FIE Composer – New


A next generation storyboarding and previsualization tool for use by filmmakers and artists. Composer focuses on the essential forms of visual filmmaking: staging, pose, angle, sequence. It focuses on workflow and simplicity while maintaining the utmost in technical accuracy. It’s shot planning for real filmmakers.

You can read more about this incredible app below. It retails for $12.99/£8.99 and you can download it here.



Composer has been designed and implemented by an experienced hollywood Visual Effects and Previsualization Supervisor, who uses it on his own projects as well.

Composer’s presets and shortcuts are designed for proper filmmaking. Real film-backs such as Academy and Super35. Real lenses. Real digital cinema aspect ratios.

Composer’s built-in virtual camera system allows you to simply hold your iPad like a camera and frame up your shots by panning and tilting the iPad.



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