 2015 is to take more pictures. I love to create visual stories and I can happily edit for hours at a time, but I can be a little lazy about taking new pictures. I currently take pictures of interesting things I find along my daily way, but I rarely make plans to shoot or go out on a photo walk. Even back when I did studio work, I preferred the creative idea process and the magic of the darkroom over the studio shoot. So, I will resolve to take more pictures, lots of pictures, especially portraits. And because I love to work with portraits, I guess I will have to focus on finding some willing models too. Wishing you all a creative, happy and healthy New Year.

Image – ‘South a Pacific’ – Lorenka Campos


Manuela Matos Monteiro

I spent many hours in the darkroom waiting for magic images appear; then came the wonder of digital photography and I understood the advantages of speed in capturing and editing my photos; four years ago I discovered mobile photography and it caused a real "earthquake": the intimacy of my iPhone allows me to stay invisible and silent, the power of editing stimulates my creativity. My iPhone has become an extension of my body and of my mind. But above all, I weave incredible relationships within the wonderful mobile community. And this is my most important conquest of all.

Image – ‘Self(ie) Evidence‘ – Manuela Matos Monteiro


Travis Jonathan

This year my resolution is the Big Picture! My goal is to plan out my year on paper and make sure I leave myself vacation days at work. They need to be better spent on my family. No more "personal time off" to lay around and vegetate in bed. I also have my mind set on saving up extra money by opening a Christmas fund for Christmas shopping in 2015.

My intentions are pure and my goals are reachable. I will capture pictures throughout the year with Hipstamatic and share it, tagged "Big Picture".

Image ‘Big Picture’ – Travis Jonathan


Robi Gallardo

I feel I went off the boil a bit in the latter half of 2014. So, I have to keep pushing through that. In connection to that, I must say that the advent of the Provoke app has been a great thing as it has motivated me to keep shooting, keep looking, keep “seeing"—there is something wonderful about black and white!

Going forward, I should probably take a look at where I am vis-a-vis online communities! Oh Red Bubble, I fear I have neglected you.

I need to take the dSLR out for walks more often as well. Somehow using both the smartphone camera and the dSLR (though not at the same time) helps me to "see" what I might otherwise miss.

I should probably also go back through my Camera Roll and dig up those photos I shot with the view of perhaps doing something with them at a later time. I think that later time is knocking on the door!

Wishing everyone the best and most promising New Year possible! I’m looking forward to seeing more inspiring and incredible work from this wonderful mobile photography community in 2015!

Image – Robi Gallardo


Dieter Gaebel

2014 has been a great year for me. Huge thanks to the fantastic and inspiring mobile art / mobile photography community around the world! My resolutions this year? Explore new workflows, exceed personal limits, become a better story teller, do some long term projects, print my images. And, of course, enjoy live every day.

Best wishes Joanne and Andrea Bigiarini (NEM) what you have done in 2014. I’d like to wish all my friends and mobile artists a fabulous, creative and inspiring Happy New Year! XOXO

Image – ‘Inspiring Love’ – Dieter Gaebel


Allie Astell

My resolution for 2015 is to continue to help promote South Sinai, Egypt as much as I can, through my photography. The situation in Dahab (where I live) is very difficult at the moment so it’s my dearest wish for the people I know and love there to be able to show visitors their wonderful country again. It would make a vital difference to the lives of the locals who rely on tourism to support their families. For anyone considering a trip, you can rest assured you’d receive a very warm welcome and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year and I hope to see you in Egypt soon.

Image above: This is a photo I took when I introduced my British friends George, Stu and their little boy Archie to a little Bedouin kindergarten and then we visited the family that ran it. Archie was shy at first, but soon he relaxed and had such a lovely time playing with the other children. It made a big impact on him I think.

Image – Allie Astell


Federica Corbelli

I think one of my main goals for this year is to try to tell stories in a series of pictures, start a new photographic

project and travel more to visit new challenging place, meeting people and discovering their cultural tradition.  

As this past year I guess to meet great photographers from which learn their way to see reality.

Image – Federica Corbelli


Alix Carmichele

As an independent photographer I love the freedom that mobile photography brings, I carry a clumsy ipad4, but still feel that I’m always there in the potential shot moment! I normally use the Hipstmatic Lowy Blanko combination and then edit with Snapseed.

I share my images for my own pleasure, but sometimes they give visual pleasure to others, I hope to continue to do this in 2015 and world peace! Whahahaha! (Ignore this cynicism)

Image – Alix Carmichele


Teri Lou Dantzler

iPhone Photography changed my life in 2010. Since then I have continued to fulfil my goal to inspire, motivate and teach what is photographically possible with the iPhone.

In 2015 I want every photographer, regardless of which camera they choose to take the photo with, to realize that the iPad has the capability to process their images. That large files, up to 32gb, have creative possibilities are practically limitless with iOS apps on the iPad.

My prediction is in a few short years big bulky computers that require photographers to sit on a chair next to a desk to process will be replaced with user friendly, cuddle up on the couch, relax and play iPad creativity. It is an amazingly wonderful experience I treat myself to often.

Oh and I want to tour every landscape photographer through the Palouse, (my favorite) the land of lush rolling wheat fields, deep blue skies and white puffy clouds.

Appy New Year to All!

Image – Teri Lou Dantzler


Susan Lindner McKeown

My New Years resolution is to try and  focus on living in the moment and stay positive  I will be using light in my art work

to reflect that positivity. My goal will be to compose my images in my iPhone camera using Camera plus & exploring apps like Mextures, Snapseed, Distressedfx, and icolorama to enhance my vision. Also, I promise to transfer over 20,000 images to my external hard drive ( i am terrible at organizing but promise to do so in the new year~ especially because my camera roll is finally full! ) Also, I hope to connect with more iphoneographers online and in person this year! Thanks for sharing your images and inspiring me every day!i love this creative community & the support we give each other as artists. Happy 2015, Everyone! All The Best  

Xo~ Susie

Image – Susan Lindner McKeown


Gina Costa

My resolution for 2015 is to stop dancing around those apps I really wish I would learn, and do it! I am continually inspired by the amazing images I see in TheAppWhisperer showcases, and vow to learn certain apps that week! I want to finally master certain apps,  and developed a visual vocabulary that can, in a humble way, add to the magnificent images I see weekly in the many TheAppWhisperer groups and showcases. Thank you Joanne for all the work you do for making TheAppwhisperer a leading resource for mobile photography! The inspiration and information provided by the interviews, tutorials, and reviews make TheAppwhisperer my resource for all things mobile! Happy New Year to all my mobile photo colleagues who submit and share their remarkable images and commentaries.

Image – ‘Dancing Under the Brooklyn Bridge’ – Gina Costa


Elsa Brenner

In the coming year, I want to "listen" more to what the subject is telling me. Especially trees, I think, have many lessons to teach us, and they express many emotions if we really look at them. The iPhone and the apps are for me more than technical tools. I want to use them to help me open up my heart.

Image – ‘Winter’s Gift’ – Elsa Brenner


Bonny Breddels

When I was asked for my resolutions for the coming year I thought, "do I have one" And thinking about it, I have.

Preparing for this piece I thought ‘Inner voice’ could be a good title too for this image. One of my resolutions are is to listen to myself, post what I want and not what others might love. A constant struggle for me, but good for me, because it is in the way of me posting images on Instagram and Flickr. And it ruins my fun and creativity and these topics are very important. And with that accepting my mannequin obsession, it is ok that I like to edit them and use them if I want to tell something. And that it is ok if there is no message in the image and it is just pretty, that’s good too. It doesn’t have to be deep all the time ;p

Another resolution is to work together with other creative friends, it feeds my creativity and it makes me happy. Happiness is important, especially in these scary times. Working together I don’t mean a collab, but more… and in what form I don’t know it will come, it is already developing.

Another one is to explore creativity in painting and drawing or which creativity form. But I hope drawing and painting will give me more insight in layering.

More resolution are improve my photography skills and being more focussed so I can do a 365 or 52 week challenge one day, hahaha keep on dreaming Bonny ;D but these other three resolutions are good enough, to much goals are not good XD

Thank you so much Joanne for this and thank you other artists for your creativity.

Image – ‘Like a moviestar’ – Bonny Breddels


Janine Graf

Seeing as I spent a great portion of 2014 deep in a funk (both creatively and personally), I shall declare 2015 a funk free zone!  OK, I know that’s basically impossible, but this year if I find myself feeling creatively stymied I will seek measures to snap out of it: maybe try still life, our try out a tri-pod and a remote shutter release, or maybe even, gasp, self-portraits?!  I do own a hazmat suit that could make for a fun self-portrait series.  Another area I really, really, really need to be better about is experimenting with new apps.  I know the world of creative apps has exploded over the past year and yet I’m still pretty much solely using ScratchCam.  I’m like those cute little old ladies in the grocery store who insist on writing a check for their groceries, holding up the line while a manager needs to be called over for approval.  Yep, that’s me with apps.  Wishing you all a very happy and creative 2015! 

Image – ‘She wasn’t sure why she was put out to dry’ – Janine Graf


Diana Nicholette Jeon

First, I want to thank Joanne for giving me this opportunity to reflect on where I have been and where I am going. I hadn’t given myself that opportunity!

As 2013 drew to a close, I told my husband that I had had a premonition that "2014 was going to be an awesome year—MY year.” Although my personal life had some unexpected challenges—my mother was diagnosed with late stage, terminal pancreatic cancer and passed away about 8 weeks later; my husband’s father passed away as well—from the standpoint of my work as an artist, it really was a great year for me. After 17 years of working at this both in school and after, I started to see the fruits of those efforts come in as my work garnered attention from a variety of places and people. I felt blessed. I was blessed.

As 2014 draws to a close, I haven’t had such a premonition about this next year. Although many people tell me it doesn’t mean anything, I wonder and worry that it does, that it means that it might all just go away, and the creativity and inspiration I had this year, the things that allowed me to get that work done that resulted in that attention, might stop. Just go away. End. So my greatest hope for my work is that that not be true, that I am blessed with the convergence of the tools and the muse allowing me to continue to push and explore and create the best work I can make. I also hope that I can continue to find ways to marry the analog and the digital. Although my work at this point is mostly done using only mobile technology and tools, at my heart, I am not tied to any one tool so much as I am tied to be an artist. I was an artist before mobile came along a few years back, and I will continue to be one if and when mobile is replaced by something newer, so my hopes both in general and especially for the next year is that I keep pursuing and successfully finding new ways to use the mobile tools I have access to and to integrate the tools with my artistic practice in ways that keep me ahead of the curve in creating new work, i.e., to push myself and the tools to new places. Most of all, I want to avoid going backward making that work where the tools control my creative output, or where I end up with work that looks like work I or others did with Photoshop in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, or with any one traditional tool that has been around longer than digital. I want to keep pushing forward and see where things lead.

I wish everyone good tidings for their own most creative year ever, no matter where the path leads them. Happy New Year and only the best to everyone in 2015.

Image – Nature Girl’ – Diana Nicholette Jeon


Adrienne Parks

I’m actually going to make and try to keep a few 2015 resolutions related to my love of mobile photography, art, and, yes, words.  Since I have always divided my world between my writing life and art, in itself this is nothing new. I intend to publish in book form a photo homage to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and donate proceeds to the non-profit "Amigos de Bolsa Chica" – who preserve our open spaces. In this way, I hope to pay forward for the vast beauty in which I am so fortunate to reside. 

Also I will further challenge my iPhone. With words!  I will continue to write to elevate the status of mobile art as serious art form.  I will continue to photograph the beauty around me. I hope to continue to share these fragile shards of myself with all of you! And be very grateful for the magical worlds you share with us. Happy New Year 2015!

Image – "The Dreamer’ – Adrienne Parks


Alon Goldsmith

It’s been an abundant year for me photographically. I’m looking forward to 2015. My resolutions? Here are a few:

·      Engage with people on the street and do more portraiture

·      Crack the Instagram nut with the aim of getting more brand photography work

·      Find an agent

·      Get my photography business idea off the ground

·      Continue to grow and boldly put it out there

Happy New Year to all you Whisperites! 

Image ‘YinYang’ – Alon Goldsmith


Lee Atwell

My most challenging goal is to begin 2015 by deleting many of my photos – both on my computer and on my iPhone (I currently have close to 16,000 photos on my iPhone 5s) and I am embarrassed to say how many are on my computer :))

Winter in the Pacific Northwest with it’s short hours of daylight and rain can be a typically challenging time to be inspired to take photos. However, we have had some spectacular sunny days where the light and winter shadows have been incredible. This year I plan to spend more time in the streets of the city practicing how to ‘see’ in black and white, and playing with the light, shadows, and reflections. Also, I just received a blue tooth remote control and look forward to working on some ‘photo series’ this year incorporating the ability to place myself in photos of often desolate and remote rural settings.

I am so inspired by the artists I have come to know through The App Whisperer, and plan to keep learning how to use apps in new and creative ways – to spend more time revisiting the photos I have already taken and aping those.

Thank you for your amazing support of the Mobile Photography community, Joanne! Happy and creative New Year to all!

Image – ‘Winter Sea’ – Lee Atwell


Laura Peischl

This year changed my life in a most dramatic and yet wonderful way. I had the privilege to watch my daughter fly out of the nest and start her new life at college in United States. Not the easiest moment for a mom, but a wonderfully rewarding one. I traveled the States for 3 months and got to meet so many friends, had unforgettable moments, conversations, experiences. The New Year is bringing totally new challenges to my life, the fulfilment of a dream I had since a long time, the chance to make another passion reality. I am opening a vegetarian restaurant but not only a restaurant, but a place where art meets high end cuisine. My excitement is hard to describe.

Regarding photography, my resolution for the New Year is to start something that I never considered "right" or "suitable" for myself until now… a 365 days project, a photo every day.

Wishing you all a most creative New Year! Thank you each and one of you for being a source of inspiration!

And if I had a free wish, I want to return to Harlem, NY! The place that inspired me the most last year.

Image – ‘Just a rainy day in Harlem’ – Laura Peischl


Ger van den Elzen

2015 will be about changes. I will find a way to transform obstacles into challenges. I will translate my deepest feelings and make them visible to the world. The final images will be my strongest self reflection. I can not and will not evade.

Image – ‘Evade’ – Ger van den Elzen


David Hayes

If you have been following my photo streams on Flickr, IG etc. over the past several years you would have noticed that I’ve been in a “try-it-out” mode. A new app would come out and I’d want to put it through its paces. I’d see an image that really struck me and I’d want to see if I could duplicate that style. Things like that. What you didn’t see was a distinct style that said, “David Hayes did this!” Time to work on that.

In 2015 I will be focusing on developing my own distinctive style in two genres: still-lives and landscapes. Looking over my past images, I am struck that my work in these genres tends to be my best images. So I might as well go with my strengths! Not sure what my “style” will end up becoming but at least this gives me a starting point.

Now this doesn’t say I won’t stray into other genres…in fact I would like to try my hand at videography and…if I can find a willing collaborator…fine art nude photography. (Anyone willing to get naked for me?)

Have a wonderfully creative New Year!!

Image – ‘Afternoon’ – David Hayes


Ginger Lucero

My New Years resolution is to not make any new year resolutions, but to try my very best. It seems every new year is rung in with promises of change, promises that become broken or lost in thought along the way. So this year, I promise myself to do the best that I can, be the best that I am, and to stay true to myself…and shoot as much as possible. Happy New Years! Make it a wonderful 2015!

Image – Ginger Lucero


Knox Bronson

Having never made a New Year’s resolution before, I find myself somewhat at a loss to come up with something appropriate, but Joanne asked and, therefore, I heed the call! I guess, for 2015, I will resolve to continue living life every day to the fullest, to create art and music that is important to me, to encourage and cultivate creativity in others within my limited abilities, to share whatever experience and insight I’ve accrued over a lifetime lived very close to the edge, to support and stand up for my friends, family, and artists, whatever that entails, and to piss off the right people whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

Image – Sun King Series No. 8: The Power Exchange – Knox Bronson


Sheldon Serkin

My resolution for 2015 is to engage and interact with the people I shoot more often. All of my street work is candid, but I was in a position once or twice this past year where engagement was unavoidable. The accompanying photo is an example of a instance where I spoke to and interacted with the subjects while I continued to shoot almost from the hip, and I really believe that the photo benefited tremendously from this interaction. To me, it has a warmth that would have been absent had I just silently grabbed the shot and moved on. I hope to be able to capture more moments like this one in the new year. Thanks Joanne!

Image – "Natalya and her Friends" – Sheldon Serkin


Dani Salvadori

Thank you, Joanne, for including me in this resolution round-up. 2014 was tumultuous for me for both personal and professional reasons; my father died at the start of the year and I moved on from the college I’d worked at for 20 years at the end of it. However I did manage to keep some of my mobile photography resolutions with a couple of books made, some great photo trips out with the London Clickers and lots more street photography. Excitingly I also had some images in a few exhibitions and featured on the App Whisperer and other blogs.

So i’m hoping for a calm 2015. It would be great to exhibit some more work and I’m looking forward to the new version of Hipstamatic and what I can do with that having really got into some deep dive combo work in 2014. But I think the big thing is going to be to do a 365 project. I’m not sure what form it will take but I hope it takes me to places I hadn’t thought of before.

I’ll leave you with an image I made based on one of 2014’s photo walks: to the London Olympic Park. These guys were practising in the Velodrome and I loved their speed and verve. A great 2015 to all!

Image – Dani Salvadori


Cecily Caceu

This year I want to try to get back in the groove of shooting more images and also challenge myself to delete more images as I go along!! My camera roll/storage space will be much happier this way!!

I also want to let my creativity guide me more and quiet down the noises surrounding me.

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for a healthy & happy 2015!

Image – Cecily Caceu


Andrea Pritchard

Like a winged bird I am about to take flight. Feeling the air beneath… encompassing my wings. The freedom of what may come. Living as an expression of my enduring creative spirit. This is my life… I will take hold… I will take flight… Embracing the past, harnessing the future… free falling into 2015.

Image – ‘Embraced Flight’ Andrea Pritchard


MaryJane Sarvis

When I look back at 2014 I’m searching for those creative moments that made my heart sing.  Those magical times that result in the work I’m most proud of or most inspired by. It’s often work that I loved personally, regardless of how it was received.   When I get shots I love then I can also use them (or parts) in my collage work. They often feed what gets turned into printed silk  it all comes together. 

My resolution this year is to take time twice as often to go for longer photo walks and to go further from home. 

After the 2 years learning to print with dyes on fabric this is my year to get the new digitally printed work out into the world on a bigger scale. My resolution is to take less time obsessing over making each design perfect.  I’m constantly trying for something better, I resolve to realize that’s a given and put more time into marketing the textiles this year. I believe my mobile art textiles are ready to fly and I resolve to make it happen. So that’s more walks, more shooting and more marketing.  Marketing is the mountain! 

Image – MaryJane Sarvis


Caroline MacMoran

I want to follow my own path and gather up more courage to just work on what feels right to me. I don’t want to get drawn into thinking that an image of mine is "better" because I get more likes, etc. I want to follow my own instincts and trust my inner sense of what works for me…in other words, I want to turn more inward, and less outward as it relates to my art. And I also want to get a website in 2015! The title of my image is Discovering Her Story. For now, Facebook is the best contact.

Image – Caroline MacMoran


Armineh Hovanesian

As each year ends and as I’m growing older (and hopefully wiser) I have learned that the only person’s actions and mind I can control is my own. Therefore my plan for 2015 is to truly live MY life, be happy, be healthy, enjoy the people I love and take on / carry out what I love to do.  

My intentions are to:

Slow down and enjoy the little moments.

Say no to time-wasters and space-fillers (regardless of who they may be).

Take more risks (what have I got to lose?)

Stop making excuses for not living out my dream.

Give what you’d like to receive.

Leave expectations at the door.

Validate myself.

Stop settling.

Respect my own privacy.

Lastly, I plan on starting a 365 project to improve my iPhone photos, to explore different styles, to shoot more and shoot better, to get better at blending and layering, to get better at iColoramaS, to re-familiarize myself with our DSLR camera, and start to play the piano again.

My heartfelt gratitude to Joanne for giving me this opportunity and best wishes to you all for 2015.

Image – Custom’ – Armineh Hovanesian


Lanie Heller

Farewell 2014 you had many ups & downs, but definitely more ups than downs. The best thing by far to happen this year was getting married to the love of my life, John, who ironically I met because of mobile photography. 2015 holds a year of continued growth & change in so many ways. I hope to gain some of my creativity back as I feel it was pushed down because of all I had going on this year. Trying to create daily again will be a goal of mine. Keeping things simple & streamlined at home & work is also a focus.  Being present in the moment and allowing love to be my guide. I will continue to let go of the past, I’m not the same person I was when I first got interested in mobile photography & for that I am very thankful. May 2015 be the best yet for us all in this wonderful community & here’s hoping mobile photography has many successes in the year ahead.  Thank you Joanne for the privilege to share my reflections & resolutions!

Image – "Aries"- Lanie Heller


Luis Mendes

Year after year my passion about image capture, both still and motion, is getting stronger. It’s a pleasure being a professional in this area. My hopes for 2015 are that i can make it more and more often. There’s so much beauty, drama, humors and other interesting subjects around us that makes me very glad of being able to eternalise some of this moments through the lenses of my mobile.

In 2015 i want to see more colors, more happiness, i want to feel more and more passion in my life and i wish the same to everyone in this world that cultivates love and understanding among us human beings. Lets go out and shoot the frontierless world around!

Happy new year for all of us!

Image – ‘Blooming Colors’ – Luis Mendes


Paul Brown

Happy New Year! My resolution for 2015 is really simple and basic and was actually inspired by the New Years Eve party I’ve just attended where we were looking through a few old images. I have built up a library of images over a few years but I rarely get any printed. This year that changes. In January I intend to look back through my archives and print my favourites. Thereafter my intention is to print at least one image per month. 2015 is my year of print.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015!

Image – ‘New Adventures’ – Paul Brown


Albion Harrison-Naish

2015 is going to be a year of many photography projects and therefore I suppose many resolutions. I have plans, as they say. The new year has come at a point of transition for me and I’m lucky enough to be able to pursue the dream of making a living through photography, in one way or another I plan to put a bunch of time into pursuing that.

Without getting bogged down listing the various projects I hope to pursue over coming months, my main goal is to find ways of making a living from this most wonderful of passions.

However I also struggle to see mobile photography as something different and discrete. It is photography I’m engaged with, and the tool is just that. I love using my phone for its discretion, especially with regard to street shooting, but for some things a ‘real’ camera is more appropriate.

But as far as mobile photography goes, my main plan for the coming year is to start organising exhibitions and showing my work in a physical sense. To move beyond the online world.

Image – ‘A cry of our dark heart in the jungle bar’ – Albion Harrison-Naish


Rad Drew

2015 is poised to be an extraordinary year, although it will be hard to top 2014! Last year I:

1. retired from a corporate career of 21 years,

2. expanded my photography business to include more shooting, teaching, writing, and destination tours, and

3. got married to Nancy Lee, a talented metal smith artist!

Each of those things has me poised to enjoy 2015 to the max! I’m looking forward to doing more of what I love: shooting, learning, teaching, and traveling!

In helping Nancy photograph her smaller jewelry items for her web site, I reignited my love of macro and close-up photography and learned that the iPhone is a natural for this kind of close work! I’ll be adding classes on Close-up and Macro photography to my offerings in 2015. I also plan to hone my iPhone skills for creating abstract images and by using the iPhone as a paintbrush.

Finally, I have trips and tours planned for local as well as international destinations and am looking forward to continuing to get better at architectural and landscape photography in those beautiful places!

Thanks to all my iPhone photographer friends for inspiration and for teaching me, and, Joanne, thank you for your great work via the App Whisperer. I look forward to working with you more in 2015! Happy New Year everyone!

Image – ‘Mystery Fall’ – Rad A Drew


David Ingraham

New Year’s resolutions for 2015? Less drinking, less smoking, less porn, less…oh, wait, this was supposed to be about mobile photography? Sorry!

I hope to be more focused and disciplined in all areas of my life in the coming year, my photography being no exception. I want to set specific photographic goals – a long term project I can sink my teeth into, possibly putting a book together, etc., as opposed to just mindlessly shooting and posting. But with that said, I still want to get out there on a regular basis and shoot, purely for the creative pleasure it brings, and in an attempt to keep improving my craft.

I also want to continue working towards simplifying and distilling my style–getting away from gimmickry and striving for something a bit more pure, in a traditional photographic sense. With all the available apps at our fingertips these days, it’s always tempting to rely on app-stacking to get a compelling image. I’ve been trying to get further away from this over the last year or so, attempting to go for a bit more of a straight-out-of-camera approach. But they’ll always be an experimental side to me that needs nurturing, so I’ll always be dabbling with various apps from time to time.

Oh, and sometime in the new year I’ll be surrendering to the inevitable and trading in my faithful old 4S for a 6! Why fight it any longer?

In the mean time, wishing a healthy, creative, and prosperous 2015 to everyone out there in iPhone land!

Image – ‘Sutro Baths’ – David Ingraham


Michelle Robinson

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because I always break them!

What I tend to do is think back on the year just gone and be thankful.

But if I had to make a resolution list with regards to mobile photography it would be this:

1) Continue to examine and explore a series of images, whether by way of a photo essay or a series;

2) Continue to ignore the hype and create images that come from my heart and soul; this year I included a series that documented some of the heritage buildings of North Adelaide and my audience responded well to them.

3) Continue to experiment and explore, to learn from those whom I admire with all their different styles and subject-matter.

4) I want to push the boundaries even more on conceptual portraiture, so I would like to do more of those;

5) Continue to promise myself that I will never sell-out and most of all social hype (ie the number of "likes" is never an indication of quality, context etc. I am never ungrateful for the people who acknowledge my images – in fact I am all the more grateful to many of them who don’t expect me to reciprocate for the sake of it.

6) I will continue to be true to myself. In 2014, I stepped away from the community a little and whilst I am still passionate about promoting mobile photography and art, I know that there are many others who would like to be more proactive;

7) I will continue to remind myself that it’s all a "question of taste" – that what one curator doesn’t like means nothing – like in Life, some play it "safe" and some prefer excitement or cutting edge – regardless, all want quality;

8) I made a decision some time ago to stay out of the politics of mobile photography and art – I will continue to do so. I may not be the most sociable or the most popular but I am happy with that. There are too many little clusters with secret jealousies, gossip etc. That is natural: we are all humans, many incredibly talented and also hugely eccentric. Clashes are expected. However, I certainly don’t feel compelled to be "nice" and I will continue on that path. The friends I have made in mobile art and photography are people I would know in my real life. I treasure them immensely and thank them for inspiring me (yes, even those who do flowers and landscapes!);

9) I don’t want to say "take better photographs" because I believe in making mistakes and learning from them myself. I don’t have a background in art or photography – someone wise told me to listen to my child-like instincts which I seem to have in spades (thus the toilet humour!) and I never looked back;

10) I will continue to be the maverick role model: to display that you can take regular photos whether it’s with Procamera, or app-stacking with my arsenal of favourite apps, or pixel-glitchig apps – that mobile photography is not one dimensional and that you can cross borders and step into genres all on a couple of portable devices. Most of all, that an "app’d" photo doesn’t necessarily start with a "crap" photo as many of the non-app purists tend to think. In fact, starting with a good base shot is even more important for an excellent end result!

If I have any supporters reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unwavering belief in me. To my fellow mobile enthusiasts and especially those I follow closely or who have become friends, thank you for your friendship and for being sources of inspiration for me.

Image – "A Light For Others" – Michelle Robinson


Marianne Rieter

2014 was quite a year for me! In August I started with two new jobs, and one month later I moved into an old house in a small village on the countryside.

Trying to concentrate on daily challenges, demands and requirements, I hardly found the time to photograph. I am happy that most of everything is settled now – not all as initially planned – but in a way I can live with.

In 2015 I would like to find the time to do the things I love to do: writing, reading, cooking, meeting friends, exploring the area between Zurich and Lake Constance, between Müllheim Dorf and  Italy or the Baltic Sea, and most of all mobile photography – the way to capture the world as I see it.

I would like to thank you, Joanne, for all your tremendous work, for your never ending engagement and passion you put into this steadily growing, amazing and inspiring community. It is a great pleasure to be part of it! Happy New Year and my very best wishes to every single one of you! With love and light!

Image – Marianne Rieter


Roger Guetta

My resolution is to never look to the past for resolution (as in ‘to resolve’) nor to the future for resolution (as in solutions or ‘to solve’.)

Only to be seriously aware of myself and my surroundings while in the throws of the ‘now.’ To ‘listen’ without judgement and with fierce attention.

To forget to remember and relinquish any pursuit to set goals or dream to dream.

Just to be here, not there.

Image – Roger Guetta


Carolyn Hall Young

In 2015, I want to continue. 

I want to remember what I have learned. I want to learn more.

I want to continue to live, to love, and to focus on beauty and nobility. I intend to show my gratitude, sometimes through making images.

I want to continue to see and seek the wonder in this world. 

I want to feel the light in each of you. 

I want to continue to care deeply, even though it can, fairly often, be extremely inconvenient. 

I want to keep refining my skills, my tools, and my honesty, in both my life and in my work. I want to always be courageous, curious and growing. I want to use my time well. I want to put my energy where it can do good. I want to become clear enough, so that I know when to stop, and when to continue.

I want to pay more attention, show more respect, and give more love. I want to nurture and encourage.

I want more perspective and more clarity. I want to better discern, between true reasons for being, and motives for doing. I want my intent and my actions to be in harmony.

I want to be as healthy and joyful as I can be. I want to give comfort and hope. I want to savor every "now" I am given. 

I want us all to build a peaceful and more beautiful world, to inspire and be inspired, to love and be loved, and to be awake enough to know that it all matters.

I want to be still enough to listen, wise enough to know when to speak up, and willing enough, to believe that anything is possible, if we are prepared to continue to try.

As Jane Goodall said, "Live in joy, even though you have all the facts."

Image – ‘Joanne Carter, Recovery, August 2014’ – Carolyn Hall Young


Paul Toussaint

Happy 2015! In 2014 iPhoneography / Mobile Photography has finally made "ART HISTORY" with the recognition at The National Institute of Art History in Paris France. The Power of the iPhone for creating has only begun. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this community. We all have a lot to dance for. My New Years Resolution for 2015 is to take the time to create more of my own work and find a happy balance between the two and to take The Empty Spaces Project / Gallery on Main St. Putnam, Connecticut, USA. A Gallery I co-founded with Ann Monteiro, to a completely different level. The iPhoneography community plays a huge part of that and I want to continue to invite you all to be a part of our family.. Happy New  Year everyone ! Keep on, Keeping on…………. 2015 is already looking promising with me kicking the 2015 year off as a guest speaker at the Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony at Salve Regina University, in Newport, RI. To be recognized as a highly respected member of the art community and highly regarded in my field is just about as wonderful as it gets and you all have help me get there.. Thank YOU

Image – Paul Toussaint


Sarah Jarrett

In 2014 I stopped labelling myself as an iphoneographer or a mobile photographer because I wanted to pitch myself against all types of photography and not limit myself with labels. Some days I want to pick up my Nikon and other times my phone and although still editing with apps mainly, there are other days when I work on huge images painting with my Wacom pen in Photoshop. All are good and varied and I feel more at ease calling myself an artist who works with Photography.  In 2015 I want to make every piece I work on ‘a great piece’ (never ever lose the hunger!), build on the storybook illustrative portraits I’ve recently been returning to and make landscapes in wilder locations especially in Scotland. I’ve had my best year ever for published book covers with Arcangel Images, hoping to build on this in 2015.

Wishing a happy and creative New Year to all !

Image ‘Peony’ – Sarah Jarrett


Lene Basma Horsnell

"After years of having been successful at taking care of myself, not exceeding the limits my chronic illness imposes on me, everything seems to have caught up on me this last year… My body and soul is creaking under the pressure, so my New Years resolution is to take better care of myself, say no. I owe it to myself, to the fabulous partner life brought to me in 2014, and my son. And hopefully that also means more image making. This one is the first one I have made in almost six months…"

Image – ‘Time to Take Off the Mask’ – Lene Basma Horsnell


Anthony Ginns

A wise old man once said "Life is too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence."

2014 was a year of dealing with a lot of adversity, and my photography exploits, including Photographic studies, were put on hold for a large portion of last year. 

So if 2014 was an amble, photographically speaking, then 2015 is going to be a sprint!! And things are already looking good with a proposal for an exhibition with 2015 Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, having been accepted. 

As well 2015 will see the roll out of a new Fine Art photography business promoting and nurturing emerging talent! I also have numerous book projects & exhibition projects in the works. 

This year I intend to do less street photography and focus on creating more conceptual & experimental images, utilising studio lighting, both indoors & out. 

Image – ‘Wise Old Man’ – Anthony Ginns


Arjan van der Horst

2015: The year of discovery

The last year has been a year of rediscovering my city and the people in it. After years of not touching a camera at all and slowly getting into mobile photography, I grew fond of Street Photography. Wearing out my chucks walking along the famous places, less familiair areas and in the narrow streets of old Amsterdam, I renewed my view on the old city with such a divers and meaningful history. 

My resolution for twentyfifteen will be to be continue this discovery but make it accessible for all those who are interested. Starting Mobile Photography Tours in Amsterdam will be one of my goals this year. Taking people around the pittoresk small streets of the Jordaan, along the edge of the old and new architecture, showing them there is more to discover if you just care to see it. As I learned in the past year.

My second resolution is to learn to be patient and master the steady hand… Nothing bothers me more than seeing a great shot, getting ready, taking the shot and the see it being blurry… Not blurry in a intended, creative, artful way but blurry in the “you f**** up” kind of way… 

Third but not last I would love to experiment more and master the double exposure feature on Hipstamatic. After the initial launch and taking the first pictures I discarded this feature because it seemed so hard to get a decent picture. Spring and summer made me experiment some more and I feel there is great potential to learn and discover. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joanne and The App Whisperer for their enormous inspiration in 2014 by showing so many talented artists which brought me new ideas, surprising insights and valuable lessons on mobile photography. Your contribution has been priceless to me.

Wish you all a very happy, healthy and creative New Year!

Image ‘Back in 30’ – Arjan van der Horst


Andrew B White

2014 was an interesting year for mobile photography. ‘Flux’ might be a good word to describe things. Works taken on non-iOS devices seemed to be more prolific, several mobile photography communities closed their doors while other sites embraced conventional photography into the mix which gave me the impression that the scene really has changed from a couple of years ago.

In 2014 I continued to take as many photos as possible and was hired for my first professional mobile video job. I used mobile images for a number of projects and at the end of 2014 I upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus, breaking a three year run with my iPhone 4S. This change allowed me to try some new techniques with the updated hardware (low light etc), take advantage of better quality mobile video and evaluate the need for the additional hardware that I had been using with my 4S.

In 2015 my aim is to make a series of short video works in documentary/interview style, continue to shoot stills of whatever I find interesting, and shoot a series of themed works. I am also investigating making physical prints of a selection of works for exhibition and sale.

While the buzz about mobile photography might not be what it once was, given the fact it is now the de-facto photographic medium, 2015 presents itself as an opportunity to push the next generation of hardware and continue to aim for the best possible shots we can achieve using the technology. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

Image by Andrew B White


Jen Pollack Bianco

For 2015 I am not going to shy away from shooting in low light. Mobile photography technology keeps improving by leaps and bounds, and I’ve gotten better results than i anticipated from my iPhone 6 and ProCamera 8.

I also am going to borrow my husband’s iPhone 6+ shamelessly. It definitely has better image stabilization and works much better for panoramas.

On a personal note, I want to master the art of shooting a black dog correctly. My black lab dog, Zeppelin, requires paying attention to exposure and lighting. So far I’ve found it helps to get down low, have him on reflective surface, and avoid overhead light. I should really create a Black Dog app to help others nail this scenariob.

Image – Jen Pollack Bianco


Shelly Degamon

Last year, I set out to improve my mobile photography by learning more about my iPhone and apps that are available to be used in my workflow.  Plus, discovered a few new apps along the way.  While doing all this over the past year I met a whole new world of  creative/supportive

mobile photographers and artists that I have had the pleasure of meeting from all over the world.  

2015 will see the pursuit of a 365 project.  With the goal of improving my iPhone and editing skills.  Create a group of images exhibit.

For some reason, after working with many different cameras and formats over the years the iPhone feels different and new!  Brand new! I am looking forward to seeing what develops!

Happy Clicking in 2015 All !!!

Image – ‘The Wetlands-2014’ – Shelly Degamon


Sonya Sanchez Arias

People who know me know that one of my Favorite quotes is: Creativity is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God” – Bob Moawad

I always consider myself to be a work in progress so I have everyday resolutions that I work on constantly. But my big resolution for 2015 will be – to make more time in my busy schedule to push the boundaries of my creativity!

I’d also like to create a web site for my personal work and iPhone photography – a place where it can all be organized in categories, portfolios and collections, and shared with my friends and colleagues. I do shoot and experiment with my iPhone all the time but I seldom share my work, which makes me wonder – what’s the point of creating the work if you don’t share it?

There’s always been a tug-of-war for me between my Commercial Photography and my Personal work and more often than not my Commercial work seems to win more of my time and effort. 

– but it is my personal work that brings me the most joy. So I think finding more time for it needs to be more of a priority for me. 

I also wish for everyone on this day and on all the days that follow, loads of creativity to build a life filled with all the things that bring you joy and wonder!

Image – ‘Survivor’ – Sonya Sanchez Arias


Stef LP

Prioritizing the important things in my life is a definite goal for the digit flip to 2015. With regards to my creative pursuits – still trying to isolate what my strengths are and perhaps work on mastering such. Although- I doubt achieving a particular identifying mark will happen with the way my mind works. O…I got it… I shall make an effort to organize my online presence / work. Yes! that will be my goal. I hope to purge -organize and finally set my website up without it converting back to a word-press space. Too- in non-mobile efforts, I want to finish up a couple of rolls of film and get back to using my DSLR. ( both which I’ve neglected since focusing on mobile.) A friend of mine had asked me to do a photo session for her and her family. I shot manually and literally forgot all I learned about Fstops etc. Which led to my failure in using my lens in a way that matters most to me.

Image by Stef LP


Jessy Colossus

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to improve my street photography skills.  During 2014, I practiced while venturing out into the streets of Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico.  Although I was always happy with what I managed to capture, I want to become stealth to where the subject is not looking directly at my camera.  Also, I will challenge myself to shoot while on foot, instead of from a vehicle in motion.

I’d also like to participate more within the Mobile Community with activities such as keeping my Instagram profile updated, sharing work on Flickr, and various groups on Facebook.

I wish you all many blessings and adventures during 2015!!  Happy New Year everyone!

Image – Jessy Colossus


Fiona Christian

Whilst I managed to carry out quite a few of my resolutions last year, a few still remain unconquered.

I did manage to clear out and organise my apps and I do empty the camera roll more often!

This year I shall attempt to use the ones I have left, more fully and make time on a daily basis to work on image making.

One of the highlights of last year was being able to meet up with many members of our wonderful community.

In 2015 I would like to catch up with many more 🙂

Image ‘Jersey Girl’ – Fiona Christian


Adria Ellis

New Years Resolution 2015

I love the opportunity to push the reset button, to reflect, and to commit to things that inspire me. Over the last four years my commitment to mobile photography has been un wavering and this feels really good!  I decided to share an image that inspires what I want this next year to feel like.

~ I commit to keep going! To look for new ways to share my work. This last year I have had the opportunity to be an Instagram brand embasador for Whole Foods and Inspirato. I love doing this kind of work and aspire to do more, I am looking for new connections in the Instagram community and ways to share my passion and get a pay check. Maybe 10,000 followers! @aconica

~ Travel, who doesn’t want to travel! I plan on going back to India, Bali for a first time, and more US road trips. I want to push myself to tell the whole story, to paint a more complete picture. When it’s all over I feel like I am still missing a piece.

~ Last but not least, trust and disciple. Follow through on the ideas I have, push through the things that feel hard, and trust that it will all work out!

Always so appreciative to the mobile photography community. It is the sharing that inspires me. Thanks to everyone who puts their work out there, and double thanks to Joanne for inspiring me to put this in writing.

Happy New Year !!!

Image – ‘Inspiration’ – Adria Ellis


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website—— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at:


    • Carlos

      I concur. Beautiful body of works and artist all in one place. Happy new year!

  • Geri Centonze

    Joanne, Thanks for asking me to contribute to this feature. I really enjoyed the diverse resolutions and images. We are such a creative community – I’m happy and honored to be part of it.

  • Gerry Coe

    It is great to see so many people I know and a lot I have not met before, The diversity of images is amazing but we all seem to have one thing in common….trying to be better…

  • Andrea Bigiarini

    Thank you Joanne for being included in this article and I wish you and all this pack of “creative wolves”a great, eclectic, crazy and creative 2015!

  • Janine Graf

    That was all kinds of wonderful! Thank you so much for inviting me to participate, Joanne! Let’s show 2015 how it’s done! 😉 xo

  • Cecily

    This is so great Joanne! Inspirational and full of positive energy!
    Thanks so much for pulling this together and Happiest of New Years to you and everyone else!!!!!!!
    xoxo Cecily

  • Julie Hollow

    Such an inspiring group of artists and a wonderful community to feel a part of. Thanks Joanne. All the best for 2015 to you all.

  • Coy Townson

    Thank you for including me Joanne! This is a wonderful group of creative humans. I can’t wait to see what evolves in 2015.


  • Glenda Hubbard

    Thank you Joanne what a tribute to all these find artists .. I’m always in awe by your presentations and the quality of the works. I look foward to seeing more in 2015

  • Pat brown

    Thank you for this magnificent gathering of mobile artists. For one newly exploring this realm, it is a rich feast of words and images, provoking wonder and inspiration. (And, ok, a little envy of such beautiful work.) Thank you!