Apple App Powered Televisions Coming Soon


Apparently, there’s an Apple executive who is in very hot water right now. According to DailyTech, this said Apple executive, let slip that soon consumers will be able to walk into an Apple store and walk out with an Apple TV – sounds great. The thing that we’re really excitied about though is that these television’s are said to be powered by iOS – the same operating system that runs all those magical devices that we love so much. Apparently, Apple are going to develop the televisions in-house but will work with the likes of Samsung to get production off the ground.

The Spec


Again, this is still all very speculative but if we are to believe what we hear then we should be looking forward to seeing large Apple screens essentially with built-in Apple TV’s.

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  1. Sounds too good to not be worth doing. I’m quite excited about the prospect, although I will probably never be able to afford one!

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