Robert-Paul Jansen Discusses The Terminology Of iPhoneography


Robert-Paul Jansen, arguably one of the greatest landscape mobile photographers has written an interesting article on his new blog. In essence Robert-Paul discusses the terminology of iPhoneography verus photography. It’s an interesting article and one that I can see both sides to. I’m old school and have lived through the Nikon vs Canon era and it wasn’t pleasant. To me photography, is photography, whether you use a mobile device, yes iPhone or Galaxy S III, DSLR, Micro Four Thirds, Compact or even Analog 35 mm. I’m not alone in these thoughts, my partner is also a Technical Writer for The British Journal of Photography and feels the same and so many do. Robert-Paul wants to encourage talented ‘mobile’ photographers to grow in confidence and not to feel inhibited by the ‘big boys’. Many professional photographers use a mobile device in support of their big kit for example Dan Chung at the Olympics, some use it instead of. We are huge supporters of photography and art here at theappwhisperer and specalise in mobile photography that is what the site is all about, not labels just signposts.

I must admit, I really don’t enjoy these kind of debates, they are negative and dampen creativity which is my number one priority. Just enjoy photography, use whatever you’ve got to capture it with, tag it in accordance to the the device used, iPhone, Galaxy SIII, Nikon D600 whatever but most importantly, get out there and release that inner creativity.

To read Robert-Paul’s post in full, go here.




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1 thought on “Robert-Paul Jansen Discusses The Terminology Of iPhoneography

  1. Thank you for sharing this article with us. Though I have used the tern iPhoneographer often to describe my current photography, I do agree with Robert, it is all photography regardless of the camera mechanism one uses.

    It is also for this reason I disagree when one is forced by creator Daniel Berman of Mobile Photography Awards and the likes that they will only except iPhone post processed images, especially when post processed applications have not caught up with camera apps like 645 PRO or MPro which permit saving ones image in TIFF.

    Though several applications are offering more professional post production, they are still a long way off from certain features were I can endorse iPhone/iPad post processed.

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