Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – November 3, 2011

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

D3S DSLR – Min-U Guide


Independent developer Ken Tidwell is pleased to introduce D3S DSLR v1.1 for iOS, another in his series of popular Min-U Guides to Nikon DSLRs. The app provides quick, easy access to information by allowing the user to "drill down" through a topic, just like using the camera menus, until they find exactly what they need. For example, a new photographer may want to find out how to set the camera’s self-timer so he can appear in a group shot.

From the app’s opening screen the user selects the topic Custom Setting Menu from among six other chapter headings, then they pick Timers from five other choices, and finally they choose Self-Timer from four other listings, where step-by-step instructions are found. A convenient alternative to carrying bulky, printed reference material, the app also includes a handy list of D3S Quick Specs, a troubleshooting checklist, error messages, supported standards, digital photography & DSLR lens glossaries, CF card capacity calculator, handy whiteboard and an iPad Camera Kit overview.

The opening screen of this Min-U Guide consists of seven main chapter headings, each including a replica of the icon used on the D3S for that menu. The six Menu chapters include: Playback (modify playback settings and manage photos an movies), Shooting (configure D3S shooting options), Custom Settings (fine-tune camera settings to your liking), Setup (basic camera configuration), Retouch (create trimmed or retouched copies of existing images), and My Menu (your custom menu and options). The seventh chapter, [More], contains miscellaneous info (D3S specs and glossaries, error messages, etc.) Touching any chapter activates a push transition, where the next page enters right to left, pushing off the current page. Similarly, touching any topic on the second screen activates another transition. This smooth, visually appealing iOS based navigation system makes moving up and down the hierarchically arranged menus and sub-menus quick, intuitive and enjoyable.




Florian Stiassny is pleased to announce ‘LightningCam’, the small photo app that allows capturing a lightning strike in real time with full resolution of 8 Megapixel.

In life before the new iPhone, lightings were hard to capture with professional equipment and almost impossible with a mobile cell phone camera. This app now enables everyone to take free hand breathtaking shots of lightning strikes using a new iPhone; no additional equipment like tripods or sensors are needed. LightningCam 1.1 features:

* HD Video Mode
LightningCam analyzes the HD video output (Resolution 720P) for the event of a lightning strike and captures the frame, in which the lightning occurs as well as the following frame. Both frames are saved with a resolution of 1280720 pixels using JPEG compression.

* Camera Mode
LightningCam captures the lightning strike with the main camera with full photo resolution (5MP for iPhone 4, 8MP for iPhone 4S). Due to hardware limitations, fast lightning strikes might be missed in this mode with the iPhone 4, whereas the iPhone 4s should capture almost all lightning strikes within range.

Once the memory limit is reached, the app shows a gallery of the captured lightning images and allows selecting all images one wants to keep. These selected images are then saved to the iPhone camera roll.


Arty Pop


Entering the popular category of iPhone photography, whozt LLC today announces its newly updated app, Arty Pop, which allows even amateur photographers to turn their images into colorful pop art like the masters Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. By popular demand, the updated version 1.2 now allows users to save their images in high resolution and improves loading performance.

While there are a number of apps that offer photo manipulation features for the iPhone, few of them are able to do so in classic pop art style. This is what makes Arty Pop a popular photo manipulation app for aspiring artists, casual photographers and those who simply wish to add a dash of vintage glamour to their photos.

"Arty Pop is a fun new way to play with your photos and turn them into pop art," said L. Ryan Crews, Co-Founder of whozt LLC. "The app makes it as easy as snap, style, and save!"

In Arty Pop, users choose from trademark pop art styles made popular by renowned pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, whose styles are aptly named "Warish" and "Lichtish" in the app. The artist’s style will then be added as an effect to the user’s photo, giving it a striking design.

The featured pop art styles also have their own sets of variations. For example, "Warish" recreates Warhol’s 9-color repeating images in several different print styles, allowing users to choose between large or small tiled versions of the print.

This updated version of Arty Pop adds a new feature which allows users to render high resolution versions of their work. This new development stemmed from the requests of fans who are eager to create larger versions of their photos after having designed them on the app.


Friends Aloud


All Apple iOS device owners can now access, listen to, and post status updates and comments solely by voice to their Facebook news feed via Friends Aloud 3.0 created by VoiZapp, Inc. It was the first app to bring state of the art text-to-speech reading aloud technology to Facebook, and now lets you talk back to Facebook just like Siri does, but on all iOS devices, not just on the new iPhone 4S.

Friends Aloud 3.0 now includes built-in Nuance-based speech recognition that enables you to dictate status updates, comments, and "likes." It reads aloud and listens to your spoken responses, enabling a complete, end-to-end, Facebook-by-voice experience. Just tap the microphone button on its main screen, say anything you like, and it will convert what you said to text and auto-send it to Facebook. Start speaking by saying "Comment…" to make it a comment, or just say "Like" to like the current post. Speak again to edit or add more to what you said before. Dictate punctuation as you like: to post "I think, therefore I am!" you would simply say, "I think comma therefore I am exclamation point." In the Settings screen, choose between an American or UK English accent, and turn on/off Auto-Send. Like Siri, it just works, but now on all iOS devices.


Civilization War


Blue Onion Soft Inc. are happy to announce the release of the updated version of their popular free MMO game Civilization War, which guarantees better user experience for players switching to iOS5. Developers keep perfecting their flagship title, promising an even broader range of new features to come out soon.

The updated version boasts better performance on the new iOS, due to the numerous improvements both to the gameplay and functionality. Recent updates also brought extended list of nations to play for, each with its own units, buildings, peculiarities and bonuses.

Civilization War is a massive multiplayer online game where users are offered a chance to lead a nation through the ignorance and miseries of ancient times to the modern technology age and far beyond. Going head to head with history’s greatest leaders as they gather armies, discover new units, and build the most powerful empire that has ever existed, players start the game as a leader of a small country gradually paving their way to the world domination.

Users can create alliances, cooperate to deal with a stronger enemy, and battle other users online. Except for this basic for MMO games features, there are a number of others which make the app stand out of the crowd. For example, a Spy can be send to the chosen players to gather information, kill their strongest unit or destroy most expensive building. Thus users have broader opportunities to strategize and succeed in the vicious Civilization War world. Another unique feature is the Hit List which allows users to add stronger enemies they couldn’t defeat into the list and pay allies for defeating them.


Presentation Viewer


Zuhanden GmbH today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Presentation Viewer for iPhone 1.0. A must have for presenters, Presentation Viewer for iPhone is the ideal companion for presentations on the go. Have your presentations at your fingertips. It allows you to mash PDF presentations, videos and images into engaging mobile slideshows right on your iPhone. Anywhere and anytime.

Presentation Viewer works great with extremely large presentations. Smart rendering ensures that slides are always at your fingertips when you need them, not a second later. Presentations can be stored locally without the need for an internet connection.

Your presentations can easily be shared with your audience, customers or fellow workers. You can send your presentation by Email, update slideshows via Dropbox or share your files via the iTunes shared folder. Presentation Viewer also supports HDMI and Airplay output to show your presentation to a larger audience via an external screen, TV or projector.

* Store your PDF presentations right on your iPhone
* Integrate videos and images for engaging mobile slideshows
* View your slideshows at an unmatched speed, due to optimized rendering
* Quickly jump to relevant slides using the overview screen
* Show your presentation on an external screen or projector
* Use built-in laser pointer to highlight your points
* Easily share presentations via iTunes shared folder, Dropbox and Email


Prank Sound


SSA Mobile LLC today is pleased to announce the launch of Prank Sound 1.0 Free for iPhone/iPod. Prank your friends, classmates, colleges or anyone else with this ultimate killer prank sound generator. Just one touch and your iPhone or iPod begins to synthesize the sound of horribly annoying frequency. No one will resist the powerful sound action of 15 kHz frequency.

Smooth frequency adjustment will help you to find the best sound in any situation. And the main thing is that the sound is generated in such a way that it’s really impossible to detect the source of this sound, and find you out. Prank Sound also features timer and duration settings that will help to start generating your prank sound without touching your device. As well as "repeat" feature that can repeat prank automatically.

Key Features:
* Adjustable sound frequency
* Set timer, duration and repeats  
* Impossible to detect sound source


Baby Rattle Toy


Designed by parents for parents, SelenaSoft, Inc. today is pleased to introduce Baby Rattle Toy, its latest intuitive and interactive app for iPhone and iPad that helps toddlers develop fine motor skills in a fun way. Baby Rattle Toy features bright colors and cheerful sounds that change and respond to a baby’s touch of the screen. A playful cast of characters – a purring cat, charming fox, shining sun, and more – bounce and move across the screen. Children can start playing with Baby Rattle Toy as soon the app is launched, without a menu or start button to get in the way.

"Baby Rattle Toy is not only fun and engaging, it is also a great learning tool for your baby," said Viacheslav Korotaiev, Founder of SelenaSoft. "The app encourages the development of fine motor skills and teaches babies how to perform precise tasks."

One of the things that make the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch ideal for teaching children is their touch-based interfaces. At a young age, children learn with all of their senses and one of their most important tools is their hands. The devices’ ability for interaction makes it easier for babies to do precise tasks in a small environment.

This is what makes apps such as Baby Rattle Toy a valuable tool for a child’s learning. In Baby Rattle Toy, a child develops fine motor skills by following a smiling sun on screen and touching it to make it bounce. In the background, a cheerful melody plays and either slows down or speeds up depending on the sun’s movement.

Fine motor skills are invaluable to children because they are learned through repetition, and are required in being able to do discrete tasks. These are more difficult for children to master because they are dependent on muscle control, judgment, patience and brain coordination. There is a variety of fine motor skills that children are made to learn. These can range from a simple act such as buttoning a shirt to playing the piano.


Slingshot Justice


Anomalous Interactive have teamed up with OpenFeint’s ‘Free Game Of The Day’ to celebrate our ‘Back-To-School’ update, by giving away the entire game for Free. This great deal starts on November 2nd and will only last for 48 hours so all our fans have the chance to uphold justice and deal out some slingshot punishment using the all new weapons and levels.

Slingshot Justice is a frenetic paced shooter, action-arcade game that requires quick aim and an unrelenting resolve. From your Tree House of Solitude deal schoolyard justice upon the bully menace with your arsenal of homemade weapons; the trusty slingshot, an ice cream scoop rifle and the powerful grenade launcher. Pack grapes, muffins, soda bombs, the all new glue bomb and many other objects into your weapons to unleash mayhem upon the bullies and serve justice for the innocent.

Slingshot Justice features:
* Free to play
* Simple tap to shoot mechanics that are easy to learn but hard to master
* Retina display supported graphics
* Openfeint leaberboards and achievements
* A first person shooter twist on classic defense style games
* Multiple bullies that dodge and avoid your onslaught
* Multiple levels, weapons and ammunition


Escape to Earth


Independent game developer, Kelly Collins today is pleased to introduce Escape to Earth, an exciting all new sci-fi action-adventure for all iOS devices. In Escape to Earth, your mission is to find your way back to Earth from deep within an alien mothership. Yes, unfortunately you have been abducted. But all hope is not lost. Somehow you have escaped from your cell and stolen one of their ships. The ship is equipped with lasers, missiles, a tractor-beam, and a repulser. And someone, or something is helping you. And maybe, you are helping them too.

Escape to Earth combines elements from many popular games to create an experience that is unique on the iOS platform. Solve physics based puzzles using your tractor-beam and repulser. Travel through wormholes to instantly teleport from one location to another. Battle a stream of enemy ships using your laser canon and missile launcher. And navigate a labyrinth of twists and turns with the aid of your mysterious guide to find your way home. Escape to Earth is a game unlike any other in the App Store.




Sponge Forge today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Instamory 1.0, their new gaming title developed exclusively for iPad. Instamory is a beautifully designed iPad version of the classic concentration game in which you memorize and collect matching pairs of Instagram photos. Thanks to Instagram’s gigantic photo database with more than 150 Million uploads, a card set is easily configured. It never gets boring, there is every day something new to discover.

Feature List:
* Play with your own Instagram photos, or choose from millions of public ones
* Play instantly with a random set, or individually configure one
* Replace individual photos and block photos that you don’t want to see anymore
* Different photo sources available: My Photos, Popular, Featured and Tag Search
* Support for 1 to 4 players on a single iPad
* Designed specifically for the iPad, with a clean and simple UI
* Play at different difficulty levels (5, 15 or 24 pairs of cards)
* Make new photos on the fly and make them available in the game
* Use Instamory to browse and discover Instagram photos
* "Like" photos or become a follower directly from within the app


Meeting Box


Meeting Box is note taking software for the iPad that provides users with the ability to record, take notes, draw/sketch, and add checklists – All of which can be done simultaneously, eliminating the trouble of toggling back and forth between multiple applications or screens during a meeting. The application is designed specifically with the needs of the working professional and student in mind, yet can be useful to just about anyone in almost any setting. The app is ideal for presentations, lectures, classes, conferences, business meetings or any other situation where note taking is needed.

"Since its release in September, this has quickly become one of our most popular applications" remarked Fishington Studios CEO Chris Flammer "Thanks to suggestions from our customers, we’ve added a number of updates to make this application really standout from the other note taking software available. I am confident that for the price, this is one of the best note taking applications available on the iTunes store today and that future updates will only continue to set Meeting Box apart."

Meeting Box 2.0 includes the ability to export meetings as a pdf file, which can then be emailed, printed wirelessly, or exported to third party applications such as Dropbox and GoodReader. To help with organizing entries, meetings can now be sorted into custom lists and developers have coded in the ability to edit notes while simultaneously listening to a former meeting’s recording. In addition to these features, numerous other improvements to the drawing, writing and recording algorithms have been made, as well as to the application interface.

"Whether you are a businessman, dreamer, student, parent, teacher, busy Mom, or just an everyday Joe, I know you will find Meeting Box to be a simple and streamlined solution for all your note taking needs" Flammer concluded.


Zaha Hadid – Contemporary Arts Center


Announcing that in-D media, LLC, the developers of Zaha Hadid – Contemporary Arts Center, has launched an exciting new product for iPad users. This is a new application that gives users an immersive experience by taking them behind the scenes of the award winning Contemporary Arts Center structure, via a rich multi-media format. Users are able to enjoy an extensive collection of photographs, virtual reality panoramas, interviews, drawings, paintings and animations of the CAC’s innovative architecture. This app represents an architectural first.

In-D media, LLC is proud to announce the launch of their latest product for students, enthusiasts and those merely curious about innovative architecture, or one of the world’s most celebrated architects. The app, which was featured in New and Noteworthy for a full week after launching, showcases the critically acclaimed Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) design, created by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, Zaha Hadid.

This application immerses the user in an interactive, rich multi-media experience that includes an extensive collection of still photos, virtual reality panoramas, drawings, paintings and animations of the CAC, from concept through to completion. There is also an offering of sixty full minutes of personal interviews with Architect Zaha Hadid, Project Architect, Markus Dochantschi, and CAC Director, Charles Desmarais.

After a user has enjoyed full use of this unique application, they will have toured the interior and exterior of the CAC building, learned about the ideas and challenges that played a part during the development, and learned a little more about how brilliant minds work together to create an innovative structure.


Tie Knots in Split Color Video


Announcing that Innox, the developers of Tie Knots in Split Color Video, has launched an exciting new product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a unique new application, the first in existence to offer an easy to follow video format for those learning to tie knots in their ties. Tie Knots contains thirteen, two color videos showing exactly which part of the tie goes where, slows down on the hard turns, mirror the hands and generally provides a learning tool that everyone can use. A product of this kind cannot found anywhere else.

Tie Knots in Split Color Video is the first application of its kind in the world. It uniquely offers thirteen videos in two colors, making it easy for anyone to learn a variety of intricate necktie knots.

Recording the videos in two colors was done for the purpose of clarity for the user. The colored parts of the video help a user understand which part of the tie goes where. Practicing can be done as often as is necessary or desired by stopping, rewinding or replaying the recordings. Wherever there are hard turns in a knot, the video moves in slower motion to facilitate learning.

In order to make the instructions as clear as possible, developers have recorded the video in mirror image, so users don’t have to stop and think about which hand goes where, they just have to follow along. Generally speaking, Tie Knots in Split Color has been created in a format that can be followed by everyone looking to learn necktie knots. Some of the types of knots include the Windsor, Half Windsor, Italian, Four in Hand, Onassis, Merovingian, and many more.


Fat Fish


Announcing that Qast Mobile, the developers of Fat Fish, has released the latest update of their enjoyable product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a game application that provides sixty levels of fun and whale saving through three different worlds. Players must help the whales to feed and increase in size, while fighting off obese puffer fish, sharks and piranhas who have discovered pound-packing fast food. Fat Fish is a great game to just grab and play. Among the features offered in this graphic-rich app, is a practice arena for skill sharpening.

Qast Mobile is proud to announce the release of their latest 1.2 version for Fat Fish. With bugs fixed and menus updated, players will enjoy even more gaming fun in this simple but challenging application.

Fat Fish offers a full sixty levels of gameplay that takes players through three different underwater worlds and exposes them to six bosses. Gameplay is easy, merely a matter of tapping or holding. A player needs to stay aware though, if they are to feed whales while watching for an attacking pack of piranhas, bully sharks or continuously growing and angry puffer fish.

The nasty fish have been obese in this graphic-rich game. They have discovered a popular fast food joint at the bottom of the sea. Now, because they’ve developed a taste for burgers, they sit around and eat all day, increasing in size and generally becoming a dangerous menace to the gentle whales. That’s where the player comes in.


Vehicle Identification System (V.I.S.)


Announcing that Ten 8 Industries, the developers of Vehicle Identification System (V.I.S.), has released a unique product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. V.I.S. is a new application created by police officers for fellow police and security officers on patrol. The app contains an extensive image database of almost every make and model of vehicle from the past ten years. New years are automatically added to keep officers current on new vehicle releases. V.I.S. helps to identify or rule out suspect vehicles and helps witnesses.

Ten 8 Industries is proud to announce the launch of their unique new app for officers on patrol. Vehicle Identification System (V.I.S.) is the only application of its kind, having been created by police officers for use by fellow police and security officers.

The application consists of an extensive database of vehicle images, with almost every single make and model released in the past ten years covered. Whenever new vehicles are put on the market, their photo and details are automatically added to the V.I.S. database to keep officers current.

With V.I.S., officers can very quickly and easily find out if a car they spot matches a model and year they’re looking for. The app is also an excellent way for victims and witnesses to identify a vehicle whether they know car makes or not. An officer is able to immediately show a photo to help with the identification or elimination process, making their investigations faster and more efficient.


Situation SHUFFLE


From the minds of the creative geniuses at renowned mobile software developer IntStorm Studios, comes an iPhone app that will forever change the way users think about reasoning games. Situation Shuffle for iPhone, available for just $0.99 at iTunes, is a reasoning game that – in surprising users during gameplay with the ability to unlock secret Shuffle Quizzes – does away with the dull and puts the fun and wild spontaneity back into problem solving games. All you have to do is arrange a set of image cards in the right sequence; but, be advised…you’ll have to be super observant (and intelligent) to crack the code!

Unlike most problem solving apps, many of which provide a rigid, dreary format and a limited scope, Situation Shuffle solves the problem of dull, dry reasoning apps by offering an application that offers a wide variety of different game modes and numerical and imaging challenges. Your logic might be tested by a number-sequencing challenge; you might decide you want to challenge your I.Q.; or maybe take a stroll through the comprehensive Quiz Challenge mode. You’re not likely to ever get bored with this app, as Situation Shuffle features 30 IQ quizzes, 30 extra quizzes and six Shuffle quizzes.

"We wanted to solve the problem of the usual, everyday reasoning game app – which is that, even if they are challenging, they are sometimes just so dull and stuffy and repetitive," said Lena Kwon, Manager at UbiNuri Inc.. "With Situation Shuffle, we have created a reasoning app that not only develops critical thinking skills, but is also fun to play. The interface is beautiful to look at, the image cards are really bright, and there are different modes to get lost in…Everything about this app, especially the ability to, during gameplay, unlock hidden shuffle quizzes, was designed to put the fun and spontaneity back into problem solving games."


My Vacation


My Vacation by Jasper Apps has been recently featured in the App Store as a must-have app for planning your holiday. The app allows travellers to plan their trip in advance, capture experiences as they are happening and create instant photo albums that can be shared with family and friends.

The latest update allows users to quickly post photos and journals to their Tumblr blogs, adding to the existing Blogger and WordPress publishing features. With full iOS 5 compatibility the app benefits from the improved camera in the iPhone 4S, and the new Siri assistant can help vocally narrate the daily travel journals.

Other features in the app include the ability to link photos or videos to a location and attach audio commentary or written notes, direct links to useful websites relevant to the location (local weather forecasts or tourist information, for example), and the ability to create virtual postcards. The created travelogues can be interactively played back in the app or shared via various social networks.

$0.99/£0.69/Download here



California based Web Where LLC announced that WUGO 2.1 has been re-optiimized for iPhone 4 and 4s. With Over 400k USA business locations, WUGO Food-ATM-Gas-Hotel Locator offers improvements over traditional print or online locations. Users can instantly find nearby hotels, fast food, gas stations, and ATM based on their current GPS location as well as search based on an address or a zip code. Because it operates through virtually any cellular phone, the service is available anytime, anywhere.

With Over 400k USA business locations, WUGO Food-ATM-Gas-Hotel Locator 2.1 offers improvements over traditional print or online locations. For example, with the locator you can instantly find nearby hotels, fast food, gas stations, and ATM based on your current GPS location. You can also search based on an address or a zip code. Because it operates through virtually any cellular phone, the service is available anytime, anywhere. Once you select your desired business location, you can get driving direction, call the business, visit the business web site, or email the business – all from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.




Cage of Monkeys today is pleased to announce that their first game, Quadra, is now available exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch. Quadra is an addictive, fast paced Action-Puzzle game that anyone can pick up and play, and enjoy. Your goal is to remove blocks from a grid by forming 2×2 patterns of the same color. The more blocks you chain together the higher your score.

The objective is simple in Quadra, earn the highest score possible by matching colored blocks before the pile reaches the top of the grid. The more blocks you match, the higher your score climbs. We’ve added bombs and different Power-Ups to change your strategy. With 3 modes and an increasing difficulty level for each mode, there’s always a chance to achieve a higher score.

Quadra has a simple gameplay mechanic that hooks you quickly, becoming more difficult and challenging as you progress through the game. With 30 achievements and Game Center Leaderboard integration, see how you rank against your friends.

Key Features:
* Challenge yourself with 9 different ways to achieve the highest score
* Choose between 3 difficulty levels. Each level increases your chance for a higher score
* Special Power-Ups unlocked as you play through the modes. Each Power-Up has a unique feel
* Earn high scores using a bonus multiplier and multiple chains
* Randomized Grid – Just when you feel you’ve mastered Quadra, start a game with a randomized grid. Try the Suicide Grid, if you dare
* Game Center Leaderboards – See how you compare to your friends
* Game Achievements – 30 different achievements to earn, that will increase your chain bonus multiplier


Color Range


SSA Mobile LLC today releases Color Range Free 3.1, a free version of its popular photo editing application. Color Range 3.1 is a revolutionary all-in-1 solution for creative color play on photos. The app’s key feature is that it combines all possible color editing tools in one easy to use app.

"First introduced as an app that can automatically define a specific color or color range on a photo, in a year of work it has evolved into a multifunctional application for creative color play on photos", says Serge Aliseenko, CEO of SSA Mobile LLC. "Currently there are no apps on the market that can offer what we do."

Color Range allows users to highlight colors, remove colors, change colors, and create monochrome and colorized vintage pictures automatically. All the effects are very easy to use and get real-time previews.

Main features of Color Range:
* Unique filters called Color Separator and Equalizers Of Colors’ Range for automatic point out and partial or full elimination of a color or colors range
* Standard or Advanced mode of gray/colored brush for manual elimination or recovering of photo’s colors
* Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness filters for additional adjustments and receiving of the style you need for your image
* HUE filter for changing colors of selected objects
* Color Balance filter for achieving different kinds of vintage effects
* Ability to view all applied effects in real-time
* Ability to cancel and repeat your actions an unlimited number of times
* Zoom function
* Ability to upload images with any resolution or apply the built-in camera
* Ability to save images in Photo Album, send them via email or export them to Facebook and Twitter


Vegas Sports


Vegas Sports is an organizing tool that caters specifically to gamblers, giving users the perfect mobile platform to organize all of their sports bets, manage gambling bankrolls, and even keep an eye on activity at their online or local sports book. Fall marks the beginning of Football season, it’s the time Football drama come into full swing, and it’s the perfect time to discover an app that could the tech savvy gambler the edge they need to win. Recently updated, Vegas Sports version 2.1.1 is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $2.99 in the Sports category.

Vegas Sports was created to give everyone from casual sports gamblers to the seasoned sports book sharps the opportunity to organize their betting action and gambling finances easily and effectively. The app gives gamblers the freedom to focus on researching bets and other key aspects that can make sports betting a profitable venture. With Vegas Sports 2.1.1 users can create and organize multiple sports bets via a flexible data entry system, which separates bets by sport books. The app allows users to manage and oversee all of their sports betting activities, including managing various sports book accounts through its unique Game Tracker module as well.


Ugly Meter


Dapper Gentlemen today is pleased to announce the release of Ugly Meter 2.5 for iPhone and iPad2 users. The application, criticized for being a potential tool for bullies, is bringing to the market a fun way to determine who is the ugliest of them all. Using the device camera, pictures are analyzed for ugliness on a scale from 1-10. All your friends will want to try and prove that they are not as ugly as you say they are. Results include a number rating and advice on how to cope with the results.

The Dapper Gentlemen developers have created an entertaining app that will make the user the center of attention. The app is Ugly Meter. It uses an on screen guide to line up the picture perfectly for best results. Based on the camera feed, it automatically scans the facial features in the picture to determine the ugly rating after you snap the picture. The app will offer final conclusions of who is the ugliest that nobody can argue with.

These are some of the Ugly Meter features:
* Interactive interface tracks faces in real-time
* Scanning function operates as you watch
* Scores by the numbers so you can compare scores
* Hundreds of lines to give advice based on your ugly score
* Post Ugly Photos to Facebook for commenting and rating




MobileApp Systems, a developer of mobile software and hardware solutions for demanding applications, is proud to announce the immediate availability of iLuaBox, iLuaBox Pro and iLuaBox Lite version 1.5, a Lua script development app running on all Apple devices compatible with iOS 4.3 or later.

Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. It has been used in many industrial applications, with an emphasis on embedded systems and games. iLuaBox is a full-featured implementation of the Lua 5.2 programming language that’s been optimized for iOS.

"iLuaBox lets you create, edit, debug and run Lua scripts right on your iOS device," says Tom Skwara, company President. "In-App purchases of toolboxes that expand iLuaBox depth and functionality gives our users the choice to invest only in those features critical to their needs."  The Pro version includes all the optional toolboxes from the standard edition at a reduced bundled price. The Lite version is free and includes all the features from iLuaBox standard edition except for In-App purchases and unlimited script length.

This next installment of iLuaBox brings updates to the core Lua engine and SQL Toolbox, along with full compatibility with iOS 5. iLuaBox always utilizes the very latest Lua technology, which is currently version 5.2 released in July 2011.

iLuaBox 1.5 also includes peer-to-peer messaging, where users create and manage an ad-hoc Bluetooth or local wireless network for exchanging information with other iLuaBox users. An included chat example shows just how easy it is to setup a collaborative note taking session with colleagues nearby. Peer-to-peer messaging is included in all versions of iLuaBox.


Peg Pals Pro


Created by retired research mathematics professor, David Sumner, the app Peg Pals Pro is the only puzzle of its kind on the App Store. Its predecessor Peg Pals appeared on Apple’s "What’s Hot in Board Games," and "What’s Hot in Puzzles."

A puzzle consists of the classic triangular board with 15 peg locations (such as those commonly seen in the Cracker Barrel restaurant). The object is to reduce the puzzle to a single peg by successively jumping a peg over an adjacent peg and into an empty location. Puzzles can vary in difficulty from requiring about 30 seconds to solve, to much more complex.

What’s special about Peg Pals is that it does not restrict the user to a single-peg removed puzzle, but rather generates random – but always solvable – puzzles with varying number of pegs removed. As an option, puzzles may require that the final peg be in a specific spot. The user also has an option to use a timer and the option to show a solvable indicator that turns pink when there is no solution for the current puzzle.

Peg Pals also uses artificial intelligence search methodology to analyze positions and can tell the user how many solutions there are to a given puzzle and which moves are best in a given position. The game allows for unlimited hints and the app will show you, move-by-move, how to solve any puzzle that you like. This makes the app great for both playing and learning how to solve any such puzzle.


Essay Writing Workstation


Essay WorkStation 2.1, an essay writing encyclopedia and mobile writing platform, by Niles Technology Group, has proved to be instrumental in getting students to write better essays. Designed to address the important critical thinking aspects of writing, Essay WorkStation 2.1 teaches the skills of argument development. As colleges and high schools expect more and better writing from students, Niles Technology apps, for the iPad and iPhone, are the perfect writing solution for busy students.

Colleges, high schools and students are realizing that superior writing skills are in huge demand. However, student writing skills have not kept pace as evidenced by the increase in remedial writing classes at the collegiate level. Niles Technology’s essay writing apps specifically teaches how to improve writing skills. Developed, from start to finish, with extensive teacher and student input, Essay WorkStation 2.1 does what no other essay writing product does – seamlessly directs students, step-by-step, in how to write the best essays possible. Essay WorkStation 2.1 is 258 pages on the iPad and 752 pages on the iPhone, which, by far, is the most detailed and comprehensive mobile writing product on the market.

"Our goal is rather simple; for an affordable price, to provide students with essay writing guidelines coupled with a mobile writing platform that are second-to-none," explains Michael A. Niles, president of Niles Technology Group. "It is one thing to say a product helps students, but it is another thing altogether to actually produce one that really does. Essay WorkStation 2.1, based on reviews by teachers and students, is a resounding success and does what it says."




AssistiveWare(R) today is delighted to announce the release of Proloquo2Go 1.7 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Version 1.7 is an important update to the premier augmentative and alternative communication solution for iOS, serving people who have difficulty speaking. Recently featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Proloquo2Go 1.7 delivers user requested features focussed on layout customization as well as organizational improvements. This is a free update for current users.

Proloquo2Go is changing the world for people who have difficulty speaking. People with autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, ALS, developmental disabilities and beyond benefit from the Proloquo2Go speech technology.

New Features and Enhancements:
* The message window is now resizable, supporting a larger backspace button
* The navigation bar is now resizable, supporting a larger back button
* The space between items can now be adjusted
* All Settings are now consolidated into the Options View
* The Options view can now be password protected
* Changes to Appearance settings are now live-updated on iPad
* Additional voices can now be downloaded in the background
* Auto-spacing now handles punctuation better
* Numerous small enhancements and fixes

Proloquo is Latin for speak out loud and that’s exactly what it helps people do! It has taken the world by storm and is regularly featured in newspapers such as USA Today and The New York Times, as well as by major TV networks. AssistiveWare won a prestigious BETT Award 2011 for Proloquo2Go earlier this year and Proloquo2Go was featured in CBS’ 60 Minutes last month.

This is an application that changes people’s lives. At $189.99 (USD) Proloquo2Go costs a fraction of the dedicated devices it rivals, which typically cost anywhere between $2500 and $8000. Users and speech-language pathologists love Proloquo2Go and over 200 Assistive Technology centers already include it in client evaluations.




Online marketing innovator Aeron Agency has announced the launch of its new mobile application Busted, available now through the iTunes App Store and the Android Market. Busted is designed for users to activate a button in the event of their arrest to contact friends or family, a bail bondsman, and an attorney; making Busted the first application of its kind and the only product on the market that can actually speed up the process of being released from jail.

"Busted starts the process of bailing you out of jail faster than an officer can drive you there," says Aeron’s Apple development specialist Taylor Addison. "Busted makes all the necessary calls for you with the simple touch of a button, hours before you’ll ever receive a chance to make your one phone call." Addison, currently an electrical engineering student at the University of Alabama, is co-creator of the Busted app alongside Android specialist, Austin Haskew. Originally designed with students in mind, Busted is quickly proving to be a useful tool for anyone who has been detained and doesn’t have time on their side.

With the push of a bright red button on the app’s interface, Busted will be activated anywhere in the United States with access to cell phone service providers. After activation, Busted calls, emails, and texts the personal contacts of the user, which are pre-selected during set-up of the app. Then utilizing GPS and Google search, Busted contacts an available bail bondsman within 20 miles of the user and informs a local attorney of the arrest.


Suburban Grand Prix


Indie developer Single Sparq today proudly presents ‘Suburban Grand Prix’ the light hearted racing game that puts you in control of the most sought after street vehicles known to man. The Snow Plow, the Street Cleaner, the Ice Cream Truck and the luxurious Lawnmower. Race against 3 other AI vehicles to take top prize and unlock other tracks.

With 4 unique venues and 16 tracks total, your challenge is to gain prize money by finishing in one of the top three spots. Collect bonus items during gameplay for extra $$ or complete the bonus task to 2x your score.

* 4 unique venues
* 16 tracks
* Detailed vehicles and level graphics
* Car smoke damage when collision with track sides
* Power-ups for speed and damage fix
* Oil and other obstacles that disrupt your vehicle
* Bonus items to collect for extra dollars
* 2x bonus if special task is completed
* Choose between 3, 4 or 6 Lap options
* Game Center leader boards




Point Release Software created Qrious to be an attractive, friendly and easy to use QR code reader while not compromising on scanning speed or accuracy. Qrious works great with any iOS device featuring an auto-focus camera. All you need to do is point the device at a QR code and Qrious will automatically begin to focus on and scan any QR code without further action.

When you scan a code with Qrious you can instantly act on the results of that code by choosing from a range of options, all based on the results of the scan. These can be to visit a URL, send an email, call a phone number or a number of other actions. Qrious also includes tips to aid in successful QR code scanning.

Qrious also brings QR code recognition and reading to your Photos app photos. This allows anyone to scan a QR code from an email, image on the Internet, or a photo, and read those QR codes without needing to be where the original code appears.

Qrious is available in the English, French, German and Italian languages.




Yumiwi SL is pleased to announce LinkDots 1.0, their new gaming title for iPhone and iPad. Connecting dots has never been so fun. An Ancient Egyptian puzzle comes to life with LinkDots. The origin of geometry in Pharaonic cultures was based on drawing lines to connect the stars in the sky. From these lines emerged accurate and precise calculations, among other achievements, was the secret of logical reasoning of the ancient leaders. Trace your route with LinkDots! And challenge the logic of the gods.

Your mind will never rest on such an addictive deployment of shapes and strategies, while blocking your opponent’s efforts to win. Yumiwi, the developer, launch a new game app available for iPhone as LinkDots and iPad as LinkDotsXL, rapid and ingenious LinkDots improve the intelligence.

The fastest and most agile mind wins. LinkDots allows up to 4 players at once. Just choose your opponents, friends or machines on the same board. Compare your scores through the Game Center and OpenFeint. Rapid made ingenious it tests the capacity of connection of your mind.

It is not tic tac toe, connect four or Minesweeper, the old time classic games that have granted us such great moments. LinkDots goes further than that. You earn points depending on the complexity of your figures. Publish your scores in your social networks and challenge your friends.


Egg Ski Free


Microlemon, creator of Chase The Dot, introduces Egg Ski Free 1.1, for iOS devices. Control Eggbert the egg and enable him to ski as many Egg Yards as possible in 30 seconds. Touch and hold the screen to dive, release on an upslope to jump. Collect hearts for a temporary boost of speed and clouds for extra time.

Graphics are bright and colourful and sound effects humorous – Eggbert yodels when he collects a heart. Gameplay is inspired by the hit game "Tiny Wings". Simplicity is key – the player never has to do anything more than tap the screen. The game is free to play and features several in app purchases listed below.

* Snowmobile
* Egg start – 500 yard head start
* Eggstra Time – Extra 10 seconds per game
* Remove ads
* Golden Egg – all items at discounted price.

* Game Center Leaderboard
* Game Center Achievements


Paris Hilton Quotes and Trivia


Independent developer Carlos Gomes today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Paris Hilton Quotes and Trivia 1.0, his new entertainment app for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Get to know better about the american media artist Paris Hilton on this great app for iPhone, iPad and iPod dedicated to her. Discover funny trivia facts about her life, plenty of photos and the best quotes that she ever said! Share all this content with your friends with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or simply by email. Being a very well known artist on the international scene, the legion of fans can now have a nice app for knowing a little bit more about her.

This app features:
* Small biography – little introduction for the ones that don’t know a lot about her.

* Quotes – A funny "slider" like functionality where you can read all the famous quotes that she said. From some of them we can learn a lot, like from this one:

"All it takes is one drink to mess with the way you drive – it clouds your judgment and slows your reflexes. Don’t take any chances. It just isn’t worth it." from others simply laugh like with this one: "When Paris has to pee, Paris has to pee!"


Berzerk Ball HD


Published by NTT Resonant, Berzerk Ball HD, a retina display version of the 4.5 star game Berzerk Ball, is now available in the Apple App Store for $2.99. Berzerk Ball HD is a simple arcade/action game. Players smash Comeau, the "geek" across Berzerk Land. Berzerk Ball HD optimizes the Berzerk Land experience for iPad users for the first time.

For those new to Berzerk Land and geek bashing, you’ll start by choosing one of multiple characters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Touch the aim and strength meters at the right time to maximize the velocity at which you smash the geek into Berzerk Land, while using the arrows to grab items for extra propulsion. Compete with other players online and achieve the longest geek flight in history!

Berzerk Ball HD Features:

* Tap to Smash – Just tap the meter at the right time to send the geek flying, and strategically control in mid-air to send him flying even further

* XP and Leveling – Smash the geek just right, and the further you send him into Berzerk Land the more XP and money you earn for levelling, attributes and gear

* Flight Control – Affect the geek’s flight and get help from the denizens of Berzerk Land to smash him even further.

* Unlock various achievements and badges to compare and share with friends.

* Game Center – Game Center integration to decide the world’s best geek basher

* Feels so good – Take out your aggression on the geek and experience the pleasure of bashing him to oblivion


Reel Wild Poker 88


Code Redman today is pleased to announce the availability of Reel Wild Poker 88, the latest card based game in a range of casino style apps exclusive to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Reel Wild Poker 88 is a free hand held slot machine version of poker.

The objective is get the best poker hand possible with each spin. The hands follow the Deuces Wild poker rules, with all 2 value cards acting as a wildcard. The game features realistic spinning reels, large playing cards and sounds effects. It has Game Center integration with a large number of achievements on offer. Hold and nudge features are included to give the player more influence over the outcome.

"Our games are aimed at being easy to play and dip in and out of" said Chris Redman, founder of Code Redman. "Reel Wild Poker 88 is another twist on the classic game of poker and if you learn the hands, and luck goes with you, you’ll be able to play it free forever."


TrafficVille HD


Fan Studio today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of TrafficVille HD 1.0, their new gaming title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. TrafficVille HD is the first traffic controller game where cars are turning left/right. The application comes as an Universal app which will work on all iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. The game is available starting today on the App Store at the price of $0.99.

In TrafficVille, you will have to control traffic lights and avoid huge car crashes. Do you think you can make it? Think again! As you progress through the levels the traffic lights become time controlled and do not stay red for more than 7 seconds. You also have to pay attention to the fire trucks and airplanes which will make you react real fast in order to avoid car crashes.

TrafficVille HD also supports HD graphics with Retina support for iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S and integrates OpenFeint which is the largest mobile social gaming network for iOS. You will also be able to share your high score on Facebook and challenge your friends. Show your support by rating this game on the App Store and visit our Facebook Fan Page.


List Pad Pro and Journal Pad Pro


Fishington Studios announced today that it has released several new applications: List Pad Pro and Journal Pad Pro to the iTunes App Store. Recorder Pad Pro and a sketch book application will also make their debut over the next week. These applications are each part of a series of cutting edge productivity apps that utilize the new iOS 5 technology.

List Pad Pro is designed to be an elegant and intuitive list management system for the iPad. Users are able to create customizable entries such as a to-do list, wish-list, shopping list, bucket-list and almost any other "list" imaginable. Journal Pad Pro is a notebook application that can be used for classes, meetings, diary entries, capturing thoughts, favorite quotes and much more. Saving and sharing entries within these applications is simple as each created list or journal entry can be printed directly from the device using Air Print, emailed as a pdf. file or exported to a third party application such as Dropbox or Goodreader.

With over 150 "To Do List" applications and over 300 journal applications for the iPad available in the iTunes store, these application sets themselves apart by utilizing the new iOS 5 technology and as a result offer features thus far unseen in prior task management and journal applications. Not only can users create and save entries in a professional journal style interface but List Pad Pro and Journal Pad Pro offer the ability to flip through lists and turn pages with just the touch of a finger, similar to that of the popular iBooks application.

$1.99/£1.49/Download – List Pad Pro
$1.99/£1.49/Download – Journal Pad Pro



ART Teknika Inc., a software and contents provider based in Tokyo, Japan, has announced the immediate availability of COLORCODE VJ 1.0.2 on the iTunes App Store. Suited for both hobby and professional use, COLORCODE VJ quickly turns your iPad into a VJ tool. At your home or at an event, it’s never been easier to become a VJ!

Now, your iPad is all you need to VJ anywhere, anytime. Download today and open the door to a realm of new expression, With movies and images from up-and-coming creators included in the package, you can start VJing immediately after downloading COLORCODE VJ. We are currently offering a time-limited offer.

Main Features:
* Load, mix, and output movie files – You can display up to 2 movies simultaneously
* Overlay PNG image files. You can move the images by touching on the screen, or preset the movement in advance. PNG transparency is supported
* Display texts. Like images, texts can also be moved
* Play tracks in your iPad’s library as BGM (*1)
* Output to external displays such as your TV, PC monitor, and projector (*2)
* Works with most recent LCD TVs




Visual Frames is pleased to announce a tool for students, reporters, and HR professionals. MyInterview is an interviewer’s all-in-one management app for the iPad. Media professionals, hiring managers, reporters, and employers everywhere now have a user-friendly tool to assist them before, during, and after any interview. Gone are the days of shuffling through papers for questions, frantically scribbling notes during an interview, and straining to remember impressions and answers.

Designed to streamline the entire interview process, MyInterview for the iPad is full of features that keep multiple aspects of meeting a job applicant or interviewing anyone organized with minimal effort from users. Within the app, consumers have the option to save complete questionnaires from templates or create their own from scratch. Templates are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. Users have the freedom to create open ended or multiple-choice questions. Answer options can be text, image, or even audio files. Questionnaires are re-usable and eliminate the need to print more paper!

During a real time interview, MyInterview allows user to take notes on questionnaires from the Prepare feature. Personal contact information, location, and discussion title can be loaded and stored, and MyInterview can even record audio at any chosen moment. With the option to save audio answers, interviewers and interviewees alike can rest assured knowing that an accurate record of what was said is safe with MyInterview.




App Impulse today is pleased to introduce TimeStation 1.0 for iOS devices with front-facing cameras, their new Business app that allows employers to track, manage, and export employee attendance data from multiple locations. Featuring cloud based technology, TimeStation can function offline and sync when an Internet connection becomes available. The app offers a complete, contactless Time & Attendance System that can be setup in minutes. Employees can Punch In & Out in under a second using their Employee card, or they can use their PIN number if their card is unavailable. TimeSation features an easy setup process, multiple online reports for management, tracking of In or Out status, manual adjustment of data, and SSL encryption.

The ideal system for keeping track of the hours worked by each employee, TimeStation simplifies the payroll process and provides management with printable, company wide and employee specific reports. Following free registration, users receive templates from which they print out Time Cards for each employee. Each card includes the employee’s name and a unique QR code (Quick Response code), the matrix bar code frequently seen in magazines and newspapers.

Any iOS device with a front-facing camera can be used as a scanner input, and may be conveniently set up on a stand on top of a desk or countertop. Employees simply swipe their card on coming and going each day, and see an onscreen verification of their Punch In and Punch Out times. Employees may optionally be given a private PIN, which can be used in place of their time card, if necessary. In addition to calculating hourly wages, the System can also be used to determine who is currently in the office and who is currently out.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]