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Mobile Photography / Art New Year Resolutions 2018 From Artists Throughout The World

We are delighted to publish our New Year Resolutions for 2018 from a selection of highly talented mobile photographers and artists throughout the world. As in previous years we have asked mobile photographers and artists for their New Year Resolutions with an accompanying image or video . Thank you to everyone who has contributed, they all make great reading, viewing and are inspiring, we are forever grateful to you all.

When thinking of a New Year resolution for myself, I tend to think more of it as a new year plan, one that I contribute to each day. Some days I will contribute more to it than others, starting with baby steps and working upwards. The most important aspect I feel to this plan is showing self-compassion, quiet self-criticism it inhibits motivation and self-control, instead be kind and supportive to yourself, just as you would to a dear friend, especially if you’re failing. Here’s to 2018!

(Editors note: If you have sent me your brief and I have not included it here, please let me know and I will open up this post and add it and of course you have my apologises in advance).

Many thank to the following artists for their contributions:

Kerryn Benbow, Maurizio Zanetti, Fleur Schim, Eliza Badoiu, Gianluca Ricoveri, Gummy Sangkamee, Oola Cristina, Robin Cohen, Lee Atwell, Karen Axelrad, Bonobo Stone, Christine Sobczak, Allyson Marie, Andrew B White, Armineh Hovaneisan, Barbara Braman, Bonobo Stone, Brett Chenoweth, Carol Wiebe, Catherine Schell Caddigan, Cathrine Halsor, Cecily Cadeu, Christine Sobczak, Clarisse Debout, Clint Cline, Connie Gardner Rosenthal, Cynthia Brody, Daria Stermac, David Leibowitz, Elaine Taylor, Eliza Badoiu, Fiona Christian, Fleur Schim, gerry coe, Gianluca Ricoveri, Giulia Baita, Gummy Sangkamee, Janis Lee, Jean Hutter, Judy Lurie Wahlberg, Karen Axelrad, Katie Saxby, Kerry Mitchell, Kerryn Benbow, Lanie Heller, Lee Atwell, Lisa Mitchell, Louise Whiting, Luis Rodríguez, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Margaret Waage, Maurizio Zanetti, Nick Kenrick Kristie Benoit, Oola Cristina, Patricia, Reece Durham, Robin cohen, Stefania Piccioni, Susan Detroy, Tania Konnerth, Trish Korous, Christina Chin, M. Cecilia de São Thiago, Rad Drew, Gillian Brodie, Juta Jazz, Deborah McMillion, Violet Martins, Cindy Patrick, Meri Walker, Shirley Drevich, Amanda Parker, Violet Martins, Carlos Austin, Patricia Januszkiewicz, Cathrine Halsor, Rita Colantonio, Jill Lian, Diana Nicolettte Jeon, Joyce Harkin.


Bonobo Stone

Image ©Bonobo Stone


Diana Nicholette Jeon

First, I want to thank Joanne for again giving me this opportunity to reflect on where I have been and where I am going, and for everything she does for us all through the year, every year. 

As 2017 draws to a close, I see that I have exceeded some of my goals and not met others. Last year, I said this: “…my goals are to do the exact same thing this year – to focus strictly on work that is meaningful to me, to push myself to grow, to push my work further into the world. Perhaps the most important thing I will do this year is not directly related to my art, though. In order to preserve freedoms for all artists and all peoples in the US, I feel that it will be more important than ever for me to work to prevent the ideology of the new president electʼs agenda from gaining traction. I am not sure what my contribution will be yet, whether it will be art that forces the viewer to confront what is happening, or helping by calling and fund-raising, but I know that if I want my children and step-children to live in a world with opportunity and a planet that is viable, I need to do something, and now, not later.”

Like a large number of us in the mobile (as well as larger art) community, I have given time and monetary donations towards helping to free us of the bloodless coup that overtook America in November 2016. I fear I have failed to make any meaningful change there but still I persevere and will continue with that during the critical 2018 mid-term year in the hope of a better future for all of us in America.I have continued to focus on making less work with more personal meaning; to concentrate on portfolios rather than single images; to get my work seen by more people who can offer opportunities for exhibition, publication and sales. It has been a mixed bag with some notable achievements: I completed an artist residency in Oregon during March,had a solo gallery show in October with another coming in February 2018, a museum show coming up July-Sept 2018, and I made Finalist in Photolucida’s 2017 Critical Mass competition as well as the 10th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. On the other hand, I did not get a single one of the three artist residencies I applied to, sales have been really weak this year, and I did not get awards in some other competitions to which I applied. I can’t complain, I am happy with my progress and hope to build upon it with more hard work during 2018.

Given all this, my goals are to do the exact same thing this year – to focus strictly on work that is meaningful to me, to push myself to grow, to push my work further into the world. Still, the most important thing is this: I know that if I want my children and step-children to live in a world with opportunity and a planet that is viable, I need to continue to work to remove the agenda of hate and division put forth by the horrific clown in the WH, and now, not later. 
I wish everyone good tidings for their own most creative year ever, no matter where the path leads them. Happy New Year and only the best to everyone in 2018.
Image ©Diana Nicholette Jeon

Joyce Harkin

For me 2017 has not been a great year! My twin brother passed away which was like losing an arm. I lost two very dear friends as well. Even icons of the music world like Leonard Cohen and Tom Petty, both of whom provided a musical backdrop to my life are longer with us. All of this has caused me to take stock of my life and to question what makes me happy and to define and truly value the things and the people who are important to me. So, I’m not going to live forever after all and time is precious. So, my new year’s resolution is to take life by the horns, be thankful for every opportunity to grow, learn and create. As the song says “Time is like a river. You cannot touch the water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.” To enjoy every moment of life without fretting over things or people who don’t matter is what I’m planning to do – just dive right in!


Image ©Joyce Harkin

Deborah McMillion

I start the new year by analyzing what made me happy in the last. What stood out was mobile app arts’ being “Green”.

Creating creates no “thingness”. There are no stacks of canvases, paper, oil paint residue or wiping cloths, etc. No little Kolinski sables lost their tails for my brushes. Most of my art gets printed on demand on aluminum, on boards tiny-XL, on fine paper and layers of plexi.

When I dismantled my studio I replaced easels, desks, boxes of oils, a roomful with one floor iPad stand on wheels and a very small set of drawers, with my beautiful printer. My iPad is just like the TARDIS. It has a whole inner-dimensional world of Creativity at my fingertips. Not that what I begin ever goes that direction because with all this room I can spread wing and fly!


The Adventures of the Invisible  Man’ ©Deborah McMillion.    Digital collage

Rita Colantonio

Thank you for inviting me to contribute to this article. I have worked very hard in 2017 to gain confidence and skill in Mobile art and considering my limited experience I am sometimes amazed at my relative success. But even with this success I feel so very far away from my goals as an artist. In 2018 I will continue learning and experimenting with new apps and styles of art, to print and exhibit more art, to enter competitions and perhaps to hone my storytelling skills and publish a children’s book by the end of the year. My most important goal however is to create art which emanates from my being and which touches the viewer’s heart. That of course is always the end goal and always ongoing for me.


Image ©Rita Colantonio

Jill Lian 

My resolution for 2018, with regards to Mobile Photography will be to keep it simple. Photography is my escape and I plan on keeping it stress-free and fun. Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


Image ©Jill Lian


Juta Jazz

Hello all wonderful people here! So glad being among your amazing company. First and most importantly I want to thank you dear Joanne for your endless efforts to promote and keep moving forward mobile art and photography. TheAppWhisperer doing such incredible work, deeply appreciated for that.

About my New Year resolution….. I would like simply concentrate in few things and enjoy the moment of doing it. Regarding my works, I would like to search for new techniques or otherwise to found new combinations of applications to use, so to follow my visions.

Wishing to you all wonderful and happy New Year and best success wherever you are.



Gillian Brodie

My resolution for 2018 was not to have a resolution.
I have come to the conclusion that having too many resolutions is a recipe for making yourself feel bad, as rarely do they all succeed.
So this year I decided to have a theme, or phrase, for the year ahead.
My theme for 2018 is “Just Do It ……. “
This covers any and all areas of life I need it to and basically means to jump in with both feet and stop getting in my own way.
Photographically speaking, the things I am jumping into are:
* a 365 project
* doing Nicki Fitzgerald’s & Susan Tuttle’s amazing iColorama Creative course
* learning to use Slow Shutter Cam
* and – Just Doing It !!!
So many thanks Joanne for asking me to participate, and here’s to a very Happy, Creative and Abundant 2018 to us all ! ❤️❤️


Image ©Gillian Brodie

Rad Drew

What a year ahead! I’m leading aphoto tours and workshops to some great places including Cuba, Tuscany, The Palouse, Cape Cod, Fonthill Castle, Amish Country in Ohio, and the United Arab Emirates and Oman. How’s that for an eclectic lineup!

And I’ll be hosting new webinars in my How I Did It!™️ iPhone Art Education series. In each webinar, I walk through the apps and processes showing how I create different works from start to finish!

To “sharpen the saw,” I’ll be heading to California to photograph with my good friend (and one of the best photographers I know!), Dan Sniffin ( I’ll be picking his brain and soaking up all I can while photographing some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes.

I’m also launching a new business designed to teach small business owners iPhone photo skills to promote their business.

Anyone interested in keeping in touch can visit my website or subscribe to my Newsletter at

Happy shooting, all!


‘Cold Winter’s Night in Indiana’ ©Rad Drew

Shirley Drevich

Creativity and Health.



Meri Walker

2017 has been a year of massive disruption for me as an artist and a woman: politically, socially, creatively, and personally. The day-to-day ebb and flow of disruption has often felt chaotic and I’m not so great with chaos at this age. But, looking back over the year, I see that while I have often felt horribly uncomfortable and frightened about the state of our nation, I have received a whole new kind of support for living in these wild times. That support is called a “David Leibowitz.” David’s presence is at once disruptive and profoundly healing for me. I find him so interesting and funny and dear and creative that I’m spending entirely too much time with him and not alone, making my own artwork. But who gives a shit? I’ve already got 3000+ mobile images in the can … and hundreds of images on people’s walls and shelves and hanging in their bathrooms. What I’m most looking forward to in 2018 is collaborating with David: in love; in play using our mobile digital visual creativity (and love for playing with others using theirs); and uncovering sources of awe and laughter – right in front of us – every day. We are going to be traveling to teach and play and I want so much to meet so many of you that we haven’t played with yet, in person. So invite us! We’ll come with Tommy, iPhones and iPads in hand!


‘Fresh Start’ ©Meri Walker

Amanda Parker

I’m looking forward to a year of resistance and involvement. My country is headed in the wrong direction and I wish to help my family and community to move forward not backward. Even though it is a scary time, I will continue to have hope and try to effect change wherever possible!


Image ©Amanda Parker

Violet Martins

2018 Resolutions.
Learn how to use new apps,continue my self portraits but use nature a bit more often.Hipstamatic is a fantastic way to connect, I have learned this in 2017.And continue my colour search, one day I’ll find the right tone.
Continue to send Kiss Heart ❣ for my friends I mean it.


Image ©Violet Martins


Carlos Austin



Elaine Taylor

At the beginning of 2017, I felt like I’d lost my mobile photography mojo. In attempt to find it again, I was determined to focus on the resolutions I’d made for The App Whisperer this time last year. When I look at them again now, I can see that I’ve not achieved as much as I had hoped. However, one positive step I made was to finally start my first 365 Project.  I set up a separate Instagram account to share the images. It’s been really refreshing. By doing that I freed myself from any self-imposed restrictions as to what I should post and when. I started to post what I liked, not what I thought others would want to see. I haven’t worried about whether every image was the best I could create – each one just had to be a meaningful representation of the day. I stopped thinking about how the images I was posting would fit with the previous ones.

I decided to make my 365 Project 100% Hipstamatic. That’s the first app I ever downloaded and the one that ignited my passion.  It’s felt good to get back to how I felt about mobile photography in the beginning.

So, my 2018 resolution is a simple one – to do another pure Hipstamatic 365 Project in 2018 and just enjoy my mobile photography.


Image ©Elaine Taylor

Lisa Mitchell

2017 has again been a rollercoaster year. There have been some great positives, but also some challenging times.

My hope for 2018 is to reconnect with myself, to rebase and recharge and to develop my work further. I hope this year to be able to truely emerse myself in my Photography and promote myself more. I have a large Solo exhibition in April and I shall continue to apply for other opportunities. I look forward to what the New Year May bring!

Image ©Lisa Mitchell

Manuela Matos Monteiro

My main resolution for 2018 is to keep myself optimist in a world so confused and dangerous. That is the better way to keep myself involved with causes, with MIRA Galleries project so linked with the local community and with the worldwide mobile artists. I hope to be more close with so many friends I got in the amazing mobile community.


Image ©Manuela Matos Moneiro

Patricia Januszkiewicz

My intentions for 2018:
be more grateful; declutter; simplify;
create art everyday; try to be more
present to the moments.


Image ©Patricia Januszkiewicz

Margaret Waage


Andrew B White

Thanks to Joanne for the opportunity to contribute again to the annual TheAppWhisperer New Years Resolutions.

For many, 2017 was a tough time politically. Artists often found the political climate crushed their spirit to create and this caused a lot of soul searching. However, little-by-little artists started to find a way to channel their concerns into, and through their art, resulting in an empowerment and new direction for many. I also found myself in this situation and I think in 2018 our spirit will get stronger as we use our artistic talents for the greater good.


Personally, in 2017 I fell short of my goal of having more pieces printed and shown, although I did have works in a couple of exhibitions. Exhibitions and selling prints is a tough thing to do but I’ve learned many lessons and now know better what works of mine appeal and which do not (in a hard commercial sense). In additional to shooting gazillions of photos I continued to shoot video pieces on the iPhone including two music videos and was fortunate to have a couple of ‘honorable mentions’ in the Mobile Photo Awards.

With the upgrade in late 2016 to the iPhone 7 Plus, I found myself in 2017 without my favorite third-party Moondog Labs anamorphic lens. By the time an iPhone 7 Plus version of the lens became available I was awaiting the iPhone X launch so it didn’t make sense to get a new lens, only to have it become redundant again. I guess that is the downside in having the latest iPhone. I was lucky to win an OlloClip for the iPhone 7 Plus which I put to use for some good wide angle shots but 99% of my work in 2017 was shot without any third party lenses. I’d still love to get a Moondog Labs lens back on board so maybe that is something to strive for in 2018.

Without sounding like a broken record, each year I always make a note about the pace of technology and what that might mean for mobile photography (in terms of the next generation iPhone and its cameras). 2017 was no exception and I moved up to the iPhone X which I’m enjoying very much. The leap from the 7 Plus to the X photography-wise was not ‘revolutionary’ – rather ‘evolutionary’. But everything combined and each small advancement makes photography on an iPhone a better and better experience. Of course I’ll be waiting for the September 2018 announcements to see what’s next!

In any case, now is the time to shoot and I’ll always take the opportunity. Yes, there will be a better phone and a better camera coming, but the best photos don’t wait!

Get into it and happy shooting for 2018!

Image ©Andrew B White

 Cindy Patrick

I took a step away from my iPhone art and photography for most of 2016 and 2017. Personal and professional pressures played a part, but in truth my work was beginning to feel stale and predictable. During my time away, I discovered an app called Sktchy (where people upload selfies for artists to draw) and I started drawing portraits. I also became interested in urban sketching and drawing on location. Working in a different medium has been invigorating, and has given me the ability to look at my iPhone art and photography with fresh eyes. Now, on the brink of a New Year, I feel energized, refreshed and ready to challenge myself to create new and interesting work!

In 2018, I hope to master iColorama (my current addiction thanks to Nicki Fitzgerald &. Susan Tuttle), shoot more black & white, start a portrait project (as yet to be determined), and to just enjoy the process… the excitement of playing with new apps and seeing where things go. These are just a few of the things I wish to do creatively. On a personal level, I hope to be a better friend, sister, person, citizen, and contributor to this wonderful community.

Thank you for including me, Joanne! Wishing you all success with your resolutions and a fulfilling year ahead!


Image ©Cindy Patrick

Christina Chin

I’d like to thank Joanne Carter for the invitation to participate in this year’s event once again. I’m pleased and honoured to be part of this wonderful community.
I have been inspired by so many of our great artists and aim to eliminate self doubt, and will continue to to be motivated and create to my personal satisfaction.
twilight years
the clutter
turns to gold
Image ©Christina Chin


Catherine Schell Caddigan

I am beginning this year with a show, I am among four artists and I am the only mobile photographer. I was also thrilled to be included in the mDAC (Mobile Digiital Art and Creative Summit 2017) I am not nearly where I want to be with my art, I will try to spend time learning the intricacies of my apps and creating photo opportunities for myself. I receive so much inspiration from the mobile community around me I can only aspire to approach the creativity that the Appwisperer showcases. (Thank you Joanne Carter)

There is so much tension and conflict surrounding us, that the challenge is to be a positive force, and to make art that lifts and moves minds and hearts. My images are personal, but hopefully they speak language that is broad enough to connect with others.

Enjoy life, Catherine.


Image ©Catherine Schell Caddigan

Lanie Heller

Thank you for inviting me Joanne!  Just when I thought 2016 was tough, 2017 came barreling in!  The second half of the year just by my home on the way to work, my car was hit by a pick up truck. My car was totaled, but worse off was the condition the impact made on my brain & body. I’ve been dealing with a TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury since then. Not able to work or create because my screen time on my iPhone is very limited.  I created just a few pieces as art therapy because in the darkest times of my life it’s been art & love that’s gotten me through. Since 2011 my biggest art outlet has been iPhotography so it pained me a great deal when I couldn’t create on my iPhone.

2018~I welcome you with open arms. I will continue therapy to heal my body & brain. I will continue to become more organized in our small space. I will continue to love my family & friends & hold them near. I will continue to sew as it’s become an artistic outlet I can handle & it’s been quite therapeutic.  Lastly, I wish nothing but love & light to our wonderful community!

Image ©Lanie Heller

Reece Durham

I would like to put more time into my mobile photography & editing. That’s where I need & love to be. To have the troubles of 2017 fade into background. Also to be more involved in the mobile art/photography community. To be more active and gain some inspiration from all the amazing work.  Quite simply,  I need to be a lot more creative again. I look forward to what the new year has in store for me. I feel things are about to change for the better.


Image ©Reece Durham

Judy Lurie Wahlberg

2018. A New Year For me this year will be about the rising consciousness of women. The energy that is now available for expression and awareness is within and around us. The ability to express and feel deeply the truth that lives inside is ready to express itself. This has the potential to create a searing impact. The woman emerges as a powerful and nurturing force for healing. As women we must protect the child. My personal resolution is to give in every area that emerges for me.

Image ©Judy Lurie Wahlberg

Nick Kenrick

The world around us is a great place .. I will not allow the climate of fear and bigotry of certain world leaders to sadden my heart .

There are many good people working to improve the lives of us all . I sincerely applaud them .
Our world is a safer place than it has ever been , the media makes us think otherwise. My fave movement of the year was the ‘  Me too ‘ movement .. This man is respectful to women and I hope that 2018 is the year that we make even more progress in stopping  sexual harassment of my sisters around the world. I begin the New year with another trip to my fave country to visit ; India .. the endless photo opportunities are my reward for such a long journey . I will share more images with you along the year of this amazing culture  .. I thank you all for your inspiring images which continue to keep me inspired.

Image ©Nick Kenrick

Kristie Benoit

For 2018, I hope to get back to shooting more with my mobile device. I strayed away from it, in 2017, and used my DSLR mostly. Even with that being said, I always continue to use my mobile device to edit, no matter how I’ve taken the photo. I would like to continue to explore the depths of the editing apps, and get back to manipulating images to create something original and fun, all while staying true to who I am as an artist. Happy New Year to all!

Image ©Kristie Benoit

M. Cecilia de São Thiago

In 2017 I finished the Post-Graduation in image: Contemporary Processes, Management and Culture where I learned a lot, but the most important thing was that if there is someone to whom I owe something and whom I need to please, that someone is me.
I will start 2018 alone, in peace with myself and with everyone. As time goes by faster and faster, I am learning more than ever the best way to live.
Like others interested in self portraiture, in the human figure I will deal with the subject of female identity and explore topics such as beauty, gender and aging.
It is my priority to highlight how much my work dialogues with our zeitgeist – the “spirit of time”, because it addresses questions about identity, self-image and female protagonism that are on the agenda of the present time, and more importantly, using only the tools of our time.
In 2018 I will take care of myself, and of my art. I’ll do what I think I should and what I like, not caring what people think art needs.
Thanks again to Joanne Carter for the opportunity. Thank you, thank you so much for taking the best of me, and thank you for sharpening my creativity.

Luis Rodriguez (lusion)

My New Year Resolutions as mobile photographer as the usual ones since I started on mobile photography. I just wish to grow as mobile photographer. I´m not a hundred per cent satisfied with my work. I still need to shoot hundreds of pics, to improve my skills & to take better photographs. I hope to feel the same passion for mobile photographer as I have felt till now. I don´t shoot pictures everyday, but that doesn’t mean my passion has decreased. Not at all. I shoot with my smartphone when I feel like doing it, ad when I have the chance to do so.

Image ©Luis Rodriguez

Carol Wiebe

My own art is the main subject of my mobile photography, in that I paint and draw on canvas or art journal pages, take pictures of it with my iPhone or iPad, and play with that image with mobile apps to see how I can take it further. Often, my results are then collaged back onto a canvas or into my art journal. I love working in this circular way, and aspire to not only do more of it, but to do it better, bolder, deeper. Oh, and I sometimes add photos of things other than my artwork as well, lol.

Image ©Carol Wiebe


Tania Konnerth

My iphoneography in 2017 often had a kind of desperate touch to it. After two heavy losses of loved ones and the constant presence of deep grief and pain I used mostly self portraits in order not to loose myself. Mostly it was only taking the photos because there was so little energy for creative work. But sometimes I was able to express my feelings and thoughts through creative editings. For 2018 I wish for a bit more lightness in both meanings of the word: I could do with a bit more sunshine and less weight concerning life challenges. For my photos I would love to learn how to become more playfull in creating collages.

For 2018 all the best to you, Joanne, to TheAppwishperer and to all of you beautiful masters of mobile photography.

Image ©Tania Konnerth


Cathrine Halsor


I have a word for 2018: Grounding. In there lies creativity; making things and making things happen. 2017 has been a rough year, with cancer in my family, again. But I’m so happy to say that my mother is recovering from surgery and chemo. This year will be so different, for all of us.

I also moved house this year; now living on the 3rd floor. Up where the birds are flying. It feels amazingly free. But I also feel the need for grounding, to that place inside me where creativity is rooted. And never forget to dance. With bare feet.

Wishing you a Creative & Joyous New Year!

“I am a hoarder
not of things, but of
memories and stories.
I wrap every memory

that I have around me like a blanket.”

-amy noble

Image ©Cathrine Halsor


 Kerry Mitchell

I am so excited for where my mobile photography will go in 2018. I have the new iPhone X. It takes amazing photographs. I feel like I’m off on a whole new adventure in my art. 2017 was a year of learning. Now I want to apply what I learned and zoom to the sky!  I want to share more love and happiness through what I see in my lens in 2018.


Image ©Kerry Michell

Armineh Hovanesian

Happy New Year. Thank you Joanne and TheAppWhisperer for asking me to participate in the 2018 New Year Resolution post.  For 2018, I am aiming to learn more and polish my skills in mobile photography/art. 2017 was a very exhilarating year as far as my photography is concerned and I will be forever grateful.

May 2018 be a “sane” year for all filled with unlimited opportunities.  I look forward to another amazing year with TheAppWhisperer. I value all that Joanne does for our community. With respect and Cheers to 2018!

Image ©Armineh Hovanesian

Louise Whiting

I have been away from the mobile community for much of 2017. In 2018 I hope to come back stronger, get to grips with a couple of online classes and learn all the things I’ve been meaning to.

2017 has been a very difficult year and I look forward to 2018 with a very creative mind.


Image ©Louise Whiting

Giulia Baita

My New Year Resolutions are two in particular: devote more time to my artistic production and work on the cataloging of all the material I produced in nine years of iPhonography.  I would like to explore new ways of expression that I have not yet probed enough and work more on emotions.
I would also like to remove some unused accounts and improve and complete others.  Finally, I propose to spend more time on virtual friendships that have been close for some years because virtual friends are important people for me.  I wish you all a joyful year full of satisfactions and I thank Joanne for this important work of gathering everyone’s resolutions. Love you!


Image ©Giulia Baita

Katie Saxby

My 2018 will be a year of: Exploring. Letting go. Purging. Pushing.


Image ©Katie Saxby

Clarisse Debout

✨ I wish you a wonderful year 2018 with lots of love, creativity and harmony in your lives and in the world ! ✨


Image ©Clarisse Debout

Clarisse Debout NYR for TheAppWhisperer from The App Whisperer on Vimeo.


Christine Sobczak

In this new year of 2018, I am in desperate need of organizing my images and deleting the multitude of unnecessary “ worthless stuff.” My IPad and my smartphone are swollen with it. After this organization happens, I will feel refreshed and ready for a new year. This is the year that I shall go out into the community, in some manner, and perhaps share my image making knowledge. Thank you, Joanne Carter, for being a constant promoter of the new digital world of applications. And, to my fellow image makers, who challenge me to become a more sophisticated artist…Good Cheer ! and Health for 2018 !


Image ©Christine Sobczak

Barbara Braman

Last year I found such joy in sharing the fun and creativity of digital art with new people.  I went to the MDAC Conference for the second time and met so many wonderful and friendly artists.  The first year inspired me to create a group for digital artists here at home, and this year I am beginning seeing the results of this effort.  Such a delight to find new friends to learn and create with! This group is a place of rest, growth, strength in the chaotic reality of 2016.

My New Year’s Resolution is to continue to grow this local group!  The energy I spend on it doubles back to give me new joy and inspiration for my own work, and I am excited to see what happens next!


‘Circling the Fire’ ©Barbara Braman

Jean Hutter

As I look back at 2017 it had its ups and downs and flew by. For 2018 I want to be kinder to myself and others.  I want to take myself less seriously, lighten up and enjoy my life. I want to make the most of each day and enjoy even the most mundane things because time passes too quickly. As far as my artistic goals go – I want to improve on my use of apps and my iPad Pro.  I want to work at making the art that I envision, but I want to enjoy the journey of getting there. Too often I am more interested in finishing a piece that letting it take its time and reveal itself.  I was reading a blog post by Brooke Shaden and she said to do what you love and are passionate about, but do it with excellence.  So for 2018 I want to strive for excellence.  

Image ©Jean Hutter


Gerry Coe

First off I will be doing more teaching/information talks and courses. I have been asked by one of our local university colleges to do a 10 week course on mobile photography starting in March. I also will be doing a talk at “Photo Training Overseas” in Madeira in February on Mobile Art. Only a short talk this time but trying to show “real”photographers the advantages of mobile photography. Also various talks at local camera clubs.  For myself I have now started experimenting with real paint and producing abstract artworks (a sample attached) . A lot of my Painterly style iPhone images seem to get praise from other photographers but Artists are not impressed and prefer my more traditional B&W work. So trying to bridge the gap with a foot in both camps.  I love to see the work of so many people on TheAppWhisperer and only wish I was half as talented as so many of them.


Image ©Gerry Coe


Stefania Piccioni

Thank you for inviting me to participate in the New Year Resolutions for the coming year. My wonderful  Boys  are growing up and slowly choosing their own paths. The nest was suddenly empty. It was time to write a new chapter my lovely husband ….  I will spend more time with things that inspire me; books , people, music, and listen to stories…I want to find more time for iphoneart.  One of my priorities is to improve my backup and storage of my pictures.  I will accomplish it!!!!!

My skills and techniques have grown, but  I want constantly striving to learn more and want to spend more time studying and experimenting with the more difficult software. So, I will strive to make great photography everytime!!!!!  To end with, I will quote Benjamin Franklin: “Well done is better than well said.”

Happy New Year to you!


‘Visioni Aeree Self Portrait 2014’ © Stefania Piccioni


Karen Axelrad

I’ve been politically active for years, but this year I backed off some, finding it all too repugnant. (I vote in the USA). I mentored a pregnant Afghan refugee who gave birth to a healthy girl.

At the risk of repeating my resolutions from last year, I’ll make it short and doable. More travel, more street photos, more experimental photography. Learn to master the apps I have (that’s a big one).

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year, and warm thanks to Joanne, the glue which binds us all in a supportive, creative, international community.


‘Red Girl’ ©Karen Axelrad

Allyson Marie

I am welcoming the 2018 new year with open arms, 2017 was a difficult year for me but I have learned how strong I truly am and how lucky I am to have such a great support system.  2018 will be my year to grow both personally and professionally,  I will make more time for my mobile art and pursue more galleries to display my art.

I wish all of my fellow mobile photography friends a year full of growth, love, strength, peace and happiness.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy ❤️ God bless and thank you Joanne


Image ©Allyson Marie

Cecily Caceu

Thank you for collecting these again! This year my New Year’s resolutions are simplified:

1.) Laugh more
2.) Explore more
3.) Sleep more
4.) Drink more water and lastly,
5.) Push the boundaries of my art.

I also hope and wish that everyone has a healthy, peaceful and abundantly creative New Year! 2018 is going to be a very enlightening year for us all❤️ Thanks again Joanne and Happy New Year to you,


‘Recognize that the other person is you’ ©Cecily Caceu

Clint Cline

In the New Year my earnest hope is simply for GROWTH…as an artist, as a husband and father, and as a friend to others. I am so blessed by God’s mercies, fresh each morning, from which naturally flow growth and grace. My hope is that these find themselves more fully infused throughout my art and are, in turn, reflected in the manner in which I engage others. I have so much to learn from from the artists in our community and am richer for the abundance of their experience and creativity. Happy New Year wishes to all!


Image ©Clint Cline

David Leibowitz


David Leibowitz – NYR for TheAppWhisperer from The App Whisperer on Vimeo.


Cynthia Brody

In the last 5 years I’ve been creating digital art to augment the mixed media work I’ve done on canvas for 40 years. It has expanded my creativity and courage greatly. This year I will need to figure out if the digital work can stand on its own, and if so, how to show and sell. I do know it brings me joy and keeps my mind going in new, unexpected directions. Art is what helps us see, and what gets us and those who respond to it trough the troubling times.


Image ©Cynthia Brody

Fiona Christian

Having tried and failed over many years to set and achieve New Year Resolutions, I have decided this year, to resolve to not make any resolutions! I will instead, simply photograph as much or as little as circumstances allow and not feel guilty about any lack of achievement.  For me, the most rewarding aspect of this wonderful Photo Community is the friendships that it has brought about. Near and far, virtual and real-world I have been able to get to know so many lovely people.
I will endeavour to maintain those friendships and make many new ones throughout 2018.  Here’s wishing you all a joyous, healthy and rewarding New Year, wherever that road may lead. xxx


Image ©Fiona Christian

Susan Detroy

I decided last year (2017) it was time to begin sharing my art in a deeper, more profound way.  I made a plan and talked about this plan with close friends.
I said I was going to do this. Now I am. I started in the fall and now I begin this coming week exhibiting.  And .. and…  I must remember in 2018 that life is a fleeting experience. Death comes unexpected, learn to love and live now.  2018 is a rebirth of my artistic self.  She is strongly ready, definitely willing and clearly able.

Susan Detroy – NYR for TheAppWhisperer from The App Whisperer on Vimeo.

‘My Life as a Painting’ ©Susan Detroy


Trish Korous


As a rule I don’t make resolutions at the new year, but rather as they make themselves clear in my mind, whenever the time of year.  At this point, I only know that I will continue with my photography, both mobile and other mediums, learning as I go, and finding inspiration when I’m not looking for it.


Image ©Trish Korous


Lee Atwell

Last year was a year of change – most significantly our move from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwest. External shifts and internal shifts tend to go hand in hand and during this time I had to let go of ideas of what my photography style should look like, and delve even more deeply into the practice of taking photos to heal and feed my soul. My intention for the new year is to continue to create photos in this way.  Always inspired by the mobile photography community whose images and presence lift my spirits so beautifully – thank you all. Heartfelt thank you the passion you maintain to inspire our community, Joanne.


Image ©Lee Atwell


Robin Cohen

My New Year’s resolution or intention for 2018 is to practice presence and loving-kindness.  I want to start to engage with people, and with my art in an accepting, attentive and non-judgmental way, as much as possible. I want to be brave and continue to learn and create in all areas of my life, encouraging and enabling myself to accomplish whatever I set out to do…  Have a lovely New Year’s Joanne, and I wish you a delightful 2018!

Image ©Robin Cohen


Oola Cristina

My hope is that this new year will bring: A larger capacity for doing more with mobile art… learn new techniques, improve skills, print more pieces, gift to more people;

a deepening of seeing, feeling and expressing; better health and well-being, so more art is possible; continued affectionate and supportive connections with our wonderful mobile art community. Many thanks for your dedication and hard work, Joanne. Thinking of you and wishing you inspiration, good health, good fortune and much love in the coming year.

Image ©Oola Cristina

Kerryn Benbow

As the sun sets on 2017, and on over ten years of iPhoneography/mobile photography, I am reminded of a community that was built out of a shared curiosity, creative pleasure, willingness, awe, enthusiasm and passion!  In 2010, when I collaborated with many mobile photographers from around the world to host the first mobile photography exhibition at an Apple Store in Australia, we felt that unique excitement of something totally new, and it was also a little scary!  It was creative love, on many fronts, it was a frontier in fact, and it was pure!  For 2018, I hope our wonderful community can grow, can be kind, can remember, and can learn.  I also hope I can reconnect more proactively with this amazing community, and those that have taught me so much personally and creatively.
Personally, I also hope to find love ❤️ and find my passion again!  I’m ready!! For 2018, I wish you ALL the simplest of things – love, happiness and creativity – they really are!


Image ©Kerryn Benbow

Gianluca Ricoveri

Thinking about the New Year is always important. My resolutions this year are to simplify and explore different subjects especially those that allow me a greater abstraction of the image. To shoot less and better. To continue taking pictures in analogue. To update regularly my website. I hope everyone has an amazing upcoming year! Thank you Joanne for this opportunity. Happy New Year and wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2018

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for our community so far, and I hope that you will continue to support us in the future, too: A big hug and I wish you a wonderful and peaceful new year.

Image ©Gianluca Ricoveri

Eliza Badoiu

I am thrilled that yet another fulfilled year of mobile fine photography has passed and yet again we have shared and been into this together as a very strong and unite community, so heartfelt thanks for that ! You are amazing and you keep us all together with your commitment and passion and love . ❤️❤️
My resolutions’ list for the brand new 2018 is not that long , nor difficult either. I want to maintain the same happiness and inner fulfillment that editing and shooting on mobile device brings to me. To discover other ways of expression or to re adjust my previous ones and maybe mostly to become more organized with my files, and less lazy with sending portfolios over galleries . Attend as many events as possible and embrace as many chances will may come my way. Mostly to stay up and true to my feelings and just keeping it simple and happier, why not.

Hugs to you all


Image ©Eliza Badoiu

Fleur Schim

Thank you for inviting me to participate in New Year Resolutions for the coming year. 2018 presents many exciting opportunities for me as a mobile artist. I am looking forward to rediscovering myself through the lens, as I explore new terrain, both literally and figuratively. I am constantly striving to learn, and want to spend more time studying and experimenting. My mobile artistry skills and techniques have grown. As I learn, my art grows: I am more creative. I am reinventing myself.


Image ©Fleur Schim


Maurizio Zanetti

2017 is coming to an end! And it was a year of innovation. Started, in January, with the purchase of the iPhone 7. That is a marvel and it has changed my life as a mobile photographer. Since I use it, in fact I shoot less and take fewer photos with the Hipstamatic app, the quality of what I see and the ability to change if necessary light, colour, contrast to have the photo I want has overshadowed the beautiful films and lenses dell’Hipstamatic. And then the purpose for 2018 that is coming is to reconsider Hipstamatic, to resume using it. Besides, as always for years, being less lazy, taking pictures more, taking part in more challenges and competitions, simply putting on line with Flickr, FB, Instagram what I do.

Best wishes for an extraordinary 2018 to all. Health, love, serenity.


Image ©Maurizio Zanetti

Daria Stermac

I wish everyone a Happy Healthy and  Creative 2018! Let’s all remember the transformative and healing power of art- experiencing and creating it  – so let’s keep our arts alive in the New Year!!

This is my first post at TheAppWhisperer so let me introduce myself. I’m a lifelong professional in the arts- (film, and other media)  I’ve been in love with MP and creating through it for more than 4 years now.   Mobile photography is like breathing for me, it’s intuitive and seamless. I find it energizing and magical like dancing with my eyes heart and soul.

 In 2018 I hope to continue to chronicle my life both externally and internally creating magic with the apps.  I also write daily and quite prolifically-  so perhaps I’ll marry my images with my writing. I have some projects on my agenda for 2018.  I’ll be on Facebook intermittently and return to other Social Media sites. I plan to revive my personal web site and hope  o be in one or more ‘live’ ie. in person shows. And on a daily basis I hope to move with the creative flow of the Universe, grateful I’m here, kind helpful and positive with others. Thank you to everyone in the Mobile Arts Community for you creativity, inspiration and of course your friendships.

Image ©Daria Stermac


Janis Lee

My vision of my art for 2018 is to concentrate on the technical aspects of mobile art and photography, which  I believe will open more artistic flow within myself.  I will be able to use my art to communicate about subjects important to me: speaking up about sexual abuse, the beauty in everyday life and the world we live in.

Image ©Janis Lee


Connie Gardner Rosenthal

2017 saw our world turned upside with our new government, too many natural disasters and too many people looking out for themselves rather than each other.  I am hopeful that 2018 will find us searching again for peace and harmony and more concern for each other.

In 2017 I explored some new genres in my photography and new ways to approach making images.  In 2018 I hope to continue that exploration while finally starting to work on some projects.  I also will continue to make more personal and emotional images as I work on discovering more about myself and what I want to say.

Image ©Connie Gardner Rosenthal


Gummy Sangkamee

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 are Don’t think just shoot. Then combine those pictures I did with my favorite apps : Hipstamatic, Diana, Procreate, Art Set pro. I will begin travel with my car around Thailand with my car for 10 days in a month then take pictures with my iphone6+. Come back home to combine  or edit them in my way. Happy new year and wishing everyone enjoyed life and healthy 2018.  Happy new year dear Joanne❤️


Image ©Gummy Sangkamee


Brett Chenoweth

I don’t really have a resolution. I would like to shoot more photos in general, draw more from life and dig down to the heart of the matter, whatever that may be. Happy 2018 and beyond to all!


Image ©Brett Chenoweth


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  • Carol Wiebe

    I am so honored to be among this group of talented people. The digital image that came about as a result of the quick drawing shown here was left off, lol. No matter. I make, I post, I keep making. It is a wonderful way to live!

    Thanks again, Joanne Carter, to you and and your team!