New BT iPad App Expands Free Wi-Fi Access


This application gives BT home broadband customers easy mobile access to free and unlimited wi-fi and includes a mapping service which is updated weekly so that customers can find their nearest hotspot.

Once BT home broadband customers have downloaded the app, all they need to do is input their btinternet email username and password, and open the app whenever they are in a BT wi-fi area. Because access is unlimited and free for BT home broadband customers it will help customers prevent racking up extra data costs.




BT’s wi-fi network is the biggest in the UK – made up of BT Openzone and BT FON hotspots – and all BT home broadband customers have free and unlimited access.  BT FON is a rapidly expanding wi-fi community of people who can take their broadband with them by sharing access securely with other BT FON members when out and about across the UK. BT Openzone is a wi-fi service that can be accessed in places such as airports, hotels, coffee shops, motorway service stations and city centres

John Petter, managing director, for BT Retail Consumer, said: “Millions of BT broadband customers already get free access to the UK’s biggest wi-fi network. Our free app for the iPhone and Android devices has proved a huge hit with over 400,000 downloads to date, so launching an app for the iPad was naturally the next step. The app makes accessing wi-fi so simple you don’t even have to think about it and represents real value to our customers at a time when more andmore people are accessing the internet when they are on the move.”


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