Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – August 8, 2011

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

Invoice Studio


Invoice Studio was developed for small businesses, non-profits and innovative people that want to create, manage, and send stylish, professional invoices and other documents from their iPads and iPhones without the assistance of administrative or accounting staff. Businesses, independent contractors and anyone waiting to get paid can close the loop on financial transactions by sending stylish, professional invoices directly from their iOS device. After customizing settings to match specific business needs, only a few steps are needed: 1. Select a contact from the device address book, 2. Select the goods and services from the customized product list, 3. Preview the document and 4.Queue the email message and hit "Send."

Urban Anomaly has heard from many businesses that want to use iPads in a high-demand workflow environment, requiring a flexible, robust data-centric tool. "For this, we created an entirely new app with a database backbone and added Dropbox support for information backup and sharing with other mobile devices." said Steve Barham, Director and Lead Developer of Urban Anomaly, "We wanted to offer something that could be used daily yet costs less than a single month of invoicing subscription service."




OnePass 1.8. OnePass offers you a safe and convenient way to store important information on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Internet and email passwords, bank card numbers, important notes and contacts, number of different personal cards and other things that you are afraid of losing or forgetting. All this will be always at your fingertips and will be protected from unauthorized access or loss by setting a password to run applications and backup / restore data.

The application has a simple and intuitive interface. Your records are displayed as list or as cards arranged in folders. In the application pre-installed 6 templates and 60 icons for any kind of data. You can always quickly find the information in the search on the first screen of the program. The interface supports Retina display. OnePass offers a beautiful and convenient design with reasonable price.


MMA Stream


Independent developer Darko Sancanin today is pleased to announce MMA Stream for iOS, a Sports app that allows users to easily follow tweets from professional MMA fighters and associations. Part of his Stream Apps Suite, which includes twitter clients that track pro Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, and Baseball athletes, MMA Stream gives users a first hand look into the lives of pro fighters. All the tweets from UFC and Strikeforce fighters are available to view. The app also allows users to follow community reactions and opinions via Twitter keyword hashtags. MMA Stream has no affiliation to any of the fighters, or associations listed in the application.

Feature Highlights:
* MMA Stream is the dedicated Twitter client for following pro MMA fighters
* View tweets from a huge list of fighters
* Reply, retweet, or quote a tweet
* View tweets from selected Favorite fighters
* Follow community tweets about fighters via hashtags
* Open links from tweets directly within the app
* View a fighter’s Twitter profile
* Users may view their own Twitter page and tweets
* Send new tweets
* Search Twitter
* Automatic data updates
* The Stream Apps Suite also includes: Hoop Stream, Baseball Stream, Tennis Stream, and Hockey Stream


Paper Golf


Paper Golf is a 2D golf game with art work that looks like it was cut from a sheet of coloured paper, and is easy to pick up and play but difficult to put down. The concept is simple, you play a round of golf by aiming your shot and applying the right amount of power to get the ball into the hole in the least amount of shots as possible. This game makes it more accessible as all the controls can be performed with one finger in one motion.

1. You aim by touching anywhere on the screen.
2. Set more power by aiming further away from the ball or less power by aiming closer.
3. Release to shoot.


Monster Trouble HD


NuOxygen Game Publishing today is pleased to announce the release of Monster Trouble Lite 1.03, a free version of their action and strategy game for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Developed by Magic Dream Games S.r.l., Bologna’s leading iOS development studio, this high definition, 3D, multi-touch implementation of the "Game of the Week" created by the company that reinvented the TD genre brings real time action and strategy in a fully and smooth 3D addictive game.

Monster Trouble Lite gives you the chance to try this amazing game that was Apple’s game of the week. Once you try this funny and addicting game you will have to get the full version because it’s worth.

When it comes to gameplay Monster Trouble isn’t all conventional – you can’t sit down and watch! You must build your defenses using a variety of wooden and brick structures then populate them with a cast of characters ranging from farmers to hunters. When monsters die you have to quickly snatch up the loot they drop before it disappears, and sometime you must take action by dropping some sort of grenade and blow the little guy up.


Tweet Hunt Classic


Independent developer Jared Kroff is pleased to announce the availability of Tweet Hunt: Classic, a free "lite" version of the popular game Tweet Hunt today. The developer also announced an update to the paid game during its prime placement on the New and Noteworthy section of the App Store. Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies let’s you attack the Tweets of the biggest Twitter celebrities around.

Tweet Hunt is a classic shooting gallery game powered by Twitter. Each bird in the game represents a real Tweet. Using your slingshot, you must shoot enough Tweets to advance to the next level. When things get tight, you can shoot Twitter’s familiar "Fail Whale" to eliminate all the Tweets on the screen. Addictive gameplay brings vapid Tweets to life and a hasty demise as fallen birds us their last breath to mutter their 140 characters or less.


Designer Jobs


For most freelance designers, architects and developers, just the word "paperwork" is enough to make them break out in a cold sweat. Self employed people spend every moment they can doing money making activities. So, doing the books is usually the last thing they want to turn their attention to, especially on a daily basis.

But Annabelle Drumm of Kitegirlapps says that Designers don’t have to worry so much about paperwork if they keep on top of their job tracking with the new iPhone app "Designer Jobs".

Drumm says this app has been designed specifically for those who want to avoid typing in every detail every day. You can keep the details and full accounting analysis for your once-a-month binge. The rest of the time you can use "Designer Jobs" to quickly add your work and the related clients, agents or freelance websites you deal with all into the one place.


Diary Pro


Permeative Technologies has announced Diary Pro 2.3, has been updated with new features. This makes the iPhone a excellent organizer for the user. Diary pro makes your hectic life easier by providing easy and quick way to record your moments, happenings and secrete messages, day-to-day experience or comments with text. As well as you can add images or pictures and audio recording to your note that will cherish your sweet memories. The iPhone will serve the purpose of diary as well as organizer. The Diary Pro Calendar helps in reminding you about your important appointments, meetings and engagements.


Magic Kit: Mind Reader


Ignition Soft has introduced Magic Kit: Mind Reader 1.0, its magic app exclusively for iOS device. Magic Kit: Mind Reader is an unique magic app that user can mind-read any word thought by spectator. It utilizes a well-known principle in cognitive psychology, which allows users easily to extract information at moment unknown to spectators.


Aeronautical Charts


Corporate Smalltalk Consulting today is pleased to announce Aeronautical Charts 1.7.5 for iPad, their Navigation app that provides an advanced document viewer that accommodates highly detailed documents at high magnifications. As airlines continue moving toward the paperless cockpit, and iPads are appearing increasingly in pilot flight bags, Aeronautical Charts, with its proprietary LargeViewer technology allowing rapid scrolling and minimal drawing lag times for large charts and massive PDF documents.

While aeronautical charts can be a small, 60 x 20 cm (24 x 8 in), such documents, when converted to high-resolution TIFFs or PDFs, can become more than 64 megapixels in size.

Attempting to manipulate 64,000,000 pixels, ordinary iPad document viewers slow to a crawl or simply crash and scrolling is extremely difficult. Aeronautical Charts has been specifically designed to provide effortless, real-time scrolling both horizontally and vertically, and quick zooms in and out. The app features TIFF, PDF, and Dropbox download compatibility, quick-view thumbnails, multi-tasking support, and either iOS and/or OS X based pre-rendering.


Fax Reader


Fax Reader enables viewing of multi-page faxes by first importing the entire file into its storage area. Once imported, the file undergoes one-time pre-rendering that ensures the fax is optionally re-scaled to be optically correct and to provide the fastest possible rendering when viewing as a multi-page document. The user can copy documents into Fax Reader by using iTunes to copy files into, delete, or copy them out of the app. Users can also ask Fax Reader to open documents from other apps, like Apple’s Mail.




Appologics today is proud to announce the release of AirBeam 1.2, a major feature update to their high quality iOS video monitoring solution. AirBeam is an universal app for iPhone, iPod and iPad and streams high resolution video in realtime with up to 30 frames per second between multiple iDevices. With AirBeam each device can be used either as a surveillance camera or as a remote monitor. AirBeam can run simultaneously on any number of devices, enabling flexible multi-camera and multi-monitor configurations.


PaperAirplane! HD


Socks First Games today is pleased to announce the release of their Free PaperAirplane! HD on the iTunes App Store. PaperAirplane! HD is a puzzle game for iPad. Guide PaperAirplane! through a set of uniquely imagined puzzle levels. Tap the screen to make your plane move or change direction. Using a limited number of taps, guide the plane to collect all three paperclips and reach the flag. Users work their way through mazes, warp through tunnels, and avoid moving objects and hazards to reach the end of each level. They must reach the flag in the least number of taps to collect the most stars, and can compare their progress to others with Game Center Leaderboards.




This new mobile app caters to the nationwide audience and will give users the ability to view the offers via list or map and filter the offers via cuisine price, distance, type of deal and more. Restaurant information, related deals, reviews, photos and menus of each location are available with the simple push of a button. Users are also able to "share" deals, redeem deals and even reserve tables with the app. All information is in real-time, so depending on the time of day, different tabs, such as lunch specials or happy hours deals, will be shown.

"BiteHunter’s mobile application will serve as the next stepping stone for the company’s growth," said Gil Harel, CEO and co-founder of BiteHunter. "By making our service available to consumers nationwide through this app, we’re quickly becoming the Kayak.com of the restaurant world. It’s an exciting time for our company, as well as our users."




Jybe Mobile has announced that pixelcam 1.1 for iPhone is now available for free on the iTunes App Store. pixelcam lets you see the world in all its retro 8-bit glory and save the images to your photo library, or post them to Facebook and Twitter. The user can tweak the results by choosing from 3 different color schemes and adjust the pixel size by sliding your finger across the screen.


Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse LITE


London based Honey Tribe Studios has introduced the lite version of debut game Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse 1.1. The current score on the iPhone quality index, a site that combines scores from both respected review sites and app store customers, is 8.0.

Honey Tribe blends fact and fiction to create an endearing casual gaming experience that is both fun and educational. The theme is colony collapse disorder. This is something that is killing bees around the globe. And as it happens that’s actually very significant for humans too. By playing through the story mode of the game, players will find out about colony collapse through the gameplay, conversations of the characters and by the unlockable achievements.



Typing Class for iPad


Permeative Technologies, a decent and one of the leading iPhone and iPad Application Development Company has announced the release of updated versions of ‘Typing Class’ for iPad and also the new releases of other Eight different native languages like Typing class for French, Typing class for Spanish, Typing class for Finnish, Typing class for Hungarian, Typing class for Portuguese, Typing class for Romanian, Typing class for Italian and Typing class for German language.

Typing Class encompasses of a set of interactive and fun Typing Games for casual game players to keep them occupied if they are truly bored with traditional or similar kind of typing tutorials. It involves tons of letters and words to type as fast as possible and accurate typing in a challenging manner to complete the game play. These apps will help them to learn typing with a load of letters and words that challenge them to type as fast as possible and finish the game play, completely it is a one touch solution to practice and improve your typing skills while you play.


Cover The Sheep


Dreambrother has announced Cover The Sheep 1.0.1, an app for all iOS devices. Cover the Sheep consists of 60 levels, as well as 4 different scenes. This story occurs in a thick forest. The object is to help little sheep fight against big wolf.
It’s a funny game to kill the time when you are waiting for somebody, having a rest, etc. The interface is clean and fresh, it will make you feel refreshing.

Within the different levels, you will meet different traps and barriers, which can help the little sheep to prevent the wolf’s landing. Meanwhile, when the sheep evades all traps and barriers, you win! Conversely, you lost the game. The lovely little sheep will be the wolf’s dinner. Throughout the game, the traps and barriers are totally different. These traps include pillars, rivers, air fans, springs, flames, electric current, rain and traps filled with thorns. 




Tellini has announced the release of 3Doku 1.0 exclusively for iPad. 3Doku is the ultimate test for Sudoku lovers. If you are addicted to Sudoku and you find the traditional game a bit tiresome, give 3Doku a try. It is sure to provide more complexity, challenge and perhaps even a headache or two. 3Doku brings the traditional Sudoku game to the third dimension, providing endless fun for the serious Sudoku player.

In a 9x9x9 cube, 27 Sudoku schemas intersect one another along the three axis. Every 9×9 bi-dimensional schema must be solved keeping in mind that every single cell belongs to the selected schema and also to the other two placed on the orthogonal planes. With 4 difficulty levels ranging from "quite easy" to "insanely hard" and 4 initial values distributions, you can customize your game and have every time a new exciting challenge to solve.




Developed specifically for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, NxtApp is a fun and addictive way to increase gamer’s IQ, strengthen his/her insight, focus the scanning skills, improve pattern recognition and refresh years of math lessons. NxtApp is also a great way to sharpen the player’s mental math skills in a game mode that is addictive and competitive as the players vie to reach the top of NxtApp’s global leaderboards.

NxtApp has a high replay value since each time NxtApp starts, the gamer will find a new set of sequences. The more sequences solved correctly, the more challenging the sets become. NxtApp allows players to start with any category, sans restrictions, meaning you don’t have to successfully solve one level before proceeding to the next.


MVP Tracker (Football Edition) 1.1


The MVP Tracker (Football Edition) has boasted that it is able to compare two NFL players’ stats side by side, faster than any other piece of technology. "I created the application because I was sick of always going to the nfl.com site and looking up individual stats. I would find Tom Brady, then look up Mike Vick. It seemed way to difficult to compare the two. I fixed that." Kyle Barber continues, "I am all about simplicity. If I am able to shave 45 seconds off my day looking up stats, then it makes me happy."

MVP Tracker saw an incredible first season, generating over 900 times the predicted download total. "It was incredible to see how many people were benefiting from my apps. My goal is to have as many people as possible enjoying my applications, and I will do whatever it takes to make my users experience great" stated Barber.


Carry Me Home


The object of the game is (aside from getting tipsy and having a massive laugh with your mates) to be the player holding the Carry Me Home Trophy at the end of the game. It’s an app so it obviously doesn’t come with a trophy, so the game encourages you to use any old thing – a beer mat will be fine.

The first player shakes the phone and the app selects a card at random from a bank of well over 200 cards, all of which carry their own unique and hilarious instruction – from the simple "Propose a Toast" to a tense battle against the clock to name 8 capital cities to avoid drinking a double. 

From time to time players encounter Trophy Challenges – these give the player a chance to challenge to take the trophy and then defend it to the end of the game. Every card is different and no two games could possibly be the same as you’re carried through the game by a hilarious commentator and wonderful sound track.


KEYBOX for iPhone – Keeping your private life private


Jason Fuerstenberg has introduced KEYBOX 1.0, hands down the simplest, most secure and flexible way to safeguard your most important secrets. KEYBOX is the first prosumer security app for the iPhone and iPod touch. KEYBOX is powered by BCrypt, SHA-256 & AES-256; algorithms used by major banks and e-commerce sites to safeguard their secrets. KEYBOX is as easy as it is strong. Each screen feels familiar so that you’ll already know how to use it from day one. KEYBOX abstracts away the details of cryptography so you don’t need to learn anything to benefit from it. 

On top of that, KEYBOX is uniquely designed to reduce and eliminate patterns prior to encryption. What sets it apart is its use of advanced techniques such as content shuffling, data masquerading and noise data in conjunction with encryption. The less assumptions hackers can make, the stronger your secrets will be.


Video Editor for FREE


From The Top Apps today is pleased to announce the release of Video Editor for FREE 1.0, its latest app available for all iOS devices. The app is a quick real-time video editor that is easy to use and great for kids, students, and octogenarians alike. With a few swipes, the user-friendly app can effortlessly trim, merge, and share video clips. Along with the standard trim function, Video Editor for FREE offers a unique "tap" function for more precise frame-by-frame trimming.

"By keeping it easy, fun, and free, we designed a video editing app that’s accessible to anybody across all generations," says Jeff Sheng, one of the partners at From The Top Apps. "A lot of the video editing apps on the market are not user friendly, so we made Video Editor FREE simple and intuitive enough for the casual user."


Total Business Calculator


Samztech has announced Total Business Calculator 2.4, a revolutionary iPhone app specifically designed to simplify complex equations while providing sound financial data. The Total Business Calculator (TBC) allows a business owner to convert the cost of their bulk wholesale purchases to their added value packaged products in any denomination or form. The calculator takes into account freight, the package, and the cost of packaging. The app calculates profit and profit margin as a dollar and percentage value. The TBC is intuitively designed to rapidly breakdown your bottom line earnings and profits.

Raising the bar in business calculations, the TBC is the only application able to bridge the gap between your product’s lifecycle and its selling price, separating it leaps and bounds from the traditional simple profit margin calculator. "We at Samztech are thrilled to provide our users this simple, effective, error-free tool which allows for full capitalization of relevant applicable technology," says Samztech President Samuel Zeifman. "Our economy’s fast-paced nature is becoming more demanding, and the Total Business Calculator ensures every business keeps stride."


Tochka.net 3.1.1


Digital-Ventures today is pleased to announce Tochka.net 3.1.1 for iOS, their free News app that keeps users abreast of the hottest news in Ukraine and worldwide. The news portal also features TV Listings, Financial News, Sports, Weather, Horoscope, Travel, Fashion, Nightlife, Gossip, Cinema, Technology, Celebrities, Entertainment, and Blogs. The Russian language app allows users to share stories and articles via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Thumbnail articles and pictures can be browsed, selected, and opened fullscreen.




Foodcaching has announced Foodcaching 1.1, for all iOS devices. As many food establishments continue to struggle in the current weak economy there are a few who believe this is the perfect time to start having more fun with their promotions through social media. Pagliacci Pizza has teamed up with the local startup Foodcaching to create a trivia game for people who love pizza and music. 


Funky Cam 3D


Pocketeers Limited has introduced Funky Cam 3D 1.0. This amazing little smart phone 3D camera technology app lets the user view any media including photographs, movies, drawings, web pages or even your local environment in real-time 3D right on the iPhone and iPad. Funky Cam 3D is also available now for Android phones and tablets, with Samsung Bada version arriving very soon. 


Shared Paper


Dazzle Labs has released an iPad app that helps people capture and develop ideas on a practically infinite canvas, enables teams to collaborate across iPads and quickly summarises the session into a presentation slideshow.

Early cave paintings demonstrate how visual communication is fundamental to human nature and how important it is to be able to express ideas visually. It is just as important today in this digital age, but software for visualizing ideas is still in its infancy and many digital tools tend to constrain the flow of the creative process rather than help it. Manual tools, such as whiteboards and flip-charts, while quick and easy to use, produce cumbersome, inflexible output, which then require significant effort afterwards to produce a usable result. This is demonstrated by the ongoing practice of photographing whiteboards and flip charts and diligently transferring these to word processing or presentation software after meetings. 


Red Bull TV


Red Bull has taken entertainment yet another step further: watch Red Bull TV on your iPhone – no matter where, no matter when. With the Red Bull TV iPhone App, you have all the action right in the palm of your hand: around the clock live streaming and more than 1.500 videos currently in the archive. The featured video categories include surfing, motor sports, aerial sports and many more.

The Red Bull TV iPhone App streams Red Bull TV directly on your iPhone – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For as long as you want. Or your battery runs dry. Enjoy unrivaled access to amazing sporting and cultural events and never ever miss a beat again. Did we mention live broadcasting of events? Red Bull takes you closer to the action than ever before and grants you behind the scenes access. Jump in the cockpit with the Red Bull Air Race daredevils, stay airborne with the Red Bull X-Fighters and join your favourite sports and entertainment stars at the parties afterwards.


Compoundee Lite Financial Calculator


Compoundee is an easy to use financial calculator that solves compound interest, annuity, and time value of money problems. With Compoundee, users calculate the future value of investments, or determine the rate, deposits, duration, or initial investment that is needed to reach a financial goal. Compoundee makes these complex calculations easy with a simple user interface that can be used by anyone, with or without previous exposure to financial calculations.


my Travel Assistant


my Travel Assistant is a professional app for global travelers that integrates into a single, convenient package a smart, multi-currency expense tracker with automatic currency conversion, a 156-currency monetary exchange rate converter and a 36-language translator.

In addition to easy-to-use expense management at home and abroad, the app features: appealing user interface, auto-refresh of exchange rates; eMail expenses as a formatted HTML document, and/or a CSV file; easily edit, reorder or delete trips and entries; and a built-in, multi-function calculator. Designed as an intelligent assistant for international travelers, the app stores all expenses in both the local and converted, home currencies.

With a high-end, dark wood-grain GUI, the app includes no instructions for use; all operations are intuitive and trouble-free. One-time set-up includes entering the user’s language, home currency, and the frequency of exchange rate updates. The designers have paid great attention to human factors. For example, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German appear in their respective places in the scrolling list that appears by touching "Your Language", but the group of five most common languages also appears at the head of the list. Similarly, the app defaults to US dollars, with the yen, euro, swiss francs, british pounds and Canadian dollar leading an alphabetical list of 156 different currencies.


BeatStudio v1.1


Frontier Design Group, creator of popular music apps GuitarStudio and iShred, has announced the immediate release of BeatStudio v1.1 featuring two new Free Sample Packs of sounds designed to create drum and percussion tracks on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch the fast, easy, and fun way.

The new FREE Sample Packs include: 
* Vintage Analog Drum Machine: Go back in time to a day before digital with these (25 ) bleeps, bloops, and bops. 
* Vintage Digital Drum Machine: 30 great sampled drum sounds from classic early digital drum machines.


Pop Words


Lightwood Games has announced their latest word game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, to help the summer days go with a bang! Pop Words, designed and developed by Lightwood Games, is especially suitable for the family audience but with harder levels to challenge avid word game fans.

The game is a classic word ladder (sometimes called chain letters) set against the open skies for letter shaped balloons to float in. Pop a letter balloon to replace it with another and make a new word. Pop Words offers two games modes: in challenge mode you’ll need to get from one word to another, whereas in timed mode the goal is to make as many words as you can in the given time.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]