Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – August 11, 2011

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

Kids Art with PaintByHand


Ontri today is pleased to announce PaintByHand 4.1 for iPad, their free Entertainment app that provides artists with a variety of brushes and paint colors plus a virtual, spiral bound sketchbook. Designed for kids two through seven years old, the app has become popular with artists of all ages, who can use it to paint and color with their fingers or with a stylus. The app features an animated, flip-style sketchbook, five types of brushes, hundreds of colors, optional templates, and sharing via email, Facebook, and the PaintByHand online Gallery. Available as an in-app purchase are 21 different coloring book templates that users can color in using their fingers. Templates include sports, animals, princess, cars, trucks, and more.

Feature Highlights:
* Neat flipbook-like user interface
* Hundreds of colors
* Change brush width
* Works with hand or stylus
* Share work by email, Facebook, or submit to the PainByHand Gallery
* Download coloring book templates (sports people, cars, trucks, animals, dancer, etc.)
* Made for iPad, iPhone version coming soon


iRunTrains for iPad


Onomaly Software today is pleased to announce the release of iRunTrains 1.4.1, a 3D, hobby train simulator for the iPad. With this train set on iOS, you can even take a virtual ride on steam trains!  The scenery backdrop includes a slowly moving sky overhead and shimmering waves along the shore. Fun to play and pleasant to just watch, this app is fun for all ages. An iPhone version of iRunTrains is also available on the App Store.

Control the trains. Speed them up. Slow them down. Put them in reverse. Activate track turn switches. It’s 3D, so watch the trains from any angle. Pinch to zoom in or out. Drag to angle the landscape for a better view. Select the track layout, terrain colors and textures. iRunTrains is like having a train set in your pocket.

One iTunes iRunTrains user declares, "If you like  model trains, you’ll love this."  Another declares, "It’s got plenty of well-thought-out features, endless views and options."

* Drive your trains: Control speed, direction and braking with touch train selector, throttle and brake controls
* Watch your trains: Select from many dynamic views that "chase" and track the trains. One chase view includes helicopter sounds
* Ride your trains: Choose from 4 different vantage points on train engines or cabooses
* Guide your trains: Activate the color-coded turn switches just in time to avoid "calamity"
* Train wrecked? No problem they bounce away and are immediately ready for more action
* No big setup; play iRunTrains immediately


Tiny Tanks


Tiny Tanks is an innovative tanks shooter game in which the user controls a tiny green tank, using a floating virtual joystick, that moves around each level and must kill all enemy tanks before continuing to the next level. There are currently two level packs, General and Lieutenant, with a total of 34 exciting levels. Each level is scored on a five-star scale, based on speed, accuracy and health remaining. This game is OpenFeint-enabled, allowing users to compare their high scores with friends, view the leader boards and brag about their scores on Facebook or Twitter.

Tiny Tanks was developed using Corona SDK, a popular mobile development platform by Ansca Mobile, that lets developers easily create games for the most popular mobile OS’s – iOS and Android.

"Tiny Tanks is one of those games you just can’t put down. Once you think you’ve figured it out, tanks come after you from all over the place," remarks Ansca co-founder Carlos Icaza. "Great graphics, sound and game play that highlights what one can do with Corona SDK."


Monique Altheim


Monique Altheim today is pleased to announce the launch of the "Monique Altheim Esq" App. This App will keep the user up-to-date on the latest developments in privacy, EU and international data protection, data breaches, social media, cloud and ediscovery laws, regulations and best practices.

The updates are provided via Monique Altheim’s blog posts, Google updates, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Slideshare presentations (under development) and Monique’s twice a day Summify publication, which channels the combined information power of Monique’s entire Twitter network. This medium is ideal for practitioners, consultants, advocates, policy makers and industry leaders who want to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of the information industry.




effortlessE has almost 10 years of experience in providing web based point of sale, in fact we were the first to offer a web based POS in 2003. At the request of clients, prospective clients and business partners alike we have created the first publicly available app to provide the full point of sale terminal in the palm of your hand. And it is compatible with most credit card processing accounts. The app provides full sales functionality including product search, customer search, payments (including credit card processing), email receipts and signature capture accomplished by the customer signing on the device screen with their finger.

All webPOS users get access to the iPhone app with sales reporting, product information and gift card balance (used with our optional gift card system). With the optional advanced access, small businesses can process sales of products that are loaded in their webPOS in real time. This means there is no need to maintain two inventories. There are even a couple of advantages over the Apple retail store solution. First the app and device can be used with an iPhone freeing you to transact sales whenever the phone is connected via a cellular or WiFi connection. Secondly, the app provides physical inventory capabilities, including the ability to scan products using the optional cradle to ensure proper inventory counts without the cost of third party inventory counting firms.


Grid Shot


3D Methods launches Grid Shot, a sci-fi physics puzzle game that tests your brain’s endurance! Launch your ball across the grid to reach the goal. Players must use logic to solve each level by placing items in the correct location and controlling the trajectory of their ball.

Grid Shot offers a vast variety of items to use throughout the game that affect the way the ball reacts with the level. Guide your ball with items such as directional boosts, fixed teleport, boost teleport, and walls. Players must also utilize obstacles within each level such as moving platforms, rotating platforms, walls, and activation nodes. As the player advances further into the game, more items and obstacles are added.


Flick Soccer


Full Fat today is pleased to introduce Flick Soccer for iPhone. Following on the success of Flick Golf and Flick Golf Extreme, players can now experience Full Fat’s unique controls in Flick Soccer, with a special launch price of 99/69p! Kick off the 2011 football season with the most addictive free kick game to hit the App Store.

Use Flick Soccer’s unique ‘after-touch’ ball control to try and hit the target like a real Pro. Only Flick Soccer gives you this level of complete control and pinpoint accuracy. Featuring 5 modes of play, gorgeous graphics and an intelligent goalkeeper, Flick Soccer really is one of a kind.




Crest Interactive today is pleased to announce the release of Feed-The-Blobs 1.0, their new color-based action game for iPhone and iPad. Grim City is in the middle of a Colour Crisis, and it needs you to bring some colour back with Feed the Blobs, a simple and addictive game for everyone. Drained of all colour, Grim City is certainly living up to its name!

In a desperate move, the mayor of Grim City has imported some colour blobs, hoping they’ll restore the town to its former colourful glory. But colour doesn’t just exist. It lives. It grows. It eats. These clolour blobs need to be fed with the colour drops that fall from the taps above. Click the switches to move the blobs into the right place.

Be warned though. Feeding a blob with a different colour drop is poisonous to them. Make sure you feed them a drop of the same colour, or it’s game over. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But as the game progresses, the drops fall faster and faster, testing your reflexes, and increasing the challenge! How many blobs can you feed?


Giant Trouble


Giant Trouble is a thrilling tale about Finn, the biggest giant in Ireland and his wife Oona, who saves Finn from Cucullin, the biggest and strongest giant in Scotland with some very clever tricks. Teaching children about how to deal with social issues they may face when going back to school, such as bullies, this eBook is sure to engage timid readers while encouraging self-confidence.


GPS HD – Location Tracker


JAS Applications today is very excited to bring their successful iPhone App ‘GPS – Location Tracker’ to iPad. GPS – Location Tracker uses real time location services to provide accurate data delivering your exact location. The App works worldwide so wherever you are, whenever you’re there, GPS – Location Tracker provides one tap access to your current location and allows you to view it on three different types of stunning maps: Standard, Satellite and Hybrid. As you change your whereabouts, the App uses real time information to move the pin on the map as your location changes making the App have amazing usability.

You can also even view your current latitude, longitude and altitude and then simply copy it to your device’s clipboard to use in other Apps or send it via Email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook meaning that you can find people you know in the area with the tap of a button. The App has a sleek, easy to use interface making it the best GPS App in the App Store for iPad.




Not A Basement Studio today is pleased to announce the launch of its latest app Wikly – a weekly calendar for the iPad. Unlike many other calendar applications, the app focuses on simplicity, colors, and user-friendliness.

One thing you should know before downloading this app: it’s very simple. That’s the idea when we first developed this app. we wanted a calendar/to-do app for the iPad that doesn’t require us to go through layers and layers of menu just to change the date of an event. We also like to look at beautiful things (don’t we all?), so we think Wikly would be a treat for your eyes.

So a word of warning: if you want something that is "powerful" (read: complicated), there are other apps for that. For a simple, easy to use and gorgeous-looking calendar, download Wikly.

Simple: we want Wikly to be really really really simple. Distinctive touch gestures like tap-and-drag to create events, three-finger-swiping to next week, drag-and-drop events and other small touches made simple possible.

Colors: calendars don’t have to be ugly. That’s why you can easily change the way Wikly look at the press of a button (over 20 color schemes included and more to be added).

Useful: we said the app is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Far from that. Wikly gives you an integrated to-do list, handy for those out-of-no-where tasks, don’t you think?


Caddy Track Pro


Caddy Track Pro contains a multitude of features designed to help golfers grow at their golf game. Using an easy two-touch measuring system, the user only needs to tap before a shot, tap when they approach a hit ball, and then Caddy Track Pro will present the shot distance in yards. An in-app journal will then keep record of each shot, tracking the average distance and furthest distance hit for each club.

Regardless of skill level, Caddy Track helps all golfers gain a better grasp for their shot distance for each club. With the end of the golf season soon approaching, using Caddy Track now is a great way to best knock off any dust and uncertainty in your game come the start of the new season in the spring.

For students athletes or novice golfers, the simple email export feature allows for detailed shot history to be sent to a coach or instructor. Hit the ball out of play and need to delete an incorrect entry? Using Caddy Track’s club management feature, wrong entries can quickly be deleted.

"Golfers are going to be blown away as to how easy it is to now gain an accurate reading as to how far they are able to hit each golf club. After spending a few rounds with the app, we’ve found that golfers quickly knock shots off their round score as they better learn how far they hit each club on average. We really think that this application is going to help a lot of golfers improve out on the course." said 9magnets co-founder Cameron Banga.


Cut It Up


iCandyApps today presents Cut It Up, their new casual game based on tricky shape-slicing action. With easy to understand gameplay, graphics inspired by "Pirates of the Caribbean", relaxing soundtrack, and unquestionable educational value, Cut It Up is the title that would appeal to the pick up and play gamers of the iOS world.

Players’ mission is to slice the chunks off the shapes with their finger from one side to the other. The less slicing users make, the more points they get. The challenge of the game is to trap several game-killing sharks that frantically move inside the shape to complete a level, which requires both quick reaction and careful slicing.

Cut It Up features three colorful episodes (Pirates Treasures, Mysterious Map, and Lost Island) and is able to satisfy every user cravings for slice ‘n’ dice action. Apart from being an entertaining game that can occupy for hours every member of the family, the title has a learning curve. Each shape contains a proverb or a saying that can be used to impress friends. As the game has no timer, it’s up to every user what to do: mull over the sayings or bring on the slicing frenzy.

"We are really proud of Cut It Up. It begins as a straightforward puzzle game and evolves into a challenging test with high replay value. It’s exactly what every good puzzle game should be: easy to pick up, but difficult to put down. " – said Matsvei Tsimahenka, founder of iCandyApps.


Amenities – Local Search


JAS Applications today is very excited to announce an update to their iOS App ‘Amenities’. Amenities uses real time location services to provide accurate, informative social data about your surroundings. The App works worldwide so wherever you are, whenever you’re there, Amenities provides one tap access to any local amenities such as Cafes, Hotels, Sports Centres and Airports. With a sleek, contemporary designed interface, easy to use Maps and custom searches, Amenities is the must have location services App.

The App launches with pre-set amenities already integrated into the App. However, with Amenities powerful keyword search you can add any amenity into the App. This provides you with customisation making the App specific to your needs. You can also even reorder amenities to make ones you use most frequently only one tap away.


Magic Thumbelina


Oleksandr Pogrebniak has announced Magic Thumbelina for iPhone/iPad. Please meet an all-new artistic interpretation of H.C. Andersen’s wonderful fairy tale Thumbelina. Marvellous illustrations will allow you feeling the miraculous atmosphere of this exciting story at a first glance.

What is of interest in this application:
* First of all, these are bright lively illustrations, made by hand with particular meticulousness, every illustration is an individual graphic work with numerous fine details and fragments, which you will definitely wish to take a good look at
* Each illustrated page is accompanied by diverse sounds: rustling grass, chanting birds, purl of water, piping of frogs etc., which singularly animates the picture opening before your eyes, and when viewing several plots, you can listen to modern musical improvisations
* A very stylish interactive accompaniment is implemented with phenomenal taste.

Owing to Ipad/Iphone capabilities, the illustrations come to life before your eyes, inviting you to take a dive into a miraculous dreamlike world. All this conveys the impression of peculiar theatrical performance.


Easy Calendar


Easy Calendar is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of an updated version of its iPhone weekly calendar application called Easy Calendar 1.1 that now supports multiple calendars. Designed around frequent tasks, Easy Calendar focuses on simplicity and entry speed allowing users to create a new event or edit an existing one with just a few taps. Other new features are its default reminders, expanded native language support, showing the person’s age on birthday entries, and a 50% faster startup.

By significantly lowering the number of steps required to enter a typical appointment, Easy Calendar increases the usability of an iPhone as a day-to-day agenda. Being integrated with the iPhone native calendar, Easy Calendar benefits from such standard synchronization features as MobileMe, Outlook, Google Calendar and other CalDAV calendars.

In response to many users’ requests, a default reminder setting was added within the completely redesigned configuration screen. Also, a nice little ‘birthday cake’ feature now shows the person’s age within birthday entries. Moreover, Easy Calendar has become more user friendly to native speakers with Spanish, German, French, and Dutch language support.


J’s Job Jar


Indie James announces the release of version 2.0 of the popular "honey-do" list app, J’s Job jar. Based on the same "job jars" used by families for years, J’s Job Jar is the "to do" list for those who would rather get things done than plan. J’s Job Jar keeps things simple. Just enter your jobs in the jar – no planning, no prioritizing. Then when you have some free time, pull a job out of the jar.

The app allows the user to record descriptions of small jobs to be done at a later date. Picking a job to do is as simple as shaking the jar and watching the paper fly about. The interface features a fun, realistic, physics-based simulation of an actual jar filled with paper.

Users can create as many jars as they like to hold different types of jobs or jobs for different people. J’s Job Jar is great for families – each child can have a different list of chores in their own jar. Kids love playing with the simulated jar and watching the paper tumble around. And with the new scoring and achievement system in this version kids will be clamoring to do their chores.


Mirror Football


MirrorFootball.co.uk today announced that it is launching an updated version of it’s popular iPhone football app, packed with new features to coincide with the start of the 2011/2012 football season. Best of all, football fans will be able to get the app for free across all of Apple’s global App Stores to bring Mirror Football to even more football fans.

Building on the success of the MirrorFootball.co.uk website (3.8m unique users in June 2011.Source: ABC) the app allows users to personalise their homepage with a bookmark for their chosen Premier League club. It also offers extensive photo and video-led content, club-specific news and live match-trackers for minute-by-minute results, as well as new global fan blog content.

Giving fans instant access to a 24/7 news service wherever and whenever they want, the app features a wealth of exclusive daily opinion pieces from award-winning writers and football legends including Oliver Holt, transfer gossip expert Darren Lewis, Martin Lipton, Robbie Savage and Mark Lawrenson. Users can comment on articles and send them on to friends and publish to Twitter and Facebook. And something new for the 2011/2012 season is a series of global football fan blogs, so that fans can read analysis from Spanish, Italian, French, South American, MLS and Football League bloggers.


Free Music D/L Plus


Apps2Be is pleased to announce today the release of Free Music Downloader Plus 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Free Music Downloader Plus is a niche app developed specifically to download free music, audio books and music videos from a variety of free sites.

The application has a fully integrated functional web browser and download manager supporting up to 10 simultaneous downloads and download in background mode. The app also features a file manager that supports moving files , creating folders and sub-folders, playing folders as playlists, various sorting options and of course playing music in background mode.


CoPilot Live Premium North America


ALK Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of 3 new CoPilot Live North America GPS navigation apps for iPhone and iPad, providing voice-guided turn-by-turn directions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The new unlimited-use apps provide non-distracting navigation displays and advanced routing to help drivers get from A to B easily and efficiently.

CoPilot Live Standard North America $9.99:
Essential and dependable GPS navigation features at an affordable price, including 2D maps, turn-by-turn voice guidance, millions of points of interest and detailed streets maps of U.S. and Canada stored on the phone.

CoPilot Live Premium North America $29.99:
Full featured turn-by-turn navigation features, including advanced 3D map views, lane assist arrows, text to speech voice directions, multi-stop trip optimization and a choice of routes to your destination.

CoPilot Live Premium HD North America $34.99:
GPS navigation designed specifically for iPad 3G, taking advantage of the iPad’s amazing screen to provide hi-resolution navigation and trip planning.

In addition to turn-by-turn navigation, CoPilot Live includes access to useful connected services to make your trip more predictable and enjoyable. Integral access to Bing(TM) local search and Wikipedia listings is included as standard. CoPilot Live’s advanced ActiveTraffic service is available for an additional $9.99 for 12 months use, which takes into account real-time traffic flow information from INRIX to calculate the fastest route to your destination and avoid delays.

CoPilot Live Premium North America is $29.99 USD/UK£20.99

Cheats & Word Solver for Words With Friends


OMGmode Software Inc. introduces Cheats & Word Solver for Words With Friends 1.0, for iOS devices. This app is a revolutionary word solving app allowing users to cheat in the popular game, Words With Friends. Destroy your friends and foes alike. This app has been created to be very easy to use, but powerful. The app has been designed to use three different types of searches. Three different searches allows users to find the exact combination they need with ease. Search with your letters only or even just the board alone. Or use the combination search to find the best word to use and get maximum points. With every search list, score values are given and words can be tapped to show their definition.

"Cheats & Word Solver for Words With Friends" also works offline! Unlike other solving apps that depend on outside servers, the work is done completely from the app. The only time an internet connection is required is when the user wishes to show the definition. Don’t depend on outside servers that may go down someday. Know that your app will work forever.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]