Opera S5+ Earbuds For iPhone


The S5+ earbuds can deliver CD quality audio (16-bit 44.1Khz) allowing the user to listen to a Hi-fi music source with no loss of audio quality. As well as better sound, the S5+ offers full control of iPod/Pad etc via the Kleer control backchannel, with Volume Level, Track Forward, Back, Pause etc, all available remotely using buttons conveniently located on the wireless earbuds, something currently not possible on Apple devices with Bluetooth. Kleer wireless audio technology has ultra-low-power consumption allowing for 10 hrs of listening, despite the light weight of the power module. Ultra-low latency (signal delay) means no lip-sync problems with video.


* A stylish behind the neck wireless ear set
* Lightweight at only 22g
* Brand-new version rated for full iPhone and iPad compatibility
* Kleer wireless audio technology with Better than Bluetooth sound
* CD quality audio (16-bit 44.1Khz) transmission
* Will stream Apple lossless music
* Volume and track control buttons on earphones
* For iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Untangle yourself and go wirefree:
* Incredibly comfortable
* Great battery life
* Up to 10 hours playtime
* Transmission range 10 metres (32 feet) indoor
* Rechargeable from PC/Mac via Micro-USB connector
* Standard iPod, iPhone and iPad connector for the SST transmitter
* Come pre-paired
* Real Plug and Play

In the box:
* One ear set, receiver and earbuds
* One transmitter dongle
* Mini USB cable for charging
* Three soft flex and double flange sleeves

* Frequency response 20Hz – 20Khz
* Distortion less than 0.1%
* Signal to noise ratio is typically 86dB
* Transmission Range 10 metres (32 feet) indoor
* Light in weight – only 22g

Music sharing with up to 4 receivers:
Additionally, users can share music with to up to four friends, if they are using Kleer based wireless headphones from Opera, Sennheiser, TDK and more. An optional RX1 Kleer receiver will allow music to be transmitted to most iPod docking systems.

WiFi Coexistence:
The S5+ operates in the 2.4Ghz band minimising drop out due to other radio sources such as WiFi and Bluetooth. A Kleer radio channel occupies only 3MHz of spectrum, allowing 16 such channels across the 2.4GHz ISM band. Channel switching is accomplished in less than 800 micro-secs. Result, no drop-outs on music and no interference.

Price: £85/order

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