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DiffCase is an innovative design company based in Northern California. They believe that smart iPhone case design should keep pace with and compliment the ways smart phones are being used today. A case should do more than simply protect. An iPhone case should enhance, enable and perform. Expect more from your case. Do more with it. Be Diff.

These cases usually retail for $39.00 but they’re on offer at the moment for $30.00 – click here to order today.


Better Visibility. When outdoors, you no longer need to use your hand to block the sun in order to get a clearer view of the iphone screen. The Diff’s adjustable sun shade lid (similar to the top flag
on a professional camera’s matte box) does that job for you.

More Privacy. In public areas like coffee shops, the subway, etc., you can keep your texts, tweets, social and email messages private. Diff’s adjustable privacy hood feature makes it so folks can’t easily peer over and see your iphone’s screen.

Greater Functionality. Using Diff case you can mount your iphone to any standard tripod vertically or horizontally. Great for iphone photography, (iphoneography), iphone video, time-lapse photography, hand-held action iMovies and more.



Viewing Options. Diff’s lid doubles as a kickstand to prop the
iPhone up for hands-free viewing. It easily snaps on and off the front or back of the iphone case. Place on screen-side when you need it, snap it to the back when you don’t. Use two flags for double-sided iphone protection.

Glass Protection. Diff’s durable, hard plastic lid also serves as
your iphone screen and iphone glass protector.

iPhone Protection. The Diff’s tough full-surround side bumper protects your iPhone from drops.



Clip & Carry. Diff case has a unique through-hole so you can safely hook your iPhone to a back pack, camera bag, belt-loop or purse using a key ring, carabiner clip or other tethering device.

More Comfort. The Diff’s ergonomic palm bump is nicely balanced and very comfortable when holding your iPhone. It fits your palm
and provides a real comfy place to rest your thumb and fingers.

Travel Wallet. The Diff case is design to fit one credit card and or
a personal I.D. per side. The Diff’s cover / lid has tiny snap features keeping it securely closed – protecting your property.

Why carry around multiple products which offer only one or two of these functions? Diff case is one solution that does it all.

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