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Mobile Photography and Art – A Picture’s Worth with Tricia Dewey from Texas, US

A Picture’s Worth‘… is where we ask mobile photographers that have created powerful mobile photography/art to explain the processes they took. This includes their initial thoughts as to what they wanted to create, why they wanted to create it, how they created it, including all apps used and what they wanted to convey. We also ask these incredible artists to explain their emotions and how the image projects those feelings. We have published a few A Picture’s Worth articles recently, if you have missed those – please go here.

In this ‘A Picture’s Worth’ today we asked Tricia Dewey to tell us more about her image featured here.  Dewey has detailed her thoughts below, we think you’ll find this invaluable…


“The story behind this image is pretty simple.  I created this image on a day when there were severe thunderstorms in our part of Texas.  Dark and gloomy skies with rain and hail. Fortunately, there were no tornados. Staying home and working on my iPad, the mood of the stormy day crept its way into this piece.

I love making gelatin monoprints for backgrounds and creating my own elements for use in my digital art. I photograph these with my iPhone, and then will blend them together to create a digital background.  My subjects lately have been abstract figuratives that are actually photographs of people’s shadows (primarily mine and my husbands), or figures created in Procreate on the iPad.  I photograph people’s shadows with Slow Shutter Cam to get the interesting shapes. I use either Superimpose or Leonardo to blend all the different layers together, adding some of my handmade elements. For this piece I wanted a painterly effect so I used Brushstroke for that. For texture I used Stackables. I usually finish my work in Procreate, adding linework, brushstrokes, whatever I think the piece needs.  For “Rainmaker” I decided with all the lightning and thunder, that the lines around the head would symbolise this”.

©Tricia Dewey


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