APPArt Mini #6 Featuring Mobile Artist Allyson Marie


Please enjoy our sixth post to our new section within our APPart Column entitled – APPart Mini (to view our earlier ones, please go here). This time our editor Bobbi McMurry talks with Allyson Marie to find out more about her work, over to you Bobbi. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).

Apps: Filterstorm, psxpress, Stackables, Snapseed


Sometimes, less is more. This piece is an excellent example of that concept; in fact, it just might be mistaken as nothing more than an enhanced photo. Here we have a simple shot of a waiting room, something to kill the time. Allyson masterfully creates an intriguing narrative here that makes me wonder not only about the story I create myself when viewing this piece, but also her artistic intent. The warm palette is inviting, yet the dark shadows are somewhat ominous as if to suggest a less desirable environment. Is it a waiting room for … a doctor, a therapist, an attorney, or who knows? No worries, just outside the window lies an endless road offering escape to whatever fits your world.

Allyson has shared photographs that document her process and I hope will spark some ideas for each of you!


This was a simple piece for me to create. I used the layers portion of Filterstorm to combine the image of the road into the window frame, and then refined it in Photoshop Express. I added some depth and texture in Stackables and applied a Vintage filter in Snapseed. Voile!

(Please follow the steps below to view the final image)

“Waiting Room With a View” – ©Allyson Marie

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