Joanne Carter Lecture on Mobile Imagery at DigiFun Art Festival 2015 – Seoul Museum of Art – Part 6


I hope you’re all following the posts relating to my lecture at the Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea on 23 September 2015.  If you have missed any, please go here. It was a huge honour for me to be invited by DigiFun Art to participate in the DigiFun Art: Urban Scape Mobile Photography & Art Exhibition and Festival at this most prestigious museum.  

I divided my two hour+ lecture into sections and I will now run through my sixth group of slides/my notes that I made in Part 6.  Regular readers will recall Susan Rennie’s cafe collective of mobile photography images.  I became so mesmerised by them earlier this year, that I asked Rennie to tell me more and created a video showcase too. I was sure that our Korean audience would appreciate this collective as much as we all do and I was right. They followed each image intently and when the video was completed, there were many positive sounds and acknowledgements. This is what I presented below:

Please note, that these are my notes to prompt not only myself but also my really wonderful English/Korean translator Carol Seungjoo Park – I expanded upon these points within my lecture.


2 thoughts on “Joanne Carter Lecture on Mobile Imagery at DigiFun Art Festival 2015 – Seoul Museum of Art – Part 6”

  1. Hurray for Susan Rennie!
    Thank you, Joanne, for bringing these parts of your Seoul lectures to us all!

  2. I just couldn’t be happier to see this work being shown in Asia!! Three cheers for you Joanne and for Susan Rennie and her brilliant mobile photography!! The series is one of my favorite things Susan has done… Actually, continues doing.


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