Apple Quietly Launches New Battery Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

Battery life has always been one of much contention for mobile photographers and artists. It’s always a conversation of much debate, ‘which battery charger do you recommend?’ is a question I am very familiar with. Usually, I recommend ones that I personally use myself, Jackery for example produce some good products, that do not cost too much. Mophie Juice is another uber popular manufacturer, I also recommend Otterbox highly. Interestingly, yesterday Apple quietly launched their own iPhone 6s battery pack, this is the first time Apple have ever encroached on this market and I am sure it’s one that has sent third party battery manufacturers into an array of hysteria.

Apple’s new Smart Battery case retails for $99/£79 and adds 1877mAh of battery power, this will increase the battery power of a flat iPhone 6 or 7s to 80% charge. TalkTime increases to 25 hours, video playback up to 20 hours and internet use to 18 hours on LTE, according to Apple.

Of course, no Apple Smart Battery would be worth its salt if it wasn’t accompanied by an App and Apple takes care of that, enabling you to easily monitor the battery life of your phone and case within the Notification Centre, inside the battery widget.

So for $99/£79 you can pick up 1877mAH of Apple life for your iPhone 6 or 6s, however for the same price you could pick up 2700mAH by way of a Mophie.

NB: I have not physically seen this new product yet but reports are coming in that the 3.5mm headphone jack has been obscured by this product. Of course, we know of the rumours that Apple are planning on eliminating the headphone jack in the next iPhone but…

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