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Just a little note to thank you for following the Amazon link that I have added to website. Each time you click on that and then go on to make a purchase from Amazon, we receive 5% of the value. I feel that it’s a good way for anyone, that wants to to help with the costs of running the site anonymously.

Many artists have suggested that I set up a Donate section, that many others are doing, following my Amazon suggestion. However, this is not something I will entertain. I am an artist, as you all are, you are not my customers and I am not your retailer. I know how hard it is to think of original ideas and then to bring them to fruition. The content you find on is always unique, it is not plagiarised. I have spent the past thirty years of my life in the photography and publishing industry. I have a huge track record of published photography and writing. I am a professional Journalist and Photographer, I am not a blogger. I have worked for huge publishing organisations and when I created TheAppWhisperer, I did so because I wanted to, first and foremost. I wanted to bring all the knowledge and experience that I have built up, over those 30 full time years, into this project. This is what I do. I will not ask you to donate money, you donate every single day, your images that you forward to our Flickr groups are evidence of that. Earlier this year, I turned down a very good full-time opportunity to edit NikonPro magazine, one that I have contributed to in the past and one that I hugely admire. I serve you all, we are all equal, we all use the skills that we have developed, to help each other. That’s all I am interested in, we are a team.

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