Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @tankaqueen – Days 10 & 11


We are so excited with our latest Instagram TAKEOVER this time with @tankaqueen – Alexis Rotella, she is a highly admired and adept mobile photographer/artist with the most discerning eye. Rotella has been granted full access to our Instagram account and she is doing a very impressive job. We are very proud of her!

On Day 10  @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @mariane.rieter and she writes Congrats Marianne Rieter on your mystical garden scene. I can sense the invisible world here. This is my 10th day of Takeover and am delighted to include this beautiful floral (Alexis Rotella @tankaqueen)”.

On Day 11  @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @janisbrandenburg – Janis Brandenburg and she writes Janice Brandenburg Lee is the pick for my 11th day of Takeover. Her treatment of calla lilies in watercolor fashion is simply lovely. (Alexis Rotella@tankaqueen)”.

Please take a look at our @TheAppWhisperer Instagram account to follow all the goings on and please also tag your images with #TheAppWhisperer, so that they can be found and potentially featured.

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