Visual, lingering, photographic poetry, partially obscured images with reflective streaks, taken through glass. Gillian Brodie discusses how the fleeting moment is one she craves, to capture for eternity.

I am fascinated by the reflections I see when walking through urban environments.

They are not immediately obvious, indeed you could say they’re not even there until you know how to look for them. Most people see a shop window, but to me there’s a whole new world hidden in plain sight.

“These pictures represent the world beyond the every day – other layers of reality, dimensions that exist behind the superficial. They are right there if you are willing to look beneath the surface”

I have realised much of what I shoot is ephemeral – here one moment but gone the next; whether it be a moment captured on the street, the way the light creates a particular reflection in this weeks window display, or a piece of street art thats soon to be painted over. I like the fact that I have captured forever something that is so fleeting.


I usually do very little editing to my reflection images beyond converting them to black and white. Taking away the distraction of colour allows the world I have seen in the window to spring into life.

– Gillian Brodie

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