Mac App iBokeh & Focus – Updated


App iBokeh is used to focus the viewer on the subject of the photo. By blurring the background all attention is moved toward the main component of the photo. This technique is achieved when the photo is taken, but now with App iBokeh it can be achieved easily on any digital image. 

This app has just been updated and now has a speed improvement and user interface adjustment.

This app retails for $9.99/£6.99/download



This tool gives photographers the advantage of not having to use expensive hardware and the ability to have more control over the final result.
App I Bokeh features tilt focus, virtual lens and a brush area to give focus to irregular shapes.
Set your area of focus and then select a lens to simulate or create your own by controlling the amount and kind of blur. With the Brush tool you paint sharpness or blur where you want it. It has never been easier or faster to focus your viewer’s eye and minimize distractions.
Don’t spend hundreds of dollars, App I Bokeh is the exact same tool professional photographers use but at a MacAppStore price.

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