Apple iPhone 5 Shipping In September 2011


This could be yet another rumor but it looks pretty close to the real thing this time. Reuters tweeted late last night saying ‘FLASH: Apple suppliers to start production of next-gen iPhone in July, Aug; begin shipping in Sept – sources". Previously we were led to believe that Apple would begin production in September and ship in October. This latest rumor could be more likely though and Apple may only concentrate on software at this years WWDC and leave the hardware for later on in the year when they could push this closer to a Christmas time rush on sales.

Other rumors surrounding the spec of the iPhone 5 relate to the processor which is believed to be the same as the one in the iPad 2, the A5. Other than there are only apparently, ‘slight modifications’ to the new iPhone 5.

Obviously these are all rumors but we can quite comfortably believe that Apple wouldn’t launch the iPhone 5 until September. One thing we certainly do know for sure is that whenever it is launched it will be a sell out and people will queue day and night to be the first to get hold of one, including us.


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