Photography Tip Of The Day – Number 43

Digital Camera World is quite an interesting magazine and we we came across an article over the weekend packed with famous photographers tips. We’re going to publish one each day, they’re not mobile but have a broader reach. We think you’ll enjoy this.

The next one we’re going to mention is by Peter van Agtmael a photojournalist and veteran of hte Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. A monograph of his work ‘2nd Tour Hope I Don’t Die’ from an exhibition and book Battlespace – a retrospective of images from 22 pohtographers covering the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is available to view now.

Take a look at Peter’s tips below:




He recommends ‘forgetting labels’ of photographers and instead to study a range of photographers and their disciplines. He says, to shoot constantly and to care about your subjects, be most and open-minded and perhaps most importantly to not use the camera as a filter but to be mindful and sensitive of the situation you’re in.

Fabulous tips.


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