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Visual, lingering, photographic poetry, partially obscured images with reflective streaks, taken through glass. Gillian Brodie discusses how the fleeting moment is one she craves, to capture for eternity.

I am fascinated by the reflections I see when walking through urban environments.

They are not immediately obvious, indeed you could say they’re not even there until you know how to look for them. Most people see a shop window, but to me there’s a whole new world hidden in plain sight.

“These pictures represent the world beyond the every day – other layers of reality, dimensions that exist behind the superficial. They are right there if you are willing to look beneath the surface”

I have realised much of what I shoot is ephemeral – here one moment but gone the next; whether it be a moment captured on the street, the way the light creates a particular reflection in this weeks window display, or a piece of street art thats soon to be painted over. I like the fact that I have captured forever something that is so fleeting.


I usually do very little editing to my reflection images beyond converting them to black and white. Taking away the distraction of colour allows the world I have seen in the window to spring into life.

– Gillian Brodie

I was born and spent my early years in Scotland but lived in several countries growing up. While I now call Australia, home, I have retained the soul of a gypsy and am constantly yearning for something new and adventurous in my life. While the practicalities of real life do not allow me to follow my heart here there and everywhere, my fascination for people, art and culture is expressed through my photography. I have studied Art History and Graphic Design - discovering I am even more passionate about design than I am about photography. I adore technology, and how it has enhanced the practice of photography for me. I don't consider my photography to fit into any one particular genre, but see my style as being somewhat eclectic and an expression of my own unique vision of the world. If I had to define myself, I would say I was mainly a street/urban photographer with a side serve of whatever takes my fancy at the time. I believe one should never stop learning and growing, and I hope this is evidenced in my photography. I love being a part of the inspiring and inclusive mobile photography community and am constantly blown away by the amazing work people are doing. The inspiration gained from other's work helps push me to strive for more from myself. I have had my work featured in a special showcase edition of Mobiography Magazine (where I was asked to nominate and write about the photo I was most proud of), in the New Era Museum's Most Wanted Visionaries collections, and in TheAppWhisperer showcases and competitions. In the future I hope to - travel widely, taking photos wherever I go - have an exhibition of my work - write a wildly successful blog - and win first place in the MPA .......