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Mobile Photography / Art New Year Resolutions 2020 From Artists Throughout The World

We are delighted to publish our New Year Resolutions for 2020 from a selection of highly talented mobile photographers and artists throughout the world. As in previous years we have asked mobile photographers and artists for their New Year Resolutions with an accompanying image or video . Thank you to everyone who has contributed, they all make great reading, viewing and are inspiring, we are forever grateful to you all.

For TheAppWhisperer, 2020 is going to be a very exhilarating year and new decade. We intend to continue but to an even greater extent promote mobile photography and art, this includes all the current mobile photographers and talented artists already known within our community as well as discovering new talent and bringing them into the fold. During the Christmas break we have been working on brand new content which will be coming through within the next few weeks. We also intend to increase the number of artists within our online gallery and broaden the range of content that we offer to collectors throughout the world. 2020 is the start to a breathtaking decade and we can’t wait to see what you all create and share with us.

Many thanks to the following artists for their contributions: Susan Rennie, Armineh Hovanesian, Heather McAlister, Catherine Caddigan, Giulia Baita, Jane Schultz, Clarisse Debout, Allyson Marie, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Oola Cristina, Cecily Caceu, Susan Detroy, Cathrine Halsor, Meri Walker, Rob Pearson-Wright, Becky Menzies, Clint Cline, Ricardas Jarmalavicius, Michel Pretterklieber, Lindy Ginn, Carol Wiebe, Fleur Schim, Gianluca Ricoveri, Paul Suciu, Carlos Austin, Jill Lian, Frederic Deschenes, Sylvie Prevot, Lynette Sheppard, Anca Balaj, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, Juta Jazz, Lanie Heller, Fatma Korkut, Gina Costa, Kerry Mitchell, Tomaso Belloni, Fiona Christian, Maurizio Zanetti, Deobrah McMillion, Peter Wilkin, Susan Latty, Judy Wahlberg, Marco Prado, Andrea Bigiarini, Sarah Bichachi, Filiz Ak, Phyllis Sherowitz Shenny, Shirley Drevich, Jean Hutter, Rino Rossi, Karen Axelrad, Rebecca Bruyn, Carlos Silva, Mehmet Omur, Lee Atwell, Mehmet Duyulmuş, Christina Chin.

(Editors note: If you have not contributed to this post and you would like to, please send me your New Year Resolution along with one image and I will gladly open up this post and include you – email joannetheappwhisperer@protonmail).

Susan Rennie

Going into 2020 I am entering a perilous phase of my life cycle — at eighty, the state of old age, with its bodily aches and pains, the lessening of energy reserves, the anxiety about maintaining physical and mental functioning. Make no mistake, I am grateful to have reached my fourth quarter, and I am resolved to embrace the gift of each day with joy, and thankfulness. I particularly want to maintain curiosity, at least a shred of audacity, an active engagement with friends, and an ongoing commitment to exploring the world and myself through my photographic eye. 



Armineh Hovanesian

“It feels like I was thinking about my new year resolutions a couple of months ago!  An entire year has come and gone already.  My, how quickly time flies.   

Besides the fact that I wish great health for me and my loved ones in 2020, as all the years past, I hope to sharpen my photography skills more (this is an on-going goal for as long as I am alive). I am going to think of a couple of themes and will start making portfolios. I will definitely start using my film camera more.

Lastly, haven’t given up playing the lottery!  I would really love to be a big winner so I can stop working and be able to travel and photograph. (I can dream!)

Thank you very much, Joanne for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts. Love and Light, Always”


Rebecca Bruyn

After a very difficult year, my vision for 2020 is simple yet complex. I plan to explore new areas of creativity, to look outside the box, to open my heart to a new world and simply enjoy a freer me. I am retiring in February and look forward to connecting to the world again. Thank you Joanne for all that you do for us. ❤️


Karen Axelrad

The start of a new decade and almost a decade since I started with iPhoneography. There was the excitement of new discoveries, new apps, new approaches to photography, painting, collage. Admiration of artists, experiments, emulations, and a lot of kitsch (from others and me too because this is a constructive community and we are given the space to experiment). I don’t know where the next year or the next decade will take us, but I might like to return to just a good photo out of the camera, or a more personally developed artistic style.

Many thanks to Joanne Carter for providing the time and space to nourish this community. And I’m thankful to be able to follow the visions of many new friends from all over the world.


‘Looking Down’

mobile photography

Heather McAlister

I am always grateful for the start of a new year and the chance to take stock of how life is so quickly charging on. I have been disappointed by my lack of creative drive in the past few years. I am not sure how I will truly shift this deficit. What I think I can do is focus on the work I have accomplished and organize past and future efforts. Creating a website, dividing my social media accounts to delineate photographic themes (street photography vs mobile art)and more printing will be the objectives.

As always, I am extremely grateful for Joanne and this supportive community to spur on creative exploration. Wishing a fruitful and inspirational 2020 for everyone!


Catherine Caddigan

Thank you Joanne for asking me to participate in this New Years Resolution post. One of my goals from last year was to find virtual and physical venues to exhibit and I feel that has been fulfilled. This year will be full of challenges for me as my husband and I face serious illnesses in his immediate family, and so I have less time to create. I am determined to grow through this experience and be attentive to others and walk softly.

As for my art, I am always a tough critic of my own work, often wondering what I am doing, or if it makes sense. But I often am surprised to find that my art has value through others. I plan on being gentle with myself and not judge, just be. This year I would like to work on a series, and create a cohesive body of work. This impresses me about the wonderful creative artists I have come to know, and I am grateful for them. They are an inspiration.

Have a joyful creative 2020!


Mehmet Duyulmuş

Thank you dear Joanne for giving us this opportunity to reach out and connect with each other in the mobile art community. To keep up with this most creative and prolific group of artists, I upgraded to iPhone 11 Pro Max. I also hope to get better in ‘procreate’. I wish all leaders and politicians to have common sense to end disputes and not to inflict new wars especially in the Middle East! No more fires or floods or any other natural disasters. Let 2020 be a bright, colorful, and peaceful year!


Giulia Baita

The resolutions for this 2020 are so much.  About my activity as an artist the aim is to make my work more and more real and less virtual.  I would like to work for art galleries or specialized magazines.  My work in 2019 was so great and it led me to organize 5 exhibitions.  2020 will be a more selective and more targeted year towards something of a higher level.  

Thanks to everyone who has stimulated me and supported me over the past year.  I wish everyone a 2020 of great inspiration and success. 

 Thank you so much to Joanne for putting together the resolutions of so many artists. 


Jane Schultz

Thank you Joanne for pushing me to examine where I am and where I need to be for this new year. I resolve to find a new creative push, a new project or initiative, even if it is a subtle moving forward. I also resolve to keep bringing life to art and to music, art and music to each other, and music and art to life. Happy 2020 to you all, to new and better things!


Clarisse Debout

Flowers are the laughter of nature!  I wish you thousands of laughs for this year 2020 ♥️


Allyson Marie

My “goal” for 2020 is simply to walk thru life a little slower,  more art, more creating,  strengthen my sense of imagination and creativity. And have the confidence to put my art work out there more for others to enjoy. I want to wake up every day and recommit myself.

Much love,


Christina Chin

Once again I would like to thank our amazing Joanne Carter for the opportunity to participate in all her wonderful past and present events.  2019 was an encouraging and extremely busy year of writing, mobile photography and art. I would like to be able to do it again this year.  Fellow artists, may you continue to excel in mobile art.

Diana Nicholette Jeon

First, I want to thank Joanne for again giving me this opportunity to reflect on where I have been and where I am going, and for everything she does for us all through the year, every year. 

As 2019 (the end of a decade!) draws to a close, I am happy it is over. Beginning in April 2018, my personal life took a hard hit for the worst and I have been struggling through the ensuing 20 months. Though professionally, things are going well, I’ve been struggling to motivate myself to make art…and yet, since it is my FT career, I just continue to push on. 

Last year, I said that my goals were to “to focus strictly on work that is meaningful to me, to push myself to grow, to push my work further into the world. I also just want to find my happy again.” I have mostly succeeded, but the happy part comes and goes still. I haven’t quite made it back all the way to happy me.

I wish everyone joy, peace and happiness in the new decade.


‘Julia descending the Lava’ ©Diana Nicholette Jeon

Oola Cristina

Mobile art and photography and being part of this community of creatives brings so much joy and satisfaction to my life! I enjoy introducing people to the medium and the work of my favorite artists, and watching that “oh, wow!” face appear when they get that it’s all done on a smartphone or tablet. I love that mobile art continues to grow in popularity and that its artists are recognized.

My wishes for the coming year are to continue to learn about the tools that are available and discover new techniques; to continue to shift and expand my thinking, so that I can see and include more, so that I can express and create more; and to have the great good fortune to have the magical combination of health, energy, time and inspiration, so that all of it is possible.

Thank you so much, Joanne, for creating this wonderful venue and for bringing us together in all the ways you do. Thank you to my fellow artists for your beautiful, interesting and inspiring creativity, as well as all the affection and support you bring every day. Wishing everyone a healthy, creative, connected and love filled 2020!  ❤️


‘The View from There’ ©Oola Cristina

Cecily Caceu

My resolutions this year are going to be short and sweet:

Do yoga more often.

Eat primarily a plant based diet.

Keep exploring different art forms.

Photograph more!

Post more of my work to Flickr before it goes away forever❤️

Encourage others to become more politically active in 2020.

Do all that I can to protect the environment.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and creative 2020.


Susan Detroy

What a surprise to reach this year, 2020. The number seems somewhat unimaginable. I am pleased to be writing and sharing about my art. I am glad to be part of the annual reckoning along with so many wonderful artists on this great website. I am happy I am making art most days which means I achieved a personal 2019 art goal. And now, for the upcoming year, I resolve to take steps toward letting go of comparing myself and my art to what other artists do and create. This is big goal for me. I am committed to succeed at least part of the time. This uncomfortable thought process of comparing keeps me in a challenging place. I want to be fully present in recognizing what I am accomplishing and set aside as best I can, measuring what I do against others. I do have goals beyond this resolution that include finding special and cherished ways and places where I share my art, as well as continuing to produce heartful, soulful art.  


Image ‘Portrait of a Woman: Life Like’ ©Susan Detroy

Cathrine Halsor

My word this year was Reconnection; to myself, to creativity and to my art.

My word for 2020 is New. 

I’m traveling to Vietnam in January and I will stay there for some time. It will be a totally new environment and it will influence my art in new ways.

 I’m searching for new inspiration and new adventures.

Wishing you a Creative and Joyous New Year, and thank you Joanne for being our rock, xxx


Meri Walker

I have held off for a few years now on updating my iPhone past the 8+. I’ve been wary of the facial recognition software and not interested in losing my home button.  But the more I’ve been reading through the fall about the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, and the more images I’ve been seeing my friends making with them, the new possibilities finally changed my mind.

I’ll receive my 11 Pro in a few days and I’m pretty darn excited about that. There’s so much new technical capability with the 11 Pro and I’m resolved to fully enjoy all the new possibilities while not getting bogged down in the mechanics. 

Because people rely on me to help them not just get the most out of their phone but the most out of their vision, I need to keep up with technology changes without losing sight of the reason I make images at all – which has nothing to do with mechanics. For me, it’s all about sharing what I see in my world – both from the outside and from the inside – as testament to my miraculous fluid life experience.  

I’ve also resolved this year to spend much less time in social media and more time in face-to-face conversations and teaching venues with other photographers and mobile artists. I would love to see any and all of you in the flesh during the year ahead! If can help you using my online coaching program, I’ll be happy to do that too. You can always reach me at

Rob Pearson-Wright

Welcome to a new decade. Be kind to each other. To all things. It’s not hard. In fact it’s rather easy if you try.

What interesting times we could have if we want them to be. I want to capture more stories and be more creative artistically.

I’d like to have by the end of 2020 a few pieces of artistic work comparable to some of the excellent work by really inspiring artists I see in my feed everyday.

This year I wanna post more and not be too judgmental of my photos or art. There you go. Some sort of resolution. I’m not too good at them.


Becky Menzies

The last several months of 2019, and this decade, have been spent focussed on my elderly father’s health and care. A member of the judiciary in his prime, his judgments required thoughtful research, reflections and reasoning. Thus, watching his rational thoughts become increasingly consumed by dementia has been hard to witness. However, his dry wit lightens the heavy days, and his stubborn determination to show the world who he is and what he can still do is inspiring.

I have previously acknowledged my mother’s creative impact on my life. It is time to acknowledgment my father’s resolute impact on me, especially of late. Thus my resolution for 2020, and for the start of a new decade, is to find in each day, the good, the blessing, and the creative, even in the challenges which many of you already have, already do, and/or eventually will face.”


Image ‘My Father Awaits the Barber’s Trim’

Clint Cline

Seeing is not believing. Seeing is…seeing. Tangible. Formed. Finite. With shape and size and dimension. No, seeing is not believing, for that requires sight beyond itself; organic, perceived, into and through imagination, discerned apart from color or shape or form, and in a way that must touch faith in order to be fully realized, to be trusted and seen and understood beyond time, even eternity. Sight is sight, and there it is. But belief is confidence in what is known outside of what is seen. 

It’s been said that faith is the soul’s eyesight. So in this new year I resolve to better trust that faith, to lean on it that I might see beyond and outside and apart from the merely present, and to listen all the more carefully for a still small voice enwrapped in shadow that bids me to trust.


Image ‘In | Sight’ ©Clint Cline

Ricardas Jarmalavicius

Michel Pretterklieber

I am serious about this – I still have none of them.

But I am looking forward to some things.

There’s that book I am writing. Its about this past year and how my time I’ve spent lately is affecting my future.

Then that second picture book which I am working on is still and also for the next couple of months yet unfinished.

And finally some personal highlights which are in the works.

I’ve got some series to post now (that one from this picture in this article).

I’m working on some softer pictures lately.

That’s that for now.

Come over to my Facebook page and let’s have some collabo or a chat.

Thank you for always reading these words here.


Lindy Ginn

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  John Lennon 

This coming year I hope to not miss life while making other plans!


Image ‘Tiny Beachcomber’

Carol Wiebe


When art builds a bridge

It spans the distance between

Heart and mind with ease

My art will proceed as it wishes: I need only show up and commit to the Muse’s direction. But I resolve to continue the amazing connections I have made with mobile artists, and to build new bridges with others when opportunities arise. The Mobile Art Community is a truly diverse one. The artistry and commitment to creativity is a constant delight, and a genuine inspiration. Henry Moore is quoted as saying that to be an artist is to believe in life. 

My belief, and experience with other artists, has proven this to be true. 


Fleur Schim

Thank you for inviting me to participate in New Year’s resolutions 2020. I love being a member of an inclusive, amazingly talented, and generous mobile photography community. I am grateful for the feeling of fellowship, as a result of sharing and mentoring from both personal and virtual teachers. 

My mobile artistry continues to evolve: I anticipate ongoing experimentation with double exposures and landscapes, as I push my creative self, through layering imagery. I foresee more street photography opportunities, with upcoming international travel.  And, I envision teaching others how to be an image maker. Happy New Year!


Gianluca Ricoveri

My new year resolutions for 2020 are : take more and more photos in B & W, find new subjects and make  some  manual graphic interventions within my pictures,  Happy new year 2020 to all!!

Thank you Joanne for your dedition to mobile art xo


Paul Suciu

My New Year’s Resolution: explore and experiment more, have new exibitions (maybe in London or Paris), focus on truly important things in life and make time for improving yourself inwardly.


Carlos Austin

Happy New Year to all of you!

I turned 65 this year. Wow…how fast I got to this age! One resolution on a more personal note is to take better care of myself, so I may continue to enjoy creating my art with mobile devices as I have for so many years. 

I have not upgraded my iPad Pro 1st gen to iOS 13 (Running iOS.10). Why…because it will kill many of the apps I love so very much.

My resolution for my art is to continue to explore the world around me and share it through social media when possible. I consider myself a street photographer in the sense that I will take pictures anywhere and of anything when the subject captures my interest.

Thank you Joanne, for your passion in keeping our community of world class artists going, and to all of you that have such a beautiful way of seeing life.

Peace and Light to all of you!


Jill Lian

My New Years Resolution is to continue to photograph the things that bring me joy. I plan to take more and print more photos. 

Happy New Year and thank you to Joanne for all of your support!! 


Frédéric Deschênes

Being part of this creative and warm community encourages me to surpass myself. Expressing myself through mobile art has been done gradually for me. Each year, I discover new techniques and also new artists! Strengthening the links I have with some of you and above all, having the pleasure of meeting you during my travels makes me very happy! For 2020, I wish us a lot of fun creating and sharing! Peace, Health and Happiness to all!


‘The Magic Trees’ ©Frédéric Deschênes

Sylvie Prévot

2019 was a fantastic year where I really enjoyed being the curator of a group.  

This year, I truly want to take time to explore, and reconnect with my desires, my creativity. Go even deeper, give birth to what is hidden deep inside me, and which is just waiting to emerge…

I am so grateful to this brilliant community of photographers, enthusiastic and caring artists who allow me through their art, to want to go further… 

2020, let’s put joy and optimism in our hearts… for a better world.

Be creative, be crazy, be happy!



Lynette Sheppard

I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions for many years, but I do set intentions for the coming year. Goals naturally bloom from these future visions, but often in ways I never imagined. Last year, I declared myself on sabbatical: I taught no iPhone classes, I did little Facebook posting, I let my creativity go through a necessary fallow time.  From that has sprung a new series I call the Vanishing West which highlights for me the changes brought by cultural shifts and climate chaos to the Western U.S. In 2020, I aim to go visually deeper into that which haunts and inspires me.


Anca Balaj

The year 2019 has been a year full of joys, many of them thanks to Joanne’s fantastic efforts. I am also very grateful to everyone who has had a kind word about my art, because it has made me want to go even further. One of the wonders in mobile art is the community of artists who work in this genre.

For this 2020 I intend to continue advancing the two purposes I mentioned last year: to go even further with technique and image creation, exploring new languages and resources, and to spread mobile art in my environment, so our community continues to grow and give us so much beauty.

Thank you, Joanne, for your dedication and for inviting me to participate in this article.


M. Cecilia São Thiago

Some things promised in previous years have not yet been achieved. One of them is the launch of a photo book, and this is again my promise for 2020. I have been working tirelessly on this project for some time now and especially in 2019, I started the works for the publication of two books. Yes, 2 books! The first about old family photographs and another autobiographical about all my photographic work started in the 70s. Dedication and intensity are perhaps my greatest qualities, as well as my greatest shortcomings, and are through them I’ve been learning from my mistakes and getting to know myself more and more. 

In 2020 I plan to hone my photo editing skills while remaining true to my nature so that even though I need to stay further away from cell phone screens so as not to hurt my eyes, I will try to be creative enough editing images with collages and painter.  I must thank again Joanne Carter for the opportunity to work as admin in two of TheAppWhisperer groups. Thank you so much for taking the best of me, and for sharpening my creativity as well for giving us all the great opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with our fellow artists.  For you all who did not lose the child inside yourself, lets 2020 be a year of light and love with many, many joys & laughter. 


Juta Jazz

Hello all beautiful people in this incredibly strong and wonderful mobile art community. Wanted to thank you each one of you for your longtime support and inspiration you gave and continue giving through your art and personality.

And of course…No words to describe of our dearest Joanne huge passion and impact to this community, about that I’m so thankful and giving my deepest gratitude to her. Heartfelt thanks Joanne!

My New Year resolution going to be simple…to focus and concentrate on my art, as much, as I can. To have clear and inspiring visions and thoughts to create more. 

Wishing to you all creative, peaceful and healthy upcoming New Year!


Lanie Heller

Thank you Joanne!! 2019 was epic in so many ways for me & my family. We bought our first home, I started a new nannying job with a perfect family, my son started middle school!  These daily occurrences have 

taken all my free time so I’ve rarely created. This is one piece I made one evening when I was reflecting on how often I was able to create in the past. Editing soothes my soul and I just have no time for it as I’m working 6/7 days a week. In 2020 I’d love to be able to photograph & edit again. I want to wish this amazing community a healthy, happy 2020. Thank you all for being part of my life for so long!  Love & light Lanie aKa @Momma2Maxh


Fatma Korkut

I tell my own truth relating to myself. As an artist, I could not ignore the selfie madness experienced in social media today. It can be said that, selfie is a modern-day self-portrait. My professors from the academy advised us to make our own self-portraits every single year in order to be able to see and be aware of the artistic changes that we had over the years. When we visit museums, we can see the artists like Rembrandt constantly made their own portraits. In fact, the selfies we take today are also a reference to them.When I take my selfie and turn it into mobile art, I always refer to the art history. I wish all the artists and mobile artists a very productive 2020. I hope all of them can write their own stories in their works.


Gina Costa

My resolution for Mobile Photography for 2020 is to bring the excitement, opportunities, and joy of Mobile to new people! With the updates of old apps, and design of new ones, an even larger world of possibilities exists for us all! So while I want to experiment and develop my own mobile practice, my resolution for 2020 is to bring this art form to new audiences through teaching and meetups I have scheduled for the year!

Happy 2020!


Kerry Mitchell

2019 was a difficult year for me as I had health challenges that held me back from my creativity. I am looking forward to 2020 and hoping to explore macro photography with three new lenses for my iPhone. I love flower photography, especially abstract flower photography. I hope to spend my time looking up close at what Mother Nature has created for me to see. The closer I get, the more wonders I see. 


Tomaso Belloni

Another year has passed. Looking back, I am not too good at following new-year resolutions up. Not that I don’t come up with a few every year. About photography, in addition to work hard to become better and more complete, I plan to reach the organizational level that right now is sorely missing. It is time to take some next steps.


Fiona Christian

I’m not the best at keeping new year resolutions so I’ve decided not to make any 😂

The only thing I will strive to do is to make more use of the time I have available and not waste time on unnecessary things, since I seem to be busy pretty much all the time but don’t always achieve as much as I’d like.

2019 was the first year that I attempted a #365 project. I enjoyed it (for the most part!) and have therefore decided to go round again in 2020. It’s a great way to rekindle the creative embers and learn to see thing in a different way so if anyone out there is in the inspirational doldrums, give it a go!

I didn’t get much creative work done last year, with the focus more on straight photography (due to the #365 challenge) so this year I’ll attempt to focus more on the creative process and see what I can come up with.

Fingers crossed!


Maurizio Zanetti

At the end of 2018 my intentions for this 2019 that is about to end were to continue taking photos with the trusty iPhone 7, every time the opportunity presented itself. And then share on social media and in some selected competition. Purpose kept in full, with thousands of shots from which to bring out at least a hundred good photos. Many then ended up on Instagram and Facebook, some participated in competitions and were exhibited in some exhibitions, many ended up on PhotoVogue or selected monthly from the Iphone Photo Awards contest. But above all many were given to those who were the subject of the photo, especially the young talented dancers of a dance school that I have been lucky enough to know and follow for some years on their way to professionalism. To them I dedicate my purpose for the 2020 that is coming: to continue the bet of stopping the emotions of dance with an iPhone click, while creating memories at the same time. For them and for me ..

Best wishes for an extraordinary 2020 to all. Health, love, serenity and many beautiful photographs.


Deborah McMillion

To the naysayers of tech,

You don’t know me.

When I pull out my iPad, you sneer thinking I’m dressing up my Snapchat with the latest flash. Why not think that I was inspired to finish a painting or a poem ? I do 90% of my art, writing, poetry, letters, grants, and concepts on my iPad.

I also use my commonplace book. When I pull that out, I get smiles. But you really don’t know me. I was working on a mummy cartoon!


Peter Wilkin

Having used iColorama as my go-to app for several years, I decided to explore Procreate as a possible alternative. Despite watching a number of tutorials, I found it complex & difficult to fathom. I happened to mention this to Jane Schulz who immediately took me under her wing & very patiently taught me the basics of this incredible app. I guess my biggest wish for 2020 is to become much more proficient & comfortable with it.

Something else I’ve really struggled with until very recently is the printing of my images. I’m ashamed to admit I was pretty clueless about image resolution & panicked every time I had to submit a piece of art for a challenge or an exhibition. Although I do feel to have grasped the basics now I’m determined to press on until I have a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Two practical wishes for the coming year … but more than anything I want to create art that carries emotion; art that rises & radiates, that is much more than theory & technique. I want it to swell like wavesurge & splash unpredictably as it breaks like a story with the most unpredictable ending …

Thank you for inviting me to share my thoughts here Joanne & sincere thanks to you for your absolutely tireless support of the mobile art community. I wish you & all mobile artists everywhere a peaceful & fruitful New Year.


‘and death I think is no parenthesis’

Susan Latty

2019 for me has brought with it the gift of time and my passion for and commitment to creating has blossomed. Photography and mobile art are now an integral part of my days and in 2020 I see this continuing and flourishing.

My art practice is a joyful experience, a time to create and be totally present. It promotes observation, response and reflection. The process of editing is meditative, allowing me to explore and express my emotional landscape. To support this expression, I will strive to continue developing technically and am looking forward enormously to working with Jane Schultz as my mentor. Learning Procreate and making gestural marks will be a focus.

I am so delighted and grateful to be a part of this mobile art community which is always laced with generosity of spirit, stimulation and inspiration. Thank you Joanne for your hard work and inclusive approach. I wish you and my many friends in this community joy and peace in the year ahead.


Judy Wahlberg

The year 2019 has been a wondrous year filled with love, work and gratitude.

The days passed like dreamy jewels, one after another.  Sometimes it seemed I did not know one day from another.  This year was timeless, or a better way to say it, a world without time.  Each challenge seemed to be met with the usual push – back but soon fell into the steady movement of life.  I am thrilled to feel the essence of this experience.  I know it cannot always be like this.  I will pray to welcome what comes. This image speaks the most to 2019. “Nocturnal Passing.


Marco Prado

I’ve been editing for the past 10 years, it has been an amazing learning process. As I became a member of “Theappwhisperer“, my horizons have expanded beyond the veil of art and photography, it’s the world that inhabits our creative self; for that I command Joanne Carter to lead the way.

For the new year , I’d like to take more risks , be more playful and focus on a new body of work that defines more my style . I’d love for us to have a summit somewhere convenient that most can attend. My mind is always racing , trying to reach new possibilities of using our portable mobile studios and taking to a different level.

On the same note , I’d like to wish everyone a Happy and creative time, whatever your heart may take you.


Andrea Bigiarini

Sarah Bichachi

Discovering mobile art was discovering a part of myself I never knew. For every piece of work that I create, tiny bits of epiphany unravel before me. And there is no comparison to the joy and awe that comes along with it. That is what makes mobile art addictive. With the exponential rise in technology, this art form is evolving into a new genre in visual arts. I intend, in the next year and the years to come, to continue with my exploration for indeed imagination is limitless and technology is constantly offering new avenues of editing techniques through the apps. I believe that mobile art has a way of reaching out to the soul… reminding us that beauty can heal this chaotic world we are in and save us from the ugliness of human greed and corruption.


Filiz Ak

Thank you so much Dear Joanne for asking me to participate in the Mobile Photography &Art New Year Resolution.

My resolution firstly for this year is to be thankful for everything what I have and then my goals for 2020:

* Continue to learn and doing my best mobile art.

* Continue to do my job but to have much more time for travel.

*Continue exploring lots of new places in the world ,taking much more photo’s from there and sharing them.

*I would like to go to Art Academy for short therm oil painting programe, İf I can.

* And Always have Fun,Health and Happiness!!!

 I wish a wonderful creative new year to all artists of the mobile community.All the best of 2020 to All!


Phyllis Sherowitz Shenny

For this new year i am setting better priorities for my time. The outside things that demand my attention will always be there and i will no longer allow them to divert me from my goals and enjoyment. I am putting my health and my artwork first. That doesn’t mean before my family of course but it means before all the other stuff that is constantly demanding attention.

So I am setting a schedule for exercise and creating as time priorities. Also setting up my website and marketing to sell my healing art posters and art online. Will launch this month. Setting myself up to get grants so I can donate the license for my smartphone photo/art classes to institutions that focus on healing activities for cancer, other disease, rehab, veterans etc. take more time to train and learn.

Overall my resolution is to do good-  with the resources I have – and I mean do good for myself, my loved ones and everyone who can benefit and heal from creativity.


Shirley Drevich

My New Year’s Resolution is to not make strict resolutions. I’m only human, not perfect. I wish for safety for the world, good health and a Democrat in the White House. In 2020 I will continue teaching iPhone photography and continue my painting practice without being self critical.  Peace & Joy for 2020.


Jean Hutter

WOW and just like that another year has gone by.  I am in the process of evaluating the work I did in 2019 and setting goals for 2020.  I always like to pick out a word for the new year and for the coming year I chose “Positivity”.  I think if I can be positive I can be happy, balanced and achieve anything.  I have had a few health problems in 2019 and I am hoping to become a healthier me in the new year.   This would include eating better and losing weight.  As far as my artistic goals I want to produce a more cohesive body of work, more personal.  I also want to continue to take photos with my new camera and use them in my work. I think the key for me in 2020 is to focus and to enjoy the journey – time is passing by way too fast.


Rino Rossi

“Millennia of history. All badly stacked and dusty like forgotten books in the attic of memory. Our memory … that of man. No way. Blood. Ache. Death. In the name of which identity and in defense of what rights? Once again terror, power and money sanction universal rules, to be worn as clothes of respectful dignity, to be ingested as essential drugs, to be branded as a weapon of legality. If we were microscopic grains of the universe, I imagine this would not be permitted. In reality our beasts have never become extinct: they reappear punctually at the minimum to grind their jaws, ready for the worst fight, burned by who knows what thirst for revenge, free to pour body fluids into rivers of poison.”

Best wishes for 2020…  but no wars, no walls, no words … love, peace, facts.

Mobile photography can help the world! We can be heroes more than we imagine!!!


Carlos Silva

My main resolutions are: Health, peace, love, freedom and travel. My photo was taken on 6 January during my flight from Porto to London.


Mehmet Omur

New year resolutions for 2020

I will See more images, shoot less but better, concentrate on mobile art projects.

I will do Less photography more artistry.

I will  create more and I Will use much more procreate😀.

Every new year is hope for much more friendship, sharing, learning.

I will be present  much more on the activities of the community.

I THANK YOU JOANNE for all you are doing for the mobile artists community and wish a very good new year to all our mobile artists friends 🎊🎉💐❤️🍾


Lee Atwell

I’m continually inspired by the depth of creativity by such talented artists that is shared via TheAppWhisperer. My 2020 intention is to return to creating more images created from the soul including the potential of revisiting and re-editing images from years ago when my time is limited (such as this self portrait from several years ago combined with a recent photo of a sunflower field).

Wishing all in this special community a soul nourishing  New Year. Heartfelt thank you, for your amazing work and support of  Mobile Photography and also all of us over the years, Joanne! 


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