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Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 73 – TheAppWhisperer

Welcome to our seventy third showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Giulia Baita. All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations for being highlighted and featured to: Diana Nicholette Jeon, April Lynn, Natali Prosvetova, Oola Cristina, Jo Sullivan and Tess Lulu.

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– TheAppWhisperer Mobile Movies Column

Clip from ‘Underwater’ – ©Diana Nicholette Jeon

‘Underwater’ – ©Diana Nicholette Jeon

A few minutes of images under water in a swimming pool. Legs move under water, people swimming and the water movement transforms everything. The water makes its intimate atmosphere, dreamlike. The voices are the real background to an almost unreal atmosphere. Great!

underwater v2

‘Summer at the Lake’ – ©April Lynn

The images in this movie convey great serenity. The sun has just set and the nature turns pink: the sky, the water of the lake and surrounding fields. Everything is calm and beautiful. Edited with iMovie, it maintains a slow pace and the nostalgic music accompanies the images. Very poetic.

‘MAPC’ – ©Natali Prosvetova

The images in this movie are relative to an art exhibition. Statue with a broken head, objects, drawings, all this is alternated as a carousel. The decoupling effect of the images gives an interesting mood to the video and the music accompanies it perfectly. The atmosphere is surreal and alienating. Well done!


‘Late Afternoon’ – ©Oola Cristina

The images follow one another as in a dream. Coloured lights are switched on and off. The music reminds the siren song of Ulysses. Lovely! Cinamatic continues to be a very interesting app! Well done!

‘Matisse at the Museum’ – ©Jo Sullivan

The images of the exhibition devoted to Matisse in Oklahoma City succeed one after another. Viewers look carefully and the time of the encounter with art is fixed forever in the memory. Magical moment of encounter with a great artist. Well done!

‘Happiness on the Dune’ – ©Tessfra (Tess Lulu)

A woman runs happily on a great beach. Jumps, raises her arms to the sky, she seems to fly. This movie expresses joy and great sense of freedom. The colors are clear and the effect seems to be a cartoon or an animated film. Delicacy and joie de vivre are the feelings features of this Cinamatic movie. Brillant!

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Giulia Baita. Italian iPhonographer. She lives in a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called "Sardinia". Passionate about painting and drawing, she obtained a degree in History of Contemporary Art. Studies and supports examination of the History of Cinema at the 'University of Cagliari'. She is a professor of Italian and History and whilst in high school continued to cultivate her passion for the Art. For several years she has been and continues to be in love with Mobile Photography and Mobile Art. Some of her photos have been shown in international exhibitions and she is currently highly interested in the Mobile Movies.

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