Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – October 13, 2011

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

Rhythm Studio


Pulse Code is proud to announce the release and immediate worldwide availability of their first major update for Rhythm Studio. The broad collection of virtual instruments such as full 808 drum machine, 303 synthesizer, sample based synthesizer, XY style control pad, and mixer with FX is now expanded with the DR-9, the 909 style drum machine and the Hornet ribbon synthesizer.

Right after the initial release, Rhythm Studio has been well received in the world music community and became number one music application for the iPad in 12 countries and stayed at the top of the iPhone and iPad charts for weeks upon release. This time Rhythm Studio presents to its users a wide range of new features such as export to audio paste, emailing song file, locking song, and linear knob control. All these new additions provide users with even more satisfying music experience and make the whole creative process a breeze.

The number of music instruments per song has been increased to four. Users now have the ability to choose which instruments are in each song. Mixer and Control Pad functionality and design has been streamlined. Rhythm Studio perfectly suits anyone who is passionate about music and wants to create their own sounds with ease.




OstinGames has announced the release and immediate availability of KissIsland 2.0, a major update of its fun action title with survival fighting and sweet kisses awards story line. Along with improved graphics, choice of controls (d-pad/accelerometer), super Diamond Hearts power-ups, and unique achievements, now the application features In-Store! Another new element is the SuperBag which equips the hero with useful weapons to combat the hostile characters as well as brings in more excitement and joy.

In a fast paced game, you play a savvy USAF pilot #1 named Jack Starley, whose state-of-the-art military spaceship crashes in the mid of an ocean. You are lucky to stay alive! You find yourself on tropical KissIsland – the island of kisses – and now have to fight your way in wild jungles to survive and advance through 9 levels of increasing difficulty and inhabited with different characters, both sexappeal Amazons and terrible apes, bosses like the Atamansha (the strongest woman on KissIsland), Shaman, and others. In addition to stones which Jack could throw at wild animals, he can now use the SuperBag which contains rocks, golden nuggets, rotten bananas, and the energy drink, with each instrument having different effect on the characters of the game. The supply of the SuperBag can be easily replenished through the In-Store. As soon as the hero runs out of the necessary weapon, the game will automatically refer the player to the Apple’s online store.




Version 2.19 of iSMEStorage adds on device file encryption by taking advantage of iOS’s native ability to encrypt files on device for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 3rd generation devices. Files are encrypted individually by software classes that implement the data protection and the user’s device must have the passcode lock setting enabled and a valid passcode set. To mitigate the threat of a brute force attack, the file encryption use a key generated by the device itself, in addition to the key derived from the user’s password. This make the files totally inaccessible when the user’s iOS device is locked.

In addition to this security the users can also set a PIN on the Application itself which is requested on launch and  when re-activating the App after it is backgrounded.

Also in the 2.19 version the adding of Cloud file Providers now makes use of OAuth where OAuth is supported. OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure API authentication with providers of data or services.




BlackBerry to iPhone switchers can now transfer contacts, calendars, text messages, email messages and more with BerryMover, a new app. The need for this app seems huge. In a 2011 United Sample survey, over 66% of Verizon-based BlackBerry users said they would switch to an iPhone when it became available. Therefore, the numbers are staggering.

"Until this app, these folks couldn’t properly transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone," Tim Goggin, Co-Owner Of PocketMac said. "They were stuck. But now, all you need is a recent BlackBerry backup, iTunes and BerryMover. And you’re all set to transfer all your data."

BerryMover works by reading backup files. It then gives the user the option of choosing which data they want to import.

Goggin added, "Our 7 years working with the BlackBerry gives us the know-how to import this data and work with backup files. In fact, for many years, Research In Motion licensed our Mac-BlackBerry sync software."


Learn Spanish


Announcing that Q.L.L. Inc., Ltd., the developers of Learn Spanish, has released an exciting and fun new multilingual learning app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The app is specially designed for native English speaking people to learn Spanish or Chinese via a fairy tale by the brothers Grimm. Learn Spanish provides beautiful graphics and subtitles, as well as optional audio read-along by native Spanish and Chinese speakers to help users perfect their listening and pronunciation in a new language. This is the second in the Learn Spanish series from Talking-app.

Learn Spanish – 2 Powerful Storytelling Way is a newly launched application that uses the proven effective method of storytelling to teach a new language to native English speaking users.

This multilingual app provides the opportunity to learn Spanish and also Chinese. Users are treated to adorable graphics and subtitles in a chosen language, as they read the Grimm fairy tale of the Frog Princess. Users are able to optionally turn on the read-along audio, which is recorded by a native Spanish or Chinese speaker. This offers the chance to hear language nuances and to help teach, improve and perfect pronunciation.


Steve Jobs Quotes and Trivia


Independent developer, Carlos Gomes is pleased to announce the release of Steve Jobs Quotes and Trivia 1.0, his new entertainment app for iOS dedicated to the former CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs. Being a fan of Steve Jobs for quite awhile, the idea of my first app being dedicated to him was present from the day I bought my first Mac.

This app features:
* Small Bio – Get to know the man and his way on life
* Quotes – Learn from his best inspirational quotes (i.e.: "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.")
* Trivia – Learn some funny facts from Steve’s way of life
* Photos – Review some of the best photos of Steve Jobs, since the foundation of Apple




Independent iOS developer Alexander Blach today is pleased to announce Textastic 3.0 for iPad, a major update to his code editor for programmers and web developers. Textastic 3.0 introduces a completely rewritten syntax highlighting engine and text editor and is now compatible with TextMate syntax definitions and themes. The ability to add your own custom syntax files allows you to add support for your favorite programming and markup languages.

Using the new symbol list you can quickly navigate your documents. For example, Textastic can display a searchable list of function names and classes for programming languages. It also finds headers in Markdown files, or IDs in HTML files. The editor now supports nested syntaxes, so it can detect JavaScript inside an HTML section in a PHP file.

Another often requested feature that is now part of the app is the list of recently used files you can bring up by tapping on the current file name. This allows you to quickly switch between files that are stored in different folders.

The new version supports an even larger set of character encodings than previous versions – notably DOS encodings. Japanese text and other wide characters are now displayed correctly.


Drive Safe – No Sleep


Announcing that MobileAppsHQ, the developers of Drive Safe – No Sleep, has released a uniquely helpful product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Newly launched in the App Store, Drive Safe – No Sleep helps drivers stay awake and alert behind the wheel by providing audio and visual stimulus. A section of the application also assists with power napping via the use of brain entrainment frequencies that help users to sleep for a short period of time enter deep sleep and awake refreshed. This application helps users to overcome sleep deprivation for improved safety and health.

Drive Safe – No Sleep is a new product launch that aids not only in the reduction of accidents due to falling asleep at the wheel but also helps end sleep deprivation for a better quality of life. The application offers two different types of stimuli. There is visual stimulus that is a strobe placed at the periphery of a user’s vision. Although very effective for increasing alertness, it is not to be used by anyone who is prone to seizures.

Another option is the audio stimulus, which can be used with headphones or speakers. Users choose from four pre-set ambient sounds to listen to, or mix one with iPod music. Both the audio and visual method work with brain frequencies, raising them to levels associated with alertness, active concentration and perception. This means that users stay awake, aware and focused while driving or engaged in some other task that requires full attention.


Attack Of The Mall Zombies


Abstrakt Reality introduces Attack Of The Mall Zombies 1.1, for iOS devices. Attack of the Mall Zombies is Abstrakt Reality’s first offering into the mobile gaming platform. Halloween is almost here, and that means, zombies are on center stage as the most known and feared creature of the night. Everyone knows that zombies always return to the malls looking for fresh brains.

"Attack of the Mall Zombies" was inspired by George A. Romero’s "Dawn of the Dead", using the mall as the main stage. Abstrakt Reality plans on updating "Attack of the Mall Zombies" with more levels and bigger maps this winter, however we want everyone to get a chance to experience the same level of fun as we had making the game.

Attack of the Mall Zombies is a 3rd person shooter with a strategy twist. You are the mall cop. The object is to shoot the Zombies while keeping the doors to the mall closed. There are four stores in the mall. The Gun shop, the Clothing store, Sporting store, and the food court. All Stores have choices of weapons depending on the level played. The Gun store=projectile weapons (hand gun, shoot gun and machine gun), the Clothing store= protective clothing (Metal armor and invisible cloth, acid armor) and the Sports store= melee weapons (cattle prod, crossbow and chainsaw). The food court is to recharge your health.


KidsMag Halloween Special Edition


Portegno Apps today is pleased to introduce the launching of KidsMag Halloween Special Edtion with Teo and Bianca, a creative and fun interactive magazine for children age 3 and above. With this this app your kids will enjoy a complete learning and entertaining experience with 15 pages of content that include scary and fun activities.

Teo and Bianca will lead you and your kid through all the activities. Their help is available on every page to be used whenever is needed. Both in written and in audio form. KidsMag is a monthly educational magazine that combines the simplicity of iPad’s intuitive user interface with learning and entertaining benefits of activity books.

KidsMag Halloween Special Edition Highlights:
* Puzzles
* Coloring Book
* Dress Up Teo & Bianca with Halloween Costumes
* Spot the differences
* Counting Candies
* Halloween Story
* Continue the pattern
* and more


Duck Duck Music: Favorite Children’s Songs


Award-winning children’s app developer Duck Duck Moose announces the release of their first music album – Duck Duck Music: Favorite Children’s Songs. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon. The album features classical arrangements of 21 popular children’s songs. The songs include voice, violin, viola, cello and drums:

* Wheels On the Bus
* Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
* Yankee Doodle
* I’ve Been Working On the Railroad
* Old MacDonald Had a Farm
* Ants Go Marching
* Muffin Man
* Baa Baa Black Sheep
* Six Little Little Ducks
* Hickory Dickory Dock
* Down By the Bay
* Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
* My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
* She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain
* If You’re Happy and You Know It
* This Old Man
* Itsy Bitsy Spider
* Skip To My Lou
* ABC Song
* Five Little Ducks
* Bingo


Airhead Adam


OrionArts today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Airhead Adam 1.0, their first game for iPhone and iPod touch. Airhead Adam will be released free during the period of October. So be sure to grab a copy this season!

Play as Adam, the first of the human race and course through space in one of the most vibrant representation of the cosmos. Manoeuver your way through obstacles collecting dazzling stars sparkling bubbles. Dodge an in coming asteroid or bash right through it, all within a simple tap of the finger. Our unique style of "Single Thumb Tapping Control" is set to keep players captivated for endless hours of enjoyment. AirHead Adam will prove that "Single Thumb Tapping" can be addictive.


World Clock 3D


World Clock 3D for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch has today been launched by Grifby Pty Ltd. This app allows users to search for the current times in over 22,000 cities around the world and displays the locations of these cities on an interactive 3D globe. The 3D globe uses real satellite imagery and shows where the Sun is currently shining on Earth. "With World Clock 3D, you get a new way of looking at time. You can instantly get a feeling for what time it is in different places just by looking at the globe," said Cliff Senkbeil, Grifby’s founder and director.

World Clock 3D does not require an Internet connection after download or for the user to know about time zones or daylight savings. In addition, each city name is given in English where an English name exists. Full customization of the cities list is also possible, with two color themes to choose from and the choice between a 24 hour or AM/PM display.

World Clock 3D has a fully interactive 3D globe, which presents each city in context of where night and day are currently happening on Earth. A double tap or pinch zooms in on a particular location.


The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run


Last week when Adobe threw its annual MAX Conference to celebrate its newest software release, Adobe Edge, everyone was talking about the same thing: The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run. The newest game from CB Labs won over attendees with its immersive story, seamless gameplay, and for being the first mobile title to launch with built-in Adobe Edge graphics.

Created and published by CB Labs and developed by Salt Lake City based Rain Interactive, The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run tells the tale of a young school boy named Timmy who decides to wear a cat suit to school. While all the other kids on the playground make fun of Timmy, one girl named Kitty tries to befriend him. Unfortunately, Mitch, the schools bully, has already taken a liking to Kitty and kidnaps her. Timmy must find a way to stop Mitch and his minions and get Kitty back safe and sound.

"Edge just worked so perfectly for what we were trying to accomplish" said the games creator, Adam Kahn. "Not only did we get these amazing cutscenes out of it but we’re the first game, the first app really, to ever use this technology."


SLP Spots


In the wake of companies across the U.S. facing difficulties in attracting and hiring speech pathologists, Smarty Ears, an innovative company in the field of speech pathology, has launched an app for the iPad that is currently used by thousands of qualified and tech savvy speech pathologists. SLP Spots is a free iPad app that allows companies to post job openings for a fraction of what they currently spend on traditional media advertising. It gives speech and language pathologists the opportunity to browse the job openings and post their resumes.

Companies that hire speech pathologists spend numerous hours making direct phone calls and browsing through online resumes, hoping to find a therapist to fill the thousands of open positions across the country. The current shortage in the field of speech pathology has forced companies, school districts, and hospitals to spend a great amount of time, making enormous efforts to find a therapist that is available for the position. At the same time, employment in this field is expected to grow 19 percent, thus companies need a clever and innovative way to reach them. In the past, companies heavily relied on websites such as Monster and Careerbuilder to post their job openings. However, their ads have become lost in a sea of countless irrelevant or unrelated job openings from companies across the globe.

The iPad and Google Maps are remarkable technologies that have been made available to us. SLP Spots has decided to take advantage of this opportunity to make job matching for speech pathologists easier and hassle free. The map feature allows speech pathologists to view the location of the available positions on the Google Map directly on their iPad; this map even allows speech therapists to actually see how far each opening is from their own home. SLP Spots will have each available opportunity mapped out so SLPs can see which cities are displaying the jobs they are specifically looking for.


Make Me A Bible Millionaire


Morals and Integrity Publishing, a San Jose Area based Charity Organization, announced today the release of its iPhone app, Make Me A Bible Millionaire 1.1, on the iTunes App Store. Make Me A Bible Millionaire allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to learn the Word of God in an innovative fun way while challenging themselves to reach the $1,000,000 dollar prize.

Challenge yourself and friends to see who can reach the top prize first. There are 200 questions in four groups which are constantly rotating, making  the game challenging each time you play. Make Me A Bible Millionaire will help you remember and recite Holy Bible scriptures, names and  places in the Bible.

There are links given to purchase items such as the future best-selling book God’s Voice Your Choice which is said to cause God to never stop talking to you. There are also opportunities to win real cash prizes. This game is one of a kind and will likely be around for a long time. The game was tested on children ages 7-10 and the constant playing caused the children to remember and recite Bible information that grown adults who have been in the church for twenty years didn’t know. With 16 questions ranging from $200 to $1,000,000 you will enjoy yourself playing Make Me A Bible Millionaire.


Avadon: The Black Fortress HD


Spiderweb Software announces that, for the next two weeks, their hit game, Avadon: The Black Fortress HD, is now available for half its regular price. Avadon held the #1 RPG spot on iPad for over a week at launch and is now available at its lowest price ever. See what all the fuss is about on one of the only full-length RPGs available for iOS.

Five great nations have banded together to form The Pact. The Pact is defended by Avadon, a secretive sect of spies and assassins. Its agents are everywhere and its word is law. You have been recruited as a Hand of Avadon, charged with missions that require swift action and a heavy fist. However, the enemies of the Pact have plans of their own, and Hands of Avadon are being picked off one by one. It will fall to you to struggle to survive and to reveal that plot that could shatter the safety of The Pact and plunge your homeland into chaos.

Embark on a whole new adventure full of danger, mystery, and intrigue. Visit the lands of the Pact and the wild, hostile lands beyond. Select one of four playable classes, each with dozens of unique skills and abilities. Meet many fascinating characters, explore massive dungeons, and hunt for hundreds of powerful magical artifacts. With over 30 hours of play, Avadon will keep you glued to your seat as its epic story unravels. Avadon is available for Windows PC, Mac, and the iPad.


Sign Docs


Sulaba Inc has revolutionized the document management process and eliminated the need for paper documents with the Sign Docs application for the tablet. This application received recognition from Apple immediately upon approval and selected as New and Noteworthy in iTunes store under productivity category within top 20. Support the go green wave, eliminate paper waste and increase productivity with Sign Docs app. Digital signing with unprecedented flexibility.

Finally, wait is over. Whether you are a mortgage broker, leasing agent or notary public, say goodbye to time consuming paper transactions. Whatever business you’re in, look into the present and ride the wave of the future. Free up your time with Sign Doc to focus on what matters most to you. Go green, organize your business and give yourself piece of mind with unprecedented flexibility in managing your document.

Manage your documents by client and project, and store as many files per client as you need. Create labels within seconds and drag them to the appropriate fields within the document to have it filled out prior to meeting your client. Made a mistake? Correct it immediately without messy white outs by editing or deleting the label.




PhatWare today is pleased to announce the release of a new version of PhatPad for iPad, a note-taking and collaboration app featuring PhatWare’s proven handwriting recognition technology. The new PhatPad includes the latest version of vastly improved WritePad handwriting recognition technology, allowing users to import new words into the user dictionary from their iPad’s contacts and events.

The new PhatPad recognition engine supports multiple main dictionaries, including free US and UK English dictionaries and the US English Medical dictionary as an in-app purchase. The user and main dictionaries are essential for high quality handwriting recognition. The dictionaries are used not only for handwriting recognition but also for spell-checking and word auto-completion. By selecting the appropriate main dictionary and adding new words to the user dictionary, users can improve the overall recognition quality and increase their productivity.

The new English Medical dictionary, which contains 220,000 words with over 130,000 medical and pharmaceutical terms and abbreviations, is designed for medical professionals and students.

PhatPad’s key features include:
* Smooth-flowing digital ink technology, which lets iPad users scribble notes as if they are writing on real paper;
* The ability to combine drawing, handwritten text, images, and digital text on the same document page to create media-rich content;
* A powerful handwriting recognition engine, which automatically converts handwritten notes into text; voice notes which can be recorded, played, and even used in Presentation mode;
* An advanced Presentation mode, which supports a VGA monitor and allows recording and playing presentations by synchronizing document pages and voice;
* PhatPad document sharing via email, Dropbox synchronization, uploading to Google Docs and Evernote, and direct access using WiFi or iTunes;
* Printing to a printer on wireless network via AirPrint.


Emoji EmoTexts Emoticons: All-in-1 Text Messaging Tool


Panorama Concepts introduces Emoji Emotexts Emoticons: All-in-1 Text Messaging Tool for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Emoji Emotexts Emoticons takes the Emoji messaging experience to a whole new level by also incorporating moving animations and also pictures based on text.

Tired of the conventional text messaging? This app will you give you access to over 1800+ artwork / designs to be used on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Works with applications such as SMS, E-Mail, Notes, Contacts, Safari, Calendar or any other text input application. The Emoji keyboard will also work in third party applications that are downloaded through the App Store.

Please note that Emoticon images sent via text messaging may not be displayed properly due to mobile phone compatibility and network provider. In addition, Emoji is not yet standardized and will not appear correctly on non-Apple devices.


Tube Downloader Free


Apps2Be is pleased to announce today the release of free version of its popular universal iOS app Tube Downloader. Tube Downloader Free is a niche app developed specifically to download and organize videos from a variety of tubes and video sites on iOS devices. It is the first and only one iOS app that combines universal video downloader with user friendly file manager, full featured media player and password protection for your private videos.   

"Finally we have released the free version of Tube Downloader. It has the same cool features as the paid version has but it is limited to store up to 7 videos. We hope you’ll enjoy it!", says Sergey Sokolov,  Product  Manager of Apps2Be.

The free version of the app features a fully integrated functional Safari-like web browser, air-play support, universal video download manager, supporting up to 10 simultaneous downloads and downloading videos over 20mb via 3G,  file manager with video thumbnails, ability to switch browser user agent and of course password protection.


Chords + Lyrics


StudioWolff and 3rd Cloud today are proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Chords + Lyrics 1.0, their new iPad app which has hit the App Store today. Chords + Lyrics is a simple to use, yet powerful, app that allows amateur or semi-professional musicians to easily collect and manage their chords and lyrics, and to edit them with ease.

When ready, the device can be rotated to landscape orientation to transform it into a music stand. Great to take with you when practicing or performing on stage. It even can transpose your chords on the fly with a single tap. What distinguishes Chords + Lyrics from similar apps, is the ease of which you can import your lyrics from you favorite website. Any website, in fact. Chords + Lyrics is smart enough to detect the chords for you. We think amateur musicians will love this app.




Appburgh is pleased to announce Tails 1.0, their latest iOS book. One of the best ways to encourage children to read is through humor. This interactive rhyming story will surely provide readers with a few giggles as they see what their world would look like "If people had tails." Written and Illustrated by Georgette Noullet. Colorful animated illustrations with hidden sound effects will keep the reader reading this book app over and over again.


Moon Township, Pennsylvania – "Kids would have fun hanging high in the air, laughing and playing, giving grown-ups a scare!"

One of the best ways to encourage children to read is through humor. This interactive rhyming story will surely provide readers with a few giggles as they see what their world would look like "If people had tails."

Children will wonder what the world would be like if we all had tails. What a wonderful world it would be if we all had tails and could swing from the trees.

Colorful animated illustrations with hidden sound effects will keep the reader reading this book app over and over again.

The narration options will allow them to read and have book read to them all by themselves for hours of entertainment.


Word vs Word


Word puzzle enthusiasts, bring your "A" game. Spuzzle, Inc. launches a new social word game challenge in the form of Word vs Word, an app with the all-in-one link between a crossword puzzle, hangman and a word search game.

The game offers social interaction with live turn-based play and chat messaging with friends and random opponents or equally challenging solo matches. From the more than 3,500 word games available in the iTunes App Store, Word vs Word is an accumulation of all things word game players find addictive, fun and rewarding.

Word vs Word challenges players to uncover a secret word between three and eight letters. Through strategic process of elimination, intuitive selection and a little luck, the winning player reveals the secret word first and is presented with that word’s definition. As educational as it is entertaining, the app provides a social venue for learning new words and definitions.

"Word games appeal to the masses," said Jeff Russell, president and Co-Owner of Spuzzle. "Word vs Word brings an entirely novel game to the app community that will engage people of all ages and skill levels. This game will test players, provide them with a new leisure activity, and educate them all at once."


Days to Date


Fjapps introduces a new App to the App Store. It is called "Days to Date". The App is a date calculator that can tell the user the number of days between two specific dates.

You can select two dates and just touching a button, get the number of days between them. Simple, easy and with a beautiful and user friendly interface. When you select a date you have these options:

* Use any date: In this case, you can select whatever date you want.
* Use "today" date: In this case the date will be set to the current day and more. If you open the App the next day, it will automatically change to the new date. So the App will always be updated.

This App is ideal for getting the number of days left to any particular special event. This could be your wedding, an exam, your grandson birth.. set the "from…" date to "Today" and the "to…" date to "Other", choosing the important day. Any date selected as "Today" will automatically update as days pass. So, in this example, anytime you open the App, the count of days will automatically update. It is very easy to use!




ProPlayer is an innovative application for playing video and audio files in any format on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Stop converting files on your computer and start watching right on your iOS device. With ProPlayer it’s that easy. The only thing you have to do is transfering the files via USB to your device and you’re good to go. There is no conversion necessary.

ProPlayer also supports external subtitles. Just transfer a subtitle file to your device and ProPlayer displays it with the matching video file.

With the multitouch gesture feature, you can easily control the video playback with a finger swipe.


GPS Navigation 2


skobbler announces today the release of GPS Navigation 2, the industry’s first universal, online-offline ("hybrid") navigation app for iPhones and 3G-equipped iPads. Powered by the dynamic open-source mapping project, OpenStreetMap, skobbler’s GPS Navigation 2 delivers the most versatile voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation product currently available on iOS devices without a monthly subscription.

Hybrid Functionality:
GPS Navigation 2 now affords users the ability to switch between online or offline navigation depending on their particular circumstances. Available on the iTunes App Store for just $0.99, users receive unrestricted online turn-by-turn navigation and audiovisual advisory.

Offline navigation, available through in-app purchase of territory maps, opens the door to faster and even more reliable results as the app leverages only the device’s GPS, functioning entirely independent of network connectivity. GPS Navigation 2’s offline mode recalculates routes up to 10 times faster than standard navigation apps as the heavy lifting is done locally on the device, as opposed to via the over-the-air network.

Once a territory map is purchased, skobbler’s unique in-app purchase system allows users the freedom to install, uninstall, or reinstall maps at any time ensuring a device’s storage capacity is never being occupied unnecessarily. Users purchase access to maps of countries, continents or the entire world, and load specific territories onto devices to unlock GPS Navigation 2’s full hybrid functionality.

True Bargain – No Subscriptions:
Thanks to Skobbler’s implementation of OpenStreetMap, GPS Navigation 2 is available to users without any monthly subscription fee common to most navigation apps in the US App Store. The complete online version of GPS Navigation 2 is currently available just $0.99 on the iTunes App Store. Premium features like installable maps for complete, uninterrupted offline use are available via in-app purchases at extremely competitive one-time prices.

Additionally, all 500,000 of current Skobbler users in the United States will receive GPS Navigation 2 as a complimentary upgrade today.


Crazy Enigma HD


RapidFrog Team are excited to announce that the new game Crazy Enigma HD 1.0 is now available on ITunes stores. Crazy Enigma is a labyrinth maze style game, where you tilt and avoid many different obstacles. Tilt to help Enigma the bomb to avoid the labyrinth obstacles and reach to the target. There are 30 levels with 3 difficulties. Player will go through many obstacles such as Bombs, Spikes, Electric Fields, Flames, Laser Beams, Crushers, Bouncer Triggers, etc. Each level has certain amount of time to achieve the level. If time goes 0 Enigma will explode. Each difficulty in the game affects the time of the level.

* 30 Levels: there are 30 levels and goes challenging gradually.
* 3 Difficulties: there are 3 difficulties, Easy, Normal and Hard. Each affects the level’s time.
* Animated Obstacles: there are many animated obstacles such as Electricity, Flames, Round Spikes, Round Laser Beams and Crushers.
* Sound.
* Accelerometer Calibration: Player can calibrate the accelerometer.


Animation Desk


Kdan Mobile has released the lite versions for both the iPhone and the iPad editions of its highly-praised creativity app, Animation Desk(TM). Users are able to experience its rich and friendly drawing environment for free and create up to three animation projects each with a maximum of 50 frames. With the help of various handy drawing tools, dynamic backgrounds, audio support, multiple export options, and a series of tutorials and How-To guides, anyone can leverage their creativity and transform ideas into animations. Users can also collaborate on an animation project through file transfer and enjoy the fun with family and friends.

Animation Desk(TM) is a mobile application that allows users to create hand-drawn animations on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Its drawing interface resembles the real working environment of a professional animator who completes each frame of an animation on a specially-designed desk, the animation desk. Despite its professional visual design, Animation Desk(TM) is easy and fun to work with. "Our goal is to ensure a pleasant drawing experience for both professionals and amateur animators," says Kenny Su, CEO of Kdan Mobile.

The full versions of Animation Desk(TM) was featured as New and Noteworthy on iTunes front page in over 60 countries including US, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Spain. Furthermore, it has won the Best Tablet App Award of App Next 2011, an annual competition held by Business Next Magazine. Animation Desk(TM) has successfully established a wide recognition as an enjoyable way to explore users’ creative side and a great tool to build up their animation skills, as shown in the reviews of PadGadget, Appolicious and iPhone App Review. Animation Desk(TM) for iPhone and Animation Desk(TM) for iPad are both updated to support audio input and PDF export earlier this month.


Flick Golf Extreme!


Full Fat has announced a stunning update of the acclaimed Flick Golf Extreme! for iOS. This time Flick Golf Extreme! takes you to Canada, on top of the most amazing waterfalls. A new challenge for all Flick Golf Extreme! fans… so get ready for an additional adrenaline fix in Eagle Falls, a new hole-in-one course for a more extreme challenge!

Incredibly simple to play, just flick the ball and hit the hole. Our trademark spin control, combined with insanely fun gameplay brings you the world’s first truly extreme golf game. Play across skyscrapers, an oil rig, aircraft carrier, on top of waterfalls and more in the most insane conditions you’ve ever seen!

* New course: Eagle Falls
* Shoot for an insane score in classic Quickshot mode;
* Play World Tour across the most extreme courses in the world;
* Try out the challenging Five Ball mode;
* Gorgeous 3D environments;
* See your ball set ablaze with amazing hole-in-one special effects;
* Incredibly accurate in-air spin control
* Full Game Center and Openfeint leaderboards;
* Over 30 in-game achievements;
* Enhanced graphics for iPhone and iPad 2


ezComposer Free


How do you make a music in your iPhone? Do you insert each note in the small display? ezComposer supports chord and style editor so that user doesn’t need to sequence each note. The free version also has full chord set and style sets. For beginners, ezComposer supports chord progression recommedation system. So, to make a song, what you need is arrange the chord and playing styles of each instrument by drag and drop. ezComposer has 49 HQ instruments with 16bit 44.1kHz and 7 drumkits including standard, jazz, rock and more.

The ezcomposer website shows simple demo of making canon in 5 min. Users can export to midi file then load their music in their favorite desktop DAW like cubase, sonar. It’s easy:

Drag-and-drop based chord and style editing:
* 144 chords: major, minor, 7th, 6th, m7, m7, m7-5, aug, dim, dim7, Maj7, sus4 chords
* 132 drum styles: 4 beat, 8 beat, 16 beat and various feel-ins
* 132 piano styles: Well-sequenced midi playing sets like professional pianist’s play
* 72 guitar styles: Various sets from stroke to arpeggio (A1-1 ~ B9-3)
* 60 base guitar styles: Various bass guitar styles (C1-1 ~ D6-3)
* Double tapping support to insert chord and style


iWanted Poster


iWanted Poster, a free iPhone App for creating wild west style Wanted Posters has now become one of the most wanted iPhone Apps. In just a few short weeks since it’s release, iWanted Poster has achieved a solid five star rating on the iPhone App store. iWanted Poster is completely free of advertising and there are no restriction on using it.

With iWanted Poster, you can create humorous posters of your family and friends and share them via Facebook or email. Each poster can be customized with different dastardly deeds and reward amounts. Choose a picture in your Photo Library or with your iPhone camera and iWanted Poster makes it look like an old west photo. Customize your poster with different backgrounds, styles, and text. Save it to your Photo Library or Uploaded to Facebook. For only $0.99, purchase unlimited saving of high resolution 5 megapixel images to your Photo Library. This resolution is good enough to print on 11 inch by 14 inch paper.




MeeTicket is a simple, efficient, and free App. MeeTicket allows users to easily retrieve and download mobile boarding passes, no matter which airline they are taking. No need to download the individual apps for each airline and figure out their sometimes complicated interfaces. Use one single app for all your trips! With MeeTicket your mobile pass experience will be  painless (in-house optimizations), secure (share your boarding passes) and even fun! (Tweet about your impending takeoff)


Paris, France – MeeTicket, and your smartphone becomes a boarding pass!

* 3,300,000,000 boarding passes in 2014
* 480,000,000 boarding passes expected in smartphone form
* 238 IATA-accredited airlines
* 1 app for all of the above: MeeTicket!
* MeeTicket: simple, efficient, and free

MeeTicket allows users to easily retrieve and download mobile boarding passes, no matter which airline they are taking.

No need to download the individual apps for each airline and figure out their sometimes complicated interfaces… As to the three billion pages printed each year, they will soon seem archaic.




Juicy Bits today is pleased to release an iOS 5-compatible update to their Halftone app that takes advantage of new Twitter functionality in iOS 5 and adds the ability to send and receive images from apps like Instagram, Camera , and ColorSplash. Halftone has been selected by Apple as its App Of The Week in both Canada and the U.K., has had over 750,000 downloads, and has a 4 1/2  star rating in the App Store. Halftone goes beyond other "photo filter" apps and gives images a unique, vintage style that makes them look like they belong in an old comic strip.

Users choose from over 25 paper styles, select a built-in layout, and add word and thought balloons with a couple of quick touches. Over 25 stylized stamps can be placed on the photo including sound-effect words like BLAM!, bar codes, coffee stains, swooshes, and explosions. Finish off the image with any font, including three special licensed fonts. When complete, Halftone images can be printed or sent directly to friends via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook.

Features Included in this Update:
* iOS 5 compatibility and Twitter support
* New "Clear Image" option (a huge user request)
* Ability to send images to Instagram and other compatible apps like Camera
* Ability to send and receive images from PhotoAppLink-compatible apps like ColorSplash
* Ability to open images from other apps like FX Photo Studio
* A few new stamps (many more are coming soon)
* New app icon


Trip Journal for Business


Sprightly Software today released an update to Trip Journal for Business. This first of its kind iPad and iPhone app for tracking business vehicle use makes it easy to record almost every aspect of business vehicle use. The app keeps track of all the details of vehicle use for accounting, client billing, incoming tax purposes, and more.

Perfect for both small and medium sized businesses, Trip Journal for Business makes it easy to record vital business information. Never again will business professionals have to fumble with a paper journal, or miss an entry because it wasn’t convenient. Users can fill in most of the information before leaving on their trip, then fill in the final odometer reading at their destination.

Version 1.2 features:
* A new GPS button below the starting point and destination addresses that can automatically determine the user’s location from their device’s built-in GPS
* A new default vehicle in Preferences that selects the user’s vehicle automatically when adding log entries
* Existing logs are now editable. To make them read-only, a new option has been added in Preferences
* User interface enhancements


Phitty Memory Game HD


Phit Interactive, a Phit Mobile Technologies brand, has announced the release of Phitty Memory Game for iPhone and iPad (HD version), an application inspired in the well-known memory game. With an educational approach, this app was created to keep players actively engaged, having fun and simultaneously learning and developing cognitive skills, as well as eye-hand coordination.

The goal is to match the hidden pieces and eliminate as many as possible. From toddler level to advanced players, this game offers a number of different challenges that will keep them coming back – even children with reduced attention span.

While playing, young ones will be learning sounds and shapes by association. When a pair is matched, the player will hear the sound of the letter or word and associate it to the corresponding meaning. Players can choose from four different categories – letters, animals, fruits and shapes – or select a random mode.

Going back to the tabletop gaming spirit, the team carefully developed a multiplayer approach, making sure that up to 4 players could sit around the iPad or iPhone and share the fun in a fast paced game where all players try to keep up with each other. When a player fails, the pieces may shuffle themselves and the next will immediately take over.


Like My Music


Like My Music, leverages the Facebook "like" functionality allowing users to share what music they are listening to with their friends. By clicking the "Like" button from within the app, users can choose to "like" the current song, album or artist that is currently being played. Some of the other key features of Like My Music include the ability to choose what music you want to hear and when you want to hear it. The app goes beyond just randomizing your songs; it allows for you to completely customize your listening experience by lettings users choose what time of day certain Artists, Albums, Composers, Genres and Playlists are played.

Facebook has become one of the main ways in which people communicate. That’s why the main thing that really sets Like My Music apart from all other iPhone music apps is the fact that it is seamlessly integrated with Facebook. From the main screen within the app, users can choose to click the "like" button if they like what is currently being played. The app remembers your Facebook information after the first time you log on. When a user chooses to "like" the song that is being played, a post is placed on their Facebook wall for all of their friends to see and comment. A simple double-tap from the main screen of the app shows a list of your recent likes, friends and favorites. You can even see what recent music your friends have liked the most in terms of Artist, Music or Album! All of the "likes" are conveniently sorted by the number of likes they have received from your friends!  This allows you to stay informed about what type of music your friends enjoy the most! You can even play a song that one of your friends has liked, simply by selecting it. If you do not currently own the song, you are brought to the iTunes store where you can download it.


Downloader for Dropbox


Appsequence today is pleased to announce the release of an exciting new app, Downloader for iPhone and iPod touch. Downloader is an app that can download anything from the web straight to your iPhone or iPod touch. Downloaded files such as pdf, music, video or any other file can be send to your Dropbox account or shared with email. Files and images are kept forever on your device and can be played or viewed at any time.

Downloader for Dropbox features a fully integrated functional web browser and download manager supporting simultaneous downloads and download in background mode. Bookmark websites with the built-in bookmark manager so you can return at any time to download more files and images. It is a sophisticated yet easy to use tool that offers a ton of features and functions to help users enjoy their music, video, photo, document, archive and other files on their mobile devices.


Animated Puzzle


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]