Cindy Patrick Joins The App Whisperer As A New Columnist


We’re delighted to welcome Cindy Patrick as a new Columnist to Cindy is an Award Winning Professional Photographer, iPhoneographer and fine artist and we have been huge fans of her work for a long time. Cindy began using her iPhone as a creative tool in late 2010, since then, she has gone on to exhibit her work around the world, most notably in February 2012 at the Latitudes International Photography Festival in Huelva, Spain. There, she was one of only six iPhoneographers whose work was selected to be shown alongside that of many world-renowned photographers from the esteemed Magnum Photo Agency. Her work has also been exhibited at The Lunchbox Gallery in Miami, Arthaus Gallery in San Francisco, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in Los Angeles, the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, and at the Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival (LA-MAF) at the Santa Monica Art Studios in Santa Monica, California.

Her work has been published on all the notable mobile photographer blogs and online publications. Cindy is a contributor to a forthcoming book on iPhoneography: “Mobile Digital Art: Using the iPod and iPhone as Creative Tools” by David Scott Leibowitz, which will be published by Focal Press in February of 2013.

In January 2012, Cindy was named Second Runner-Up in the IPA Mobile Grant Award of 2011.  In December of 2012, her work will be featured at the Wynnwood Exhibition Center in Miami as part of an exhibition featuring 20 winners of the Irreversible Magazine juried competition. She was recognized for her “creativity and originality in approach to subject matter and effectiveness of presentation.”In January 2013, Cindy will be a presenter at the annual Macworld/iWorld Conference where she will be giving a talk entitled, “The Fine Art of iPhoneography.”

In her own words, this is how Cindy describes her brand new Column:

‘Welcome to “Vision & Voice”, my own little corner of The App Whisperer! In this column, I hope to share my thoughts on these two concepts that go hand-in-hand toward defining who we are as a mobile photographers/artists. Vision is what drives us to pick up our iPhones and capture a subject we feel passionately about. Voice is the expression of our vision, the means by which we communicate to the viewer how we feel about our subject. If you are a reader of The App Whisperer, then your vision is most likely expressed by creating images using our mobile devices and the myriad of apps available to us. My hope is to help you become a better mobile artist/photographer by discovering your vision and refining your technique to express yourself in the best possible way. Please join me, as I share my own ongoing journey of discovery and also share the work and stories of others as they too search for their own vision and voice!’

We recently welcomed Richard Gray, Misho Baranovic, Dan Marcolina, Keith Tharp, David Hayes, Teri Lou Dantzler, Richard Koci Hernandez, Rudy Vogel, Kevin Kuster, Laura Peischl, Dilshad Corleone, Mel Harrison, Star Rush, Catherine Restivo and JQ Gaines as Columnists to theappwhisperer and we will have a few more announcements to make very soon.

We are growing at a phenomenal rate and trying to include as much unique content and variety from the mobile photography world as our readers can possibly digest, you really don’t need to go anywhere else!

Please join us in welcoming Cindy to theappwhisperer family, welcome…

Cindy Patrick




Cindy Patrick Photography, Inc.



Tel: 856-273-4311 (Studio)

Cell: 609-760-9258

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