NEW – Reallusion Launches CrazyTalk App For iOS


Reallusion the developers behind Big Lens and the award-winning leader of 3D and 2D Cinematic tools, has introduced the mobile version of CrazyTalk to iTunes Store. CrazyTalk is unique. Unlike other talking app programs, CrazyTalk allows you to directly interact with characters in an instinctive way by providing you with truly natural controls over characters. It lets you animate with the power of your voice, fingers and wrist movements. Users are able to puppet projects, add automatic lip-syncs, generate volume sensitive performances, save their projects and directly share on YouTube, Facebook and through emails.

In the last 6 months, Reallusion has won two renowned Mac awards for CrazyTalk. Reallusion’s CrazyTalk7 (CrazyTalk desktop version) won “Mac App Store Best of 2012” and “Macworld Best of Show 2013” on its first entry into the Mac market. Now Reallusion have turned this award winning technology into an iPhone and iPad app. Every user can now experience the new wave of animation creation.

Click here to download CrazyTalk for iOS
Click here to download CrazyTalk for Mac

What Makes CrazyTalk Different From Other Talking Apps- Touch, Move and Animate?



Reallusion make the animation truly different based on your own unique control. Reallusion focus on intuitive animation. With very few buttons, on the user interface, CrazyTalk app can generate very natural animation based on your MOVE, your VOICE, and your TOUCH.

  • Intuitive design for one thumb touch and slide: Stream lines the creation process for the non-animator with few buttons and options to clutter up the stage. Its layout is based on the iPhone’s ergonomic design, making users feel immediate response from actors once they lay a thumb over the screen. This allows users easily create brilliant animation with one hand.

  • Make the most of built-in motion sensors: The iDevice’s built-in motion sensors are also put to good use, allowing CrazyTalk users to shake and tilt to make their characters follow, look-at, sway, pop and bounce. The muscle-based animation technology also lets users slide to animate by simply tapping and dragging their fingers over the application’s puppet grid which contains references to an actor’s facial parts and expressions.

  • Voice to animate: Real sound lip-syncs are also automatically generated by recording your actual voice and letting the built-in phoneme library animate mouths accordingly. The audio technology also analyses the strength of your voice in order to determine the intensity of the animation. A whisper might generate a subtle character motion, while a loud yell would make the character react in passion.

  • New content for new possibilities: Content add-on packs will include new, dramatic characters each with their own personalities for use in different scenarios. These characters perform unique idle motions when left untouched, and react to sound with their own Auto Motion styles. The character-embedded Auto Motion styles behave differently in each actor, mimicking their preset moods and attitudes – making them ideal for use in different situations.

CrazyTalk Is Not Just an App!

CrazyTalk is a new way to enhance media communication and social interaction. It’s a natural visual revolution to the intuitive iDevice which already comes with touch, motion sensor, even in the future for Siri voice recognition. The CrazyTalk app aims at being one of the most intuitive, simple, yet powerful companion in anyone’s pocket; delivering fun, form, functionality and fantastic life-life results every time.

Additionally, CrazyTalk marks the beginning of a multi-platform animation ecosystem that allows users to create content on their desktops, upload to a cloud server, to later animate and share on their iDevices; making CrazyTalk one of the best paired applications today.

CrazyTalk users will enjoy future updates for both function and content to enhance the CrazyTalk mobile experience. Function packs will be available to unlock additional features including Voice Morphing, which allow users to instantly morph their voice to many different options; Puppet Recording feature, which will enable users to create and layer their very own unique motion detail by touching, swiping and shaking. Content add-on packs include new, dramatic characters each with their own personalities and their own Auto Motion styles for use in different scenarios.

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  1. That is some “Crazy” and amazing programming. Kudos to the creatives behind this app. Definitely check it out!


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