Our New Video Review And Tutorial Sections


All our regular readers know we’re constantly coming up with new ideas and articles to keep you involved with everything you need to know about in the App World/Store 😉 Well, now we have created two new sections to theappwhisperer.com.

One is for video app reviews and the other for video app tutorials. Both are proving incredibly popular. Most of our readers are visually predisposed and watching and listening to a video review or tutorial is far easier than reading thousands of words of text.

If you’re a developer and would like a video review or tutorial then send us an email and we will happily work out a deal for you. The tutorials are a great idea with any app but really come into their own with creative apps. We organize all the commercial licenses for the videos, this includes all the licensed background music. We also write the script and read the narration in either male or female British London accents – we know how much you yanks love it. Each video is completely unique, you will never find another one like it. As these are fully licensed videos you will be able to use them on your YouTube channels or any other commercial enterprises. At the end of each video we place a link to wherever you would like to direct customers to, for example the App Store.

Take a look at this video review below and if you like what you see, send a message to adteam@theappwhisperer.com – we have got some incredible deals on these videos at the moment, don’t miss out.


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