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Streets Ahead – Visual Diary Article – ‘Setting The Stage’ – By Maddy McCoy

We’re delighted to publish in full a Visual Diary article by Maddy McCoy via our specialist dedicated Backspaces section, see here that compliments JQ’s and Maddy McCoy’s Streets Ahead Column with us.

The concept of Streets Ahead is best expressed in their own words – “This column will provide a platform for discussion on the techniques, aesthetics, and goals that we, as women, bring to this art form. In addition to the weekly showcase, we have set up a dedicated Flickr group –see here. We also plan on featuring bimonthly interviews as well as sharing our own experiences and learning curves in mobile street photography. We will do this through a Visual Diary using the Backspaces app. We are pleased to share that we have a dedicated page in Backspace here.

Take a look at Maddy’s ‘Setting The Stage’ – Visual Diary article and prepare to be impressed…




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JQ's background is in painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute, she also owned and operated a Books Arts & Textiles Studio in NYC. Three years ago JQ discovered mobile photography and her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world.


  • Janine Graf

    I personally think your Slow Shutter images are beeeeeautiful! I totally hear what you’re saying though. Slow Shutter and I are no longer on speaking terms; we broke up after the first date. 😉

  • Lola Mitchell

    I think these look great!! I am not a fan of slow shutter either. Unlike Janine we do talk, I give it a try every once in a while but definitely one I go to regularly.

  • Damian De Souza

    “4 out of 10”? Get real, Maddy, way to self-critical, these are wonderful! Abstract & eerie. I really like them.

  • Lee Thatcher

    I think your edited images are great Maddy, they were what drew me into this article. I struggle with Slowshutter CAm myself and what i find myself doing when i want something along the same lines is using Hipstamatic in relatively low light with a combo such as Watts and BlackKeys. This along with moving subjects produce some quite nice results.

  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    I have not experimented for slow shutter Fx. Do you have preferred apps other than this one that you have better results with? BTW, I rather like the captures and processing posted here.