‘The Epicenter of Change’ – Apple WWDC15 – Live Coverage Today! – TheAppWhisperer



  launching in 100 countries later this month!

  $14.99 per month – up to 6 family members

   OMG – coming to Android this autumn/fall – first 3 months free 

    – recommends playlists and albums

  ‘Revolutionary Music Service’

  ‘Revolutionary Music Service’

   – allows artists to share music – even unreleased music with fans and also photos too!

  – ‘The next chapter in music’!

  can play  videos


   -show flight times on United, view charge status on electric car – new UI when watch is charging 

 new Photos face – make your own from your photos

 850 apps downloaded every second

 ‘Apple has paid out $30 billion to developers during this period

 – App Store surpassed over 100 billion app downloads – it’s only been available for 7 years!

 will support all of the devices that  supported

 going open source

 – more sensors like thermostat, home security – accessible from 

 wow only 1.3 GB space! That’s amazing!

 – extends battery life for an additional 3 hours, one switch

 will have lower power mode, battery extension life for additional 3 hours

 Picture in Picture –  in 

 – two screens multi active in one view on 

 – two fingers can turn iPad screen into a trackpad instantly

#WWDC15 iPad – format text

 built in videos, bookmark content too

 – personalised feed called ‘for you’

 – beautiful content,  for you – completely interactive

 new apps for  – called  –  ‘esq

 has a toolbar with formatting options

 is now named 

 Londoners will be able to use Apple Pay on London Transport – next month – July

 coming to the UK next month!

 over 2,500 banks support Apple Pay

Siri now proactive

 new UI in 

over 1 billion requests per week.

 83% of iPhone users running the latest OS

New OS El Capitan

The lights have dimmed, the show is about to start…updates to OS X and iOS and native apps to the Apple Watch



Today’s Apple WWDC15 event ‘The Epicenter of Change’ will be broadcast live later. Dependent on where you find yourself in the world today, the timings are San Francisco – 10:00 am / New York – 1:00 pm / London – 6:00 pm / Berlin – 7:00 pm / Moscow – 8:00 pm / Beijing -1:00 am (June 9th) / Tokyo – 2:00 am (June 9th) / Sydney – 3:00 am (June 9th).

We will be covering the event here and also at our Twitter feed – @theappwhisperer – keep refreshing this page for all the latest news – we’re anticipating to see the updated iOS 9, software update for iPhones/iPods and iPads – we suspect mainly focusing on stability and security, as opposed to a major update. Siri has been rumoured to have a new look too. Apple Maps will apparently be demonstrated with new enhancements. For Mac, there’s a rumoured and codenamed new operating system, Gala, underway, perhaps this may be announced, with or without that name. There should be some new apps for Apple Watch demonstrated and many people are expecting Apple to reveal a new streaming-music service – similar to Spotify with a subscription cost of $10 per month – entitled Apple Music, powered by Beats Music – don’t miss this! Check back to this page and refresh it regularly and we will bring you the latest news, also don’t forget to follow our Tweets @TheAppWhisperer – see you later.


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Mobile Photography – A Picture’s Worth with Luis Rodriquez / Lrh Arquitecto – TheAppWhisperer


A Picture’s Worth‘… is where we ask mobile photographers that have created powerful mobile photography/art to explain the processes they took. This includes their initial thoughts as to what they wanted to create, why they wanted to create it, how they created it, including all apps used and what they wanted to convey. We also ask these incredible artists to explain their emotions and how the image projects those feelings. We have published a few A Picture’s Worth articles recently, if you have missed those – please go here.

In this A Picture’s Worth today we asked Luis Rodriquez (@luisonrh)/Lrh Arquitecto to explain more about his wonderful capture ‘A Real Smiling Beauty’ – Luis has explained eloquently all we wanted to know. We think you will enjoy this very much.

If you would like to contribute to this section or if you have seen an image that you would like to learn more about, just email Joanne@theappwhisperer.com and we will get it all set up). Foreword by Joanne Carter (over to you Luis).


“When I started being a mobile photography, I did not care much about “street photography”. As an architect, I was more interested in capturing Madrid, the city I live in, and its streets. I loved, and still do, to watch the world through its images reflected on different surfaces: buildings’ glass façades, buses’ and car’s windows and on the water of puddles.

But little by little, as I daily started to watch hundreds of pics, my interest for “street photography” grew, and I can now say that it is my main interest as a mobile photographer. My eye has became very sharp and pays attention to what goes around me when I stroll the streets. I always walk around holding my iPhone in my hand, unblocked, ready to shoot.

When I shoot “street photography”, I normally use the Hisptamatic app. I love it, even though I would like it to use the 4:3 format instead of the 1:1. The pics I shoot in the street are always in black and white. I normally use the combo Jane + BlacKeys SuperGrain, but I have recently discovered that the combo Tynto1884 + CType Plate is also great. And I have discovered it by chance, when after a shooting session with my daughters, I forgot to change to Jane + BKS and started shooting pics with it. I loved the tones and colors so much, that I’m now using both. Apart from that, the result is always a surprise, because you never know what parts of the photograph will be in focus, and which ones out of focus.

So, when I was on my way to fetch my daughters at school and passed by this green grocers shop and saw this beautiful woman buying some fruit and smiling at the seller, I did not hesitate and shot. I loved what I saw from outside the shop: the beautiful woman, the grapes, and the reflection of the buildings on the glass. The result was a beautiful composition, in which the woman was in focus, the grapes a little out of it, and the reflection of the buildings in front totally out of focus, which helps the observer not to get distracted from the main goal of the photo, the woman.

The only edit I did to the pic was to crop the frame with Snapseed. Colors and tones are the result of using the combo I mentioned above, and the goal was perfectly achieved, and that was to show the beautiful smile of this woman as I watched her form outside”.

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iOS – Vine App – Updated With New Camera


I had the pleasure of experiencing a Vine demonstration in London many months ago (many thanks @RichardBarley from Twitter HQ for that). Richard is a wonderful man and incredibly enthusiastic about Vine. I have to say I share much of his enthusiam with regards this new update. There’s a new camera that gives you the … Read moreiOS – Vine App – Updated With New Camera

Tweeted Photos Printed at Walgreens or Delivered Direct from iPhone – We have Coupon Codes To Giveaway!


Leading photo printing app, Printicular, unveils a new way to print tweeted photos. The free app allows effortless printing of phone, Facebook, Instagram and now Twitter photos. Users can print their chosen photos direct from their iPhone or iPad to their local Walgreens or have them home delivered worldwide by Printicular. “Printicular lets you print … Read moreTweeted Photos Printed at Walgreens or Delivered Direct from iPhone – We have Coupon Codes To Giveaway!

Pixol for iPhone – App Giveaway!


Pixol launched today, essentially it’s a photographic puzzle game allowing you to play on Instagram with up to 25 players and 120 images. This is a developing app and we’re sure it will grow considerably. Twenty five photographers have already contributed images to create these puzzles, many of these artists are known to us, including … Read morePixol for iPhone – App Giveaway!

iPhone Photography Tutorial – ‘Social Media Sharing For Mobile Photographers’ By Paul Brown


We’re delighted to publish Paul Brown’s Social Media Sharing workflow tutorial for mobile photographers – it’s an area that we all either take for granted or know not enough about, hopefully for the latter of our readers, it will be all the more clearer after reading this. We have published several of Paul Brown’s workflows … Read moreiPhone Photography Tutorial – ‘Social Media Sharing For Mobile Photographers’ By Paul Brown

Driplr for Twitter – iOS App Review


Driplr for Twitter is a new full-featured app with some very interesting features to help you stay up to date with your tweets, even if you have multiple accounts. It helps ensure you do not miss any important tweets and helps you curate and manage tweets too. This is the first app to be released … Read moreDriplr for Twitter – iOS App Review

Find Pope Francis On Instagram


Well, not many people know, or at least they didn’t until huffingtonpost.com published a feature that Pope Francis has an account on Instagram. It’s been kept low-key to date but the Catholic News Service has reported ‘after a trial run of several months, the Vatican Instagram is set to become one of News.va’s main platforms … Read moreFind Pope Francis On Instagram

Instagram and Vine Affected By Amazon Server Glitch


Instagram, Twitter’s Vine as well as AirBnB suffered outages and slowdowns yesterday, all their web servers are run by Amazon Web Services. Instagram and Vine tweeted their understanding of the situation, acknowledging that some users were unable to load their images/videos. All sites are now working again, although Instagram and AirBnB are a little slow. … Read moreInstagram and Vine Affected By Amazon Server Glitch

Nokia publishes JobLens application in the UK to help catalyse local employment market


Nokia today publishes its innovative JobLens application in the UK, a new app available exclusively for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. The app enables job seekers to view many of the current 500,000 plus open job vacancies in the UK*, allowing you to filter them by company, by keyword, or by distance and salary range. Users … Read moreNokia publishes JobLens application in the UK to help catalyse local employment market

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