Introducing the Profoto C1 Product Range – The Studio Light for Smartphones


Yesterday, Profoto introduced the Profoto C1 product range. These are the studio lights for smartphones that deliver great light to your images. Connect via the Profoto camera app and you hold the secret of professional-looking images. The lights are small, super portable, and incredibly easy to use together with their new and intuitive Profoto Camera  – the smartphone app. When using the Profoto Camera app you can easily choose between creating a more natural or dramatic look in your images. And you can also adjust the color temperature of the flash to match the surrounding light conditions.

Take a look at the videos below to learn more for now and we will have a review on these lights coming soon, stand by for that…

What’s the difference between C1 and C1 Plus?

The C1 and C1 Plus are siblings and the similarities are many: They both enable you to create professional images easily, they deliver beautiful and natural-looking light on the go. And they give you limitless possibilities to play with light and be creative. The main thing that sets them apart is that the C1 Plus has a little more of everything.

The Profoto Camera App

The Profoto Camera app was developed ambitious image creators who want to create amazing images irrespective of which type of camera they use.

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