Kickstart The All New 2000mAh Battery Pack For iPhone 4/4S SmartCase


IvySkin today announced the all new SmartCase case for iPhone 4/4S. Delivering the same award-winning on-the-go power, the new SmartCase is lightweight and rugged, featuring the new Wrangler design with optional battery pack. "If there is one tradition we hold sacred, it is our commitment to innovation", state IvySkin.

The all new SmartCase is their 4th generation iPhone case battery pack and the world’s most advanced iPhone 4/4S accessory. Featuring, a patented design battery pack and Touch-Thru glass screen.

Each case retails for $49.99/£31.99 – click here to order.


* Twice the Power – Packing a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the SmartCase delivers an incredible amount of power in an ultra-thin, light weight, full protection Wrangler case(TM). A fully charged battery pack gives users:
* Up to an additional 8 hours on 3G, up to 16 hours on 2G, of talk time
* Up to an additional 48 hours of audio playback
* Up to an additional 12 hours video playback
* Advanced Battery Technology – Highly condensed lithium polymer battery delivers an incredible amount of smart power in a small form factor
* Flash Safe Camera cut-out – Specially designed camera hole and ring eliminate reflection or interference for flawless photo taking
* 5 Light LED Battery Status Indicator – An integrated LED status indicator tells you exactly how much power is left and also displays how much time remains during the charging process
* The kit ships with our Award-winning Wrangler case(TM) as well as the battery pack. This enables you to use the battery pack only when needed. Since the case ships with an ultra-thin slider design back cover which then can be replaced wit the included battery pack.
* Pass-through USB – Features a simple toggle switch allowing for standby and charging mode so you only have to use the battery pack smart battery when you need it.




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