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Latest photography app price drops hitting the App Store today…



Infinicam! Like CameraBag, Infinicam applies high quality effects to photos, but instead of having a set number of pre-defined camera styles, Infinicam offers an endless variety in a fun, stylish interface.

With each press of its New Camera button, Infinicam generates a new and unique randomized camera style. These high quality effects go far beyond the usual range of toy camera styles, and Infinicam also features 18 high-quality film-style borders lovingly recreated to delight photography buffs.

There are literally billions of possible camera styles to discover, with advanced algorithms in place to assure a high hit rate of unique, high quality results. Once a favorite camera style is found, it can be easily saved and named for instant access later.

When you email a modified photo to a friend from within Infinicam it includes a link that, when clicked, automatically loads the same camera style in Infinicam on your friend’s device. New camera styles can also be found on the Nevercenter website, accessible via the app.


Now at $0.99/Download here

CameraBag for iPad


"If you buy just one filter app, make it CameraBag." -New York Times

A love letter to the analog era, CameraBag is the most popular iPhone photo filter app of all time, and has now come to the iPad. It instantly emulates photography’s most beloved and iconic cameras, film, and processing techniques.

CameraBag’s addictive approach skips hours of processing work and instead puts you in the role of an editor, flipping through a collection of polished, print-ready treatments, each with infinite variation. Simply choose the best one and save, e-mail, or upload it to popular sites.

CameraBag now takes full advantage of the iPad with a re-imagined interface, increased resolution, and innovative new features. The addictive Vary button offers a new take on the current filter each time it’s pressed, for infinite versions of each filter. It’s like telling CameraBag "Try the same look but make it a little different this time." iPad users also get to mix and match aspect ratio and border styles across filters for fresh new looks.

$1.99/Download here



The cameras included in CameraBag are:

"Helga" – Square-format toy camera with washed-out highlights and old-school vignetting.
"Colorcross" – Hazy, chemical color-swapping straight from the darkroom.
"Instant" – No need to shake this instant-developing film.
"Magazine" – Rich tones for glossy pages.
"1974" – Your father’s camera: faded, tinted, and hip.
"Lolo" – Shoot from the hip and take life as it comes with vibrant, colorful shots.
"Plastic" – Sweet honey tones like these could only come from the cheapest of cameras.
"Cinema" – Dramatic, moody coloring with a widescreen aspect ratio.
"Silver" – From the earliest days of photography, when taking a shot was a much larger production than it is now.
"1962" – Dynamic, high-contrast black and white from the photojournalism of a bygone era.
"Mono" – Smooth, refined, balanced black and white.
"Infrared" – Simulation of the popular landscape photography technique.
"Fisheye" – Go ahead, get too close to the lens.
"Original" – Just in case you got it right the first time.

Now at $0.99/Download here


Turn your photo into awesome entertaining cartoon image!

4 controllers (pen edge, pen stroke, bright, contrast)
and 2 effects (concentrated line, mesh) are supported
with easy operation

– twit pic upload
– twitter client app launch
– email attachment

Now Free/Download here



ToonPAINT allows you to easily create awesome looking cartoon-paintings with your own photos.

Even if you have never drawn or painted before, ToonPAINT sets you up for quick success by providing a "MagiSketch" that you can simply color-in. It’s as easy as "paint-by-numbers", but using your own personal images. Unlike other photography apps, ToonPAINT is not just an image filter — it’s a smart-painting application that enables you to express your creativity and obtain compelling results without requiring you to take Art classes.

Simply import a photo, create an "automagic" sketch of the photo, color-in at your leisure, and you’re done!

Now Free/Download

Silent Film Director


Have you ever dreamed of directing movies? How about directing remarkable cinematic masterpieces, just like D.W.Griffith, Buster Keaton, Charles Chaplin and other legendary film directors, back in the beginning of the Movie Era?

Silent Film Director is Your App for That.
Creating amazing silent movies has never been so Easy and Fun!

Now at $0.99/Download

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