Thank You To All Our Readers


We wanted to thank all our loyal readers out there. Our stats are seriously flying now and we are so grateful to you guys. Take a look at the chart below and you will see just how popular we have become and it’s growing everyday. Yesterday for example, took us to 110,623 hits which equates to 4,609 per hour. Over a month that’s around 3.4 million hits. In page view terms we’re achieving 31,559 per day, with an hourly average of 1,314. That’s around 1 million per month.

Let’s make this site the biggest ever, bookmark us or even make us your homepage. We always have freebies as we value our readers sooo much and our content is growing everyday.

Thank you.


Our Hits Chart – June 12, 2011



Our Page Views Chart – June 12, 2011



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