StreetWise – Street Photography First Challenge – ‘Working on the Street’


We are proud to announce our first Challenge to our street photography mobile photography group – StreetWise. (StreetWise is our mixed gender group, as opposed to StreetsAhead, which is our Women’s only collective).  

Our Challenge details are below and the selected images will be portrayed in a showcase later in the month.

CHALLENGE 1: Working on the Street

Deadline 22nd December 2015

Working on the Street – we would like to see your captures of people working on the street (don’t put yourselves at risk though).

The rules and procedure for entry:

1. Maximum of three entries per person – please do not upload any other images to this group as it has been created specifically for the challenge only. The admins will delete images that are not relevant.

2. Upload your images to the group on flickr that has been created specifically for the challenge entries.

3. Please label your image ‘Working on the Street’

4. Photos from a mobile device only please.


‘Sounds of the old town (re-edited)’ – Michal Koralewski

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