GoodieWords – Preschool Education App – Updated


GoodieWords was developed with input from leading educational experts from Stanford University and New York City’s The Dalton School. According to Brigid Barron, Associate Professor of Education and Learning Sciences at Stanford University, “Vocabulary development is at the heart of becoming a strong reader and communicator. This application offers young children the opportunity to playfully explore challenging concepts and learn the meanings of words through friendly definitions. Parents can support this learning by engaging their child in conversation about these concepts during game play and everyday activity.”

This app has just been updated, check out the Features and see Whats New below.

There are two versions of this app, a free one or paid one. You can download them here

$4.99/Download here
Free/Download here



GoodieWords offers numerous benefits to children and their parents:
•    Defines hard to explain words and concepts such as fingerprint, shadow, energy and time
•    Engages children with fun, interactive activities, characters and music
•    Improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as children gain proficiency with tablet hardware     
•    Multi-platform availability means on-the-go access to fun, educational activities anytime, anywhere

Whats New


GoodiePack 6 has arrived.

From all at GoodieWorld, they’re excited to present INTERNET, IDEA and STARS!

You keep suggesting GoodieWords–they’ll keep bringing them to life!

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