Portrait of an Artist – Seventh Video Showcase – Mobile Portraiture

Welcome to our seventh Portrait of an Artist Showcase! This Showcase complements our Portrait of an Artist Column edited by Jennifer Bracewell. Every two weeks Jennifer will review and curate work that has been submitted to our dedicated Flickr group. In addition, to creating a showcase video which features a sampling of submitted work, we will also highlight a few images that have caught our attention… offering some thoughtful commentary about technique, composition and subject matter.
This week Jennifer has selected her favourite images and Joanne has created the showcase, selected three images and reviewed them, we hope you enjoy this.
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We hope you enjoy this weeks’ showcase…Many congratulations to all the artists featured this week, links to their images can be found below: Kristie, Meri Walker, Roger Guetta, Damian DE Souza, Vanessa Vox, Louise Whiting, Jeffrey Simpson, Geri Centonze, Armineh Hovanesian, Erika Brothers, Jane Schultz, Tantiana Andri, Rob DePaolo, Michel Pretterklieber, Erika Brothers, Cindy Buske, Bob Weil and Diana Nicholette Jeon

‘Untitled’ – Louise Whiting (link) Lighting plays a key part in this portrait, the shadows cast upon the face, with darkness across the eyes evoke a sense of animalistic strength. The off-centred eyes throw up a deep sense of longing as this image arouses a feeling of demureness.  The softness of the streaming scarf around the models face offers a greater sense of depth and raw emotion.
‘Untitled’ – Erika Brothers (link) This photograph emits freedom and movement, the composition allows us to feel the innate conviction of life. The blazing hair with brightness touching the ends, combined with flowing dress and arms reaching back, offers an intimacy and sense of abandonment mixed with power. This portrait offers a sense of humility and strength.
‘Scar Tissue 3’ – Damian DE Souza (link) This is a striking image, the facial expression, notably from the eyes and the lips combines with the colour and texture to create an image that evokes a raw and intimate feeling of increased depth, both emotionally and physically.  I like the use of lighting, it accentuates the profile of the subjects face. The colours add to the feeling within the photograph, the composition is executed perfectly.

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  1. This is a beautiful set. I love the accompanying music, as well. I always look forward to enjoying the next showcase. Thanks for presenting the work and play in such an artful way.

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