Streets 4.0: Street View App Adds Drag and Drop and Live Panorama Mode


Streets, the popular Street View browser app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, is now available in version 4. The major update adds drag and drop on iPad and a new Live Panorama mode allowing to look around in a panorama simply by rotating the device.

Streets is focused on delivering the best Street View browsing experience. The user can navigate to any 360° panorama simply by dropping a pin on the map or by searching for an address or contact. A selection of more than 2000 spectacular locations such as national parks, museums, and underwater panoramas are available in a gallery as well. Panorama coverage is visualized with a blue map overlay and favorite panoramas can be organized in folders.

New in Streets 4 on iPad, panorama locations can also be set via drag and drop. The user can drag a pin location from the Maps app, a contact, or a textual address into the Streets app to find nearby panoramas. Even geotagged photos can be dropped in Streets to find 360° spherical images near the photo location.

Street View panoramas and map locations can also be shared with other apps using drag and drop. For instance, the user can attach a Street View panorama of a meeting place to an email or note. Or the user can drag a panorama or map location into the Maps app to get directions.

With the new Live Panorama mode, virtually traveling abroad is even more immersive and fun. Turning around in the panoramic scene works by simply rotating the device.

Streets 4 is optimized for iOS 11 and fully supports the iPhone X, in either portrait or landscape orientation.

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StreetWise – Street Photography First Challenge – ‘Working on the Street’


We are proud to announce our first Challenge to our street photography mobile photography group – StreetWise. (StreetWise is our mixed gender group, as opposed to StreetsAhead, which is our Women’s only collective).  

Our Challenge details are below and the selected images will be portrayed in a showcase later in the month.

CHALLENGE 1: Working on the Street

Deadline 22nd December 2015

Working on the Street – we would like to see your captures of people working on the street (don’t put yourselves at risk though).

The rules and procedure for entry:

1. Maximum of three entries per person – please do not upload any other images to this group as it has been created specifically for the challenge only. The admins will delete images that are not relevant.

2. Upload your images to the group on flickr that has been created specifically for the challenge entries.

3. Please label your image ‘Working on the Street’

4. Photos from a mobile device only please.


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