Safety First – Snapchat Update – Snap Map


I felt it would be prudent to share this update and warning to our readers. I received a letter from the Headteacher of my daughter’s school today, detailing the new Snap Map feature in Snapchat. The concern the school have with this update, is that Snap Map will share the user’s location and this means the location of exactly where the young person is available to all ‘friends’ to view. This is not safe for children. I have detailed how to enable Ghost Mode on Snapchat, which will turn off this feature.


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The Photographer’s Guide to Snapchat


“If you’ve dismissed Snapchat as a mysterious social app only for teens, it’s time to think again. Photographers have jumped on board using Snapchat as a marketing tool, a new creative outlet and even an additional source of revenue. Plus, it’s fun. In The Photographer’s Guide to Snapchat, get the full rundown on how and why photographers are using Snapchat for their photo businesses” via PhotoShelter.

To download this guide, go here

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Instagram Curating Videos About Live Events


Fortune magazine reports that Instagram has begun to curate video content of live events, for example, sports events and award shows.

The Golden Globe Award Show on Sunday was where it started. Viewers can access the special streams of video via the Explore section of the Instagram app, where a banner with the name of the event is positioned at the top of the section.

Seems Instagram do not want to be left behind by the likes of Snapchat with their Live Story feature and Twitter with their ‘Moments’.

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Snapchat – Photo Sharing App – Now Worth $800 Million


Launched in 2011 the developers behind the photo sharing app Snapchat have just secured around $60 million in fundng, according to Petapixel, this investment ‘pegs the value of the company at a staggering $800 million’. It’s a well known fact that the best ideas are the simple ones and Snapchat fits that remit. The purpose … Read more Snapchat – Photo Sharing App – Now Worth $800 Million

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