New Olloclip Quick-Flip Case – First Look!


We’re delighted to have a new Olloclip Quick-Flip case in our possession and on our test model iPhone 5. The Olloclip 3-in-1 clip-on lens has long been a favorite of our team here at If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a three in one macro, wide-angle and fish-eye lens system and is incrediblyportable and compact. We have published many tutorials using the Olloclip, if you’ve missed those, please go here. One thing that’s been frustrating though, is the need to remove any existing case from your device before using the Olloclip and as we’re constantly testing and reviewing iPhone cases here, it can become exasperating. This new Olloclip Quick-Flip Case changes all of that, find out more below.

We’ve been promised more of these cases to giveaway soon, so keep checking back for that.



Rear view of Olloclip Quick-Flip Case with Pro Adaptor and Olloclip Lens in-situ


Essentially it is a ‘simple’ case for your iPhone, with some clever differences. It’s a simple plastic shell and feels comfortable to hold but it comes with a key difference and that’s the top folding corner, which can be rotated 180 degrees exposing your iPhone lens, This then allows you to add on the Olloclip, as the corner folds over, the top part hits on the Volume + button directly, allowing you to use this as a shutter release.

One other great feature is the Pro Photo Adapter that you slide onto the bottom of your case, this allows you to attach your iPhone to a tripod. There are two tripod shoes, one landscape and one in the portrait position. As well as that, there is also a fitting on the right hand edge allowing you to add an LED flash.

So effectively this case allows you to add an Olloclip lens, without removing the case, add a tripod for low light and macro photography and to add an LED flash or similar accessory. And if you’re not in top photography mode, you can use the case as a normal case inbetween times. It’s discreet and comfortable to use.

The Quick-Flip Case comes with the Pro Photo adapter, and costs $49.99. But, if you don’t have the lens yet, you can buy the lens, case and adapter for $99.99 (normally $119.99). It’s a special introductory offer to celebrate the launch of the case. Click here to order from

More Images


Front view of Olloclip Quick-Flip Case with Pro Adaptor and Olloclip Lens in-situ


Rear View Olloclip Quick-Flip Case Only


Rear View Olloclip Quick-Flip Case – Corner Folded Over


Front View Olloclip Quick-Flip Case Only

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  1. I am looking forward to getting this case for my iphone 5, I have not case on it now cause I am always using my olloclip. Then to have the pro adapter to go with it would be AWESOME! so looking forward to this.

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