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Welcome to our Photo App Lounge section of This is an area on our site where we ask highly accomplished mobile photographers what their top five photo apps are and why.

We recently published the Top Five Photo Apps as recommended by Yannick Brice , Cedric Blanchon, Irene Sneddon, our Columnist and Award Winning Mobile Artist Sarah Jarrett as well as Louise Fryer, Lisa Waddell, Davide Capponi and Ali Jardine’s Top Five Photo Apps including accompanying images demonstrating these selections.

Today we are featuring Clint Cline is a Florida-based writer, designer, and iPhoneographer and have worked in advertising and visual communications since 1973. Clint’s art background spans a variety of media from early work in collage and mixed media, to gouache, oils, watercolor, pen and ink, and pencil. Editorial photography became a necessary skill-set in his work as a reporter just as Commercial photography later became a staple of his career as an advertising creative director. He has been able to combine his personal artistic journey through both art and photography within the new digital medium of iPhone photography.

Clint’s work variously explores the abstract and surreal co-mingled with fine art images and graphic interpretations of both contemporary and timeless cultural themes.

We have featured Clint’s work many times in our Flickr Group Showcase and we know you’re going to really enjoy this…


Number One – Superimpose



I do so much compositing in my work that I’d have to say Superimpose is my primary favorite app. It finds its way into probably 75% of all the images which I take through multiple processes. It gives me the speed I want in tool selection, visible previews that also speed processing, and a full suite of masking tools that is intuitive and flexible.



Number Two – 645 Pro Mk II



This is probably my favorite camera app because of its wide variety of formats, including the fabulous 6×17 wide view I use for landscapes and unique compositions. The DSLR interface is very comfortable and intuitive and affords great flexibility for pre-selecting the look I want before shooting.


Number Three – Hipstamatic



This was an early favorite that I stopped using for a year or so while I chased the ‘tyranny of the new’ with the endless variety of new shooting apps hitting the app store. New is not always better, though, and the amazing film and lens combos afforded by Hipstamatic make this a must have top-shelf app for me.



Number Four – Snapseed



One of my top processing apps that I use both for basic functions like brightness, contrast control, and cropping, and as well for creating under-layering with the small but its polished suite of special effects tools. I don’t believe there’s a true all-in-one app (nor would I want one) but this comes closest to a full-function option.



Number Five – PhotoCopier



I run hot and cold on this app but have to keep it in my top 5 not because I use it as often as others but because I just love what it does. When I’m stumped for a fresh look to an image I generally default to PhotoCopier to jumpstart the creative process. The selection of filters, from color profiles of major motion pictures to old masters,


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