New – Techxar Photo Video Light For iPhone Mobile Photography


Techxar TX1 Photo Video Light addresses two major Apple iPhone shortcomings: camera performance in low light setting and battery life. The iPhone’s built-in LED flash is relatively under-powered. Even if it is switched on, iPhone’s pin-hole camera is only sufficient for taking photos and videos within close range in the dark. The powerful LED light of Techxar TX1 significantly improves the image quality over the iPhone built-in LED for photo taking and video recording. Its optically enhanced 250-lumen light output turns night into day enabling mobile photography possible in all light settings. You will finally be able to take photos and record videos of people and objects beyond 6 feet with iPhone in low light setting. A secondary function of Techxar Photo Video Light for being an iPhone accessory is recharging iPhone on the go as a battery bank.

We have yet to test this interesting product but as soon as we recieve one, you’ll be the first to know. The Techxar TX1 Photo Video Light retails for $79 and you can find out more here.




Techxar TX1 Photo Video Light is compatible with iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, and iPod 4th Generation with 30-pin connector. TX-F0 Lens Cover and micro USB charging cable are included. Optional lens filters are available separately for modifying light beam shape, color, and intensity.

As a “Made for iPhone” accessory, Techxar TX1 has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone, respectively, and has been certified to meet Apple performance standards. U.S. and international patent are pending.





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