BlackBerry Protect – New Security App For Your BlackBerry


Research in Motion has announced that its new security and back-up application, BlackBerry Protect, is available as an Open Beta for UK users to download.
BlackBerry Protect is a free application for BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) customers and allows users to wirelessly backup, restore and remotely locate their BlackBerry smartphone. In the event that their BlackBerry smartphone is misplaced, lost or stolen, BlackBerry Protect provides features such as remote device wipe, remote device lock, a ‘lost and found’ screen on the device, remote geo-location using the GPS, remote activation of the BlackBerry smartphone loud ringer and wireless device backup and restore.


Can’t find your BlackBerry? Go to to
-Locate it on a map
-Set a password and lock it to protect your information
-Wipe all the contents
-Make your BlackBerry ring loudly to help find it
-Display a message on the homescreen instructing whoever finds it on how to return it


Wireless Backup and Restore
-Wirelessly back up contacts, calendar, memos, tasks, browser bookmarks, and text messages
-Automatically back up daily, weekly, or monthly
-Wirelessly restore your backed up data when switching to a new BlackBerry
-Save on data usage by:
-Only backing up information that has changed from the previous backup (incremental backups)
-Only backing up over WiFi
-Preventing backup while roaming


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